Success Stories


Velvett has her forever family and in just a few days they will come to Houndhaven to pick her up and take her home. She’s now named Pepper because of her sweet salt & pepper face. Her parents are former adopters. They adopted Summer from us in 2009 who passed away about 18 months ago. They said they’re ready for a new companion and anxious to get back to walking every day. Pepper can’t wait to start her new life with them.


Although at first Cerese was a little unsure of her new puppy brother–Fred, a 5 month old golden doodle–it didn’t take long before the two were starting to play together, and within an hour they were sharing a doggy bed. There are also four humans (parents and sisters 11 and 12 years old) and two cats in the family. The cats have their own room and decided to stay hidden during the home visit. Fred sleeps in their parents’ bedroom and the plan is for Cerese (now Mazy) to sleep with one of the girls. The family said they love to spoil their pets and Mazy thinks that’s just perfect.




Jennings is now at his new home. It was perfect timing as his family’s fence was completed just before his home visit. It didn’t take long for him to want belly rubs and lap time with his parents. His mom and dad have named him Bentley and they said he’s loving and sweet, loves to sleep on the bed and cuddle on the couch. He has a wonderful new life!




Estelle’s new mom is Joyce, a long time HH volunteer and friend who lost her sweet Kiko (also a Houndhaven alum) a while back. We were all waiting for the perfect fit and Estelle made the cut! Joyce started out as Estelle’s foster mom, but in a matter of just days she knew Estelle would be her forever dog. We’re so happy for these two.  Estelle has made great progress, losing 11 pounds so far in Joyce’s care!! Congratulations, Estelle!



Handsome Blackburn is settling in at his new home, becoming more comfortable as each day passes. His mom works from home so he’s enjoying being with her and going on their twice daily walks together. He has a large fenced yard for play time and at the home visit he made it his mission to inaugurate every plant and flower in it! Since recently losing her dog of 14+ years, mom said she needed another soul in her home to love and care for which is what Blackburn needed and he has a lot of love to give in return, so it worked out great for both.


When Cooper’s recent home didn’t work out and Beau & his family learned that Cooper was back at Houndhaven, they came to his rescue and adopted him. So the two brothers are very happily back together again. Beau has been in training to be a service dog for several weeks now (dad was a former K9 handler & trainer for both the military and law enforcement) so Beau can share everything he’s learned with Cooper in the time they’ve been apart. And besides receiving great training, their parents have so much love to give these two brothers. They said Cooper is doing really well. Congrats to Cooper and thank you, thank you to his wonderful family who opened their hearts and home to him.


Baron has a forever family waiting for him. Once the vet gives him the “all clear” from his heartworm treatment, he’ll get to go to his new home. At the home visit, he was very sweet, calm and very respectful of his family’s baby. He sat nicely for homemade doggie cookies and decided he likes soft squeaky toys. He’s got a large, fenced yard and his dad can’t wait for him to be able to resume normal activities so they can play fetch with a tennis ball. It was difficult for his family to say goodbye to Baron, but it’s not for long as they’ll be able to pick him up at Houndhaven in just a few weeks.


Messina & Carli have been adopted together. While Carli’s previous adoption didn’t work out, things happened for the best and she got to go to a home with her buddy Messina. These two have a large fenced backyard to play in. At the home visit, Carli LOVED fetching the tennis ball and would bring it right back. Messina on the other hand just loved the tennis ball, but he should figure it out with a little time. Mom was an animal behaviorist with Sea World previously and has trained all the family’s prior dogs. Besides training and exercise, there will be plenty of snuggle time, too. Carli is going to keep her name, while Messina is now Maxwell. Have a great life together with your new family, Carli and Maxwell.


Loggins’ new name is Bolton, and his parents have been wanting to expand their family for a while and find a brother for their lab Blue. Right now both parents work from home and there are grown children at home, and family lives across the street with a one year old doggie playmate. He will have his choice of couches and also beds once he braves the stairs, and they hope he’ll also learn to love the water as much as Blue does. As his home visit was over, Bolton was starting out on his first walk to the beach (just a block away from his home) with his family. They said he’s coming out of his shell more each day and is even more fun and loving than ever. His parents thanked Houndhaven for taking care of Bolton until they found him and said they’ll continue to care for him and love him as he grows into a big doggie.


As volunteers at Houndhaven, we see so many great dogs come to the shelter and sometimes there’s just an instant connection with a particular dog. That’s what happened when Nicki and her volunteer mom met. As a result, Nicki didn’t have to stay with us very long and she’s in her forever home with her very own mom and dad. They’re all looking forward to going on car rides, long walks along Lake Minneola, and just relaxing together. Besides having that special bond with her mom, we’ve heard that Nicki (now Nala) is already in love with her dad, too!


Molly & Kova’s new parents said their house was empty as they lost both of their sweet dogs in the past three months (one was Houndhaven alum Raven). Mom is a teacher and at home right now so they thought this was the right time to adopt, and when they saw the Facebook videos of Molly & Kova, they fell in love. Their son and his dog Grady are visiting, so Molly & Kova got to meet them and the three dogs did really well together. Grady & Kova took turns running up and down the stairs, but Molly will need a bit more time before she joins in on that activity. Molly’s name is staying the same but Kova’s new name is Colby. Their first night in their new home went incredibly well.


Tanner went to a foster home to get some TLC and in just a very short time his parents saw what we all saw at Houndhaven—that Tanner is sweet, affectionate and absolutely adorable—and they quickly became a foster failure. He is recuperating from hip surgery in the comfort of his own home and being taken care of by mom & dad. Once he’s feeling better, he has a fenced backyard to run in and the nearby trail in Clermont to explore. He’ll be traveling with his parents to Gainesville and North Carolina to visit family. We can’t wait for the day Tanner is totally healed and can run again.


Bruno (originally Brisket) was posted on our website’s available dogs list for a total of about five minutes when one of our applicants contacted us about adopting him. He came out to the shelter that same day to meet Bruno and a few days later Bruno was in his new home. Dad works primarily from home and is looking forward to taking Bruno on walks and hiking trips. And Bruno will have lots of doggy friends to play with as, besides going to the nearby dog parks, a golden lives next door to Bruno and the next house over has four dogs. Bruno’s name is staying the same. Dad now has a best friend for life in Bruno.


Toby’s mom is a Houndhaven volunteer who has helped take care of him since the day he came to the shelter three months ago. She saw all his wonderful qualities and what a super smart, fun dog he is and enjoyed handling him. She felt a connection to Toby and has brought him into her family of two senior jack russells and six cats! She missed having an athletic dog and Toby certainly is athletic with his love of exercise, playing ball and fetching. Toby and his mom have a special bond.


There were unlimited belly rubs for Layla from her whole family—mom, dad and sister—at her home visit, and at least one family member will almost always be home to give her as many kisses, snuggles and belly rubs as she wants. Layla is living in pet-friendly and walkable Celebration. Besides going on lots of walks daily, she’s been enjoying playing fetch with her new toys and just having fun running around the house with various toys in her mouth making happy noises and wagging her tail the whole time. In fact, they said her tail has pretty much been wagging non-stop since she’s been adopted! Congratulations to a very content and happy Layla.


At her home visit when Venice was unsure about being inside the house, it didn’t upset her new family and their first concern was Venice and allowing her to acclimate at her own pace. They took  her back outside and around to the backyard where she was much more relaxed. They stayed with her and she began to see that her humans love her. Venice is getting more comfortable in her home as each day passes and things are going well. They’re slowly teaching her voice commands and she loves the two walks a day that her sister takes her on. They told us Sadie (her new name) also loves her toy box and knows those are just for her. She definitely has the family that was meant just for her.


Our little buddy Blade is enjoying life as the center of attention in his new home. Right now, he’s spending the most time with dad as mom is still working. Dad had a tennis ball waiting for him and plans on teaching Blade to play catch. Blade’s parents have sent us an update: Things are going very well and he’s a very good boy. They told us he loves running in his fenced backyard and seems to be very happy. They’ve renamed him Toby and said he’s a very good fit for their family. Thank you to his parents for giving this sweet pup a great home. Congratulations, Toby.


Winston and Harper get to continue their life together looking after each other. They also have new parents and two adorable girls (ages 12 and 7) to look after now, too. While Harper was excited and happy, she showed it in a quieter way. But Winston couldn’t contain himself. He was enthusiastic about everything–he smothered the girls with kisses, played in his water bowl and splashed most of the water out of it in the process, and ran up and down the steps. Who knew Winston could even move that fast?! The two will stay officially Winston and Harper, but their girls already had special nicknames picked out for them. Winston will be Winnie after Winnie the Pooh and Harper will be known as Harp. Mom and dad are both animal care professionals and the whole family is very active so that will help with Winston & Harper getting to their weight loss goal. This happy home is exactly where these two were meant to be.


Although Miss Birdie will be staying at Houndhaven for a short time yet while she’s recuperating from her leg surgeries, she’s been officially adopted by long-time friends of Houndhaven and will be joining Houndhaven alum Harry (formerly Potter), Fred the macaw, and two feral cats. This family has adopted three other Houndhaven dogs previously. Birdie and Harry get along well (even if Birdie did steal Harry’s chicken strip that he was saving) and Birdie is a real daddy’s girl. The first time they met she fell asleep with her head resting on dad’s foot. She’s going to enjoy frequent camping trips with her new family. Birdie said she’s ready for that e-collar to come off so she can go home. She has places to see and a family to love.




One of our volunteers recommended Houndhaven to a friend who had recently lost one of her two dogs. She loves black dogs and wanted to adopt another, and her remaining dog was really missing having a companion. She came out to the shelter to meet some of our residents, but Dante is the one that captured her heart. Dante not only got along with Charlie the dog at the home visit, he also got along with Felix the cat. Dante’s new name is Draymond—Dray for short. Mom is a MI State fan so he’s named after basketball player Draymond Green. Charlie taught her previous dogs to swim, so if Dray is willing, he’ll be spending time in the pool with Charlie. If he prefers dry land, there’s a nearby trail they can explore together.




Beau had an instant connection and has already adjusted to life with his new family. Dad has been a K9 handler and trainer for law enforcement and the military for many years. As a former police officer, mom has also been around service dogs for years. Beau will be trained to be a service dog by his dad and they will also attend weekly classes through a K9 for Veterans program. On day one this clever puppy was already doing amazingly well learning commands! Family time will include lots of exercise and fun outdoor activities like hiking, exploring, biking and playing in the backyard and pool. He’s going to have a great life and will be well loved and a part of the family forever.  Congrats, Beau!



Hazel has a wonderful home. Her parents came to the shelter, spent time with her, took her for a walk, gave her treats, and fell in love. With being in a brand new environment she was understandably a little nervous when she first got to her home, but she has realized that she’s in her own home now and her parents said she’s doing well. Dad has been taking her for walks and she’s been great greeting people she meets along the way. Hazel’s parents have missed having a dog as a member of their family since their previous dog passed away last May. It’s wonderful that they chose Hazel to complete their family once again.



Nellie’s new mom had lost her husband and her dog and was ready to love again.  One of her neighbors and friends is a HH former adopter and volunteer, not to mention a veterinarian, so he suggested she contact us.  We are so glad she did because she was the perfect mama for sweet Nellie!  After working with children, mom is retired but knows that consistency and exercise are musts for dogs and kids.  She plans on 2 mile walks with Nellie twice daily, as well as time in the park across from her townhome.  Nellie met some friends and neighbors during her home visit, and it looks like she will have lots of friends in the neighborhood.  Congratulations, Nellie, we wish you a long and happy life with your new mama!!



Cute little dachshund/chihuahua mix Sasha would sometimes cry when she heard the neighbor’s dog outside because she wanted to go out and play with the other dog. But her parents have adopted Bindi and she now has a companion and someone to play with all the time. They said that Bindi was a bit shy the first couple days but she is currently in full puppy mode. The two girls have the best time chasing each other in their backyard, are getting along really well and bonding more and more each day. They even nap at the same time during the day. Bindi has a new name which is Stella. She’s a very content and happy puppy and is loving everything about her new life.



Gentry has been adopted and is learning what it’s like to finally have a forever home and family. He has parents, a chocolate lab sister, and a shepherd/greyhound blend sister (who really wanted to play with Gentry at the home visit). They love swimming in their pool, and Gentry’s dad bikes and takes the dogs with him. As he keeps getting more comfortable, Gentry can join in on the fun. His new name is Beau and he’s beginning to recognize it. He has a family who will take care of him for life.



Leon’s family recently adopted Remmy, a one year old lab mix that is goofy, energetic, playful and loving. Rusty, their 12+ year old dalmation doesn’t have as much energy as he used to, so the family wanted a buddy for Remmy. So they adopted Leon, a one year old lab mix that is goofy, energetic, playful and loving. The two younger dogs wrestled non-stop in the yard and are the perfect match for each other, with Rusty making sure they didn’t get too out of line. Their sweet, animal-loving 7 year old human sister was great with the dogs. She showed us her guinea pigs and where Remmy sleeps on a special blanket on her bed at night. She picked Leon’s new name—Roscoe. We have a feeling she better put out another blanket on her bed and make room for Roscoe!


To see sweet Mia begin to follow her new big sister, black lab Padme, around their 4-acre fenced yard was quite adorable, and you could tell she’ll be looking to Padme to show her the ropes. Mia also got to meet her family’s two horses on her walkabout, although she wasn’t quite sure what to make of them yet. Mom has been training birds as a career and other animals for a long time and that was reflected in how well behaved Padme is. Mia is picking up basic obedience quickly. The whole family, which also includes dad, brother & sister, was excited to have Mia become the latest member of the family. They said she’s a pure joy, sleeps at the foot of the bed and loves to sleep in!



Fallon had only been with her forever family for a few days when they wrote to say she’s so wonderful. She has a family of four humans who have lots of love to shower on her. There’s a pool, a fenced backyard and someone home pretty much all of the time. They also enjoy going to the dog beach and playing fetch with their dog. Fallon is going to be one happy, content girl in her new life. Her 16 year old sister was hoping Fallon will choose to sleep in her bed and she also had some ideas for a new name for Fallon. They chose the name Sadie for her. Her dad said she is fitting right in with the family and she’s quite at home.



After going through some really tough times (living as a stray with serious injuries, foraging for scraps of food to barely survive and finally going through multiple surgeries to repair his injuries), Marcelo has been adopted. In addition to his parents, he has a look-alike doggy sister, two cats (he really liked one of them), and various farm animals in his family. His parents are being super patient with him, giving him time to settle in. Mom even cooked chicken and rice for him. Marcelo, it’s time to enjoy the wonderful life your family is giving to you.




Oliver’s new family was looking for a friendly, outgoing dog that would enjoy long walks and being outdoors with them.  They were referred to Houndhaven by one of our volunteers.  They met and fell in love with Oliver at an adoption event and now he has a forever family.  Having had pairs of St. Bernards in the past that weighed well over 130 lbs. each, at 70 lbs. Oliver is just a little guy to his family.  In his first 24 hours in his new home, he went for a long walk, played in a neighbor’s yard, shredded a few toys, and did a lot of lizard hunting.  The next day they said they had a trip to Petco planned to buy him some new toys so his grandmother could spoil him rotten!  Oliver (they’re keeping his name) is going to have a great life!


Sammi was very excited to see the family come out to greet her when she pulled up to her new home. She said hello to each one (parents and three human siblings) and everyone took a turn walking her around the property. When she entered the backyard, she got to see some of things she’ll be a part of—like swimming in the pool and riding in the boat. Dad would also like to take her running and she’ll go with her family to their beach house where there’s a doggie beach. Sammi has a loving family that wants to include her in everything they do—she has everything she needs in life now.





Six months of waiting at Houndhaven and going through treatments for her skin issues are all behind her now because Hazel has a home and has been adopted by a family that is just exactly what she needed. She has moved to Gainesville where her dad is retired and can take her on as many walks as she wants and mom is a vet tech with the experience and knowledge to maintain Hazel’s now much healthier skin. (They’re former adopters having adopted two dogs from us in the past.) She also has three brothers (a Brittany spaniel and two kitties) and a brand new name — Grace. She fits into the family perfectly and gets along with everyone. Good girl, Gracie!


Not quite three years ago, chocolate lab mix Boo was adopted from Houndhaven. Boo and his parents decided to expand their family and came back to us to adopt Coco Bean. They’ve dropped Coco from her name and now have the very cute combo of Boo and Bean. Things are going great. On a long walk around the lake on her first day, Bean was excited to see the water, birds and resident otter there. Mom said Bean is the sweetest girl ever and is her shadow. The two dogs are already friends, napping together and sharing bones.


Mabel and Hazelnut have been adopted and are starting out 2020 happy and comfy in their new home. Their mom and dad work from home which the girls think is just perfect. They were pretty excited to be in a home and during the home visit accidentally knocked a lamp off an end table, but their parents were understanding and didn’t get upset. Mabel and Hazelnut will be going on several walks a day, getting rides on their golf cart, and visiting the dog park. They think their new life is pretty great.


Cinnamon has every reason to be merry and bright this year. She’s celebrating the holidays in her own home with her own family. Her parents sent us an email letting us know how Cinnamon is doing. They said after the initial excitement of being in her new home, she had a good night’s sleep and the next day she was relaxed, affectionate, gave kisses and wagged her tail constantly. They said she’s enjoying her space, her yard, her toys, watching tv and going for walks. They said they’re so happy they adopted Cinnamon and that she is completely what they needed and they are what she needed. Merry Christmas, Cinnamon!



Sunny and Sher are two very happy doodles!  Not only have they been adopted, they’ve been able to stay together thanks to their two loving dads who opened their hearts and home to them even though they are still grieving the loss of their beloved poodle mix, Charleston.  At their home visit, Sunny & Sher excitedly checked out their new house both indoors and out stopping every so often just long enough to get some cuddling from their dads.  They’re going to always have love and affection in their lives and will be pampered, too.  They already had an appointment with the groomer for the next day.  Sunny is now Atlanta and Sher is Dallas (cities that have special meaning to their dads).  As we left them, they were going to go for their first walk together as a family followed by a trip to PetSmart.    Congratulations, Atlanta and Dallas!


Abby worked so hard during her seven months at Houndhaven. She underwent cataract surgeries so she could see again, lost about 40# so she could go for walks again, and was a model patient when she was diagnosed with diabetes so she could be as healthy as possible. Through it all, her #1 goal was to find a home and she’s finally achieved that now, too. She loves her mom, loyally staying at the front door so she could keep an eye on mom the whole time she was cutting the grass. Abby also enjoys running after a tennis ball now, something she couldn’t do when she first came to Houndhaven. Her family sent a video of a smiling, happy Abby in her own yard. It’s wonderful to see Abby loving life again.


Well, Pippy knows a good thing when she sees it. At a recent adoption event, she was visited by what is now her new mother and human sister. They loved her so much they brought the rest of the family back to meet her. Pippy gave her new sister kisses and rolled over to get belly rubs from both her sister and brother, which sealed the deal. We’re very happy that after six months of waiting at Houndhaven, Pippy has a loving home. She had two special collars with bows on waiting for her when she got to her new home—one for every day and one for her very first Christmas with her new family. Congrats, Pippy!


Ally Gator has been adopted. Ally had no problems settling in with her forever family. She felt right at home since she had lived with them before. Ally and the other dog in the home got along great at the home visit and it was heartwarming to see her so comfortable. While she was only with us for a few weeks and spent that time with a wonderful Houndhaven foster family who said they will miss that sweet girl, they’re thrilled that she’s happy and content in her permanent home now. Congratulations, Ally Gator.


Ross has joined one of our favorite HH families and makes #7 (the Biblical number for completion!) in this family of labradors.  He joins HH alums Bonnie (fka Bailey), Blue, Lacy, Carolina, Hailey (fka Symphony) and Champ (dad paid his “adoption fee”, moving him from honorary HH dog to official HH dog).  This lab loving family has a beautiful home on a lake, and Ross joined in the fun of catching tennis balls, swimming and going for boat rides right away.  They also have a place in Blue Ridge, GA that is heaven on earth for a dog.  Mom and Dad devote their lives to these dogs, so there is no better family to join.  They get lots of outings, so Ross will have to learn to curb his enthusiasm for squirrels, but Mom and Dad thought they could manage that.  They report that all the dogs are getting along great, and describe their home as Romper Room when the dogs start playing!  They said that Ross has some behaviors that remind them of their dearly departed HH lab Georgia, so it is special to them to see Georgia’s legacy live on in Ross.  Congratulations, Ross–you hit the jackpot–and the best part is that we will get to continue to see you!




Higgins has gone through being hit by a car, multiple surgeries to repair the injuries, and heartworm treatment, but he’s now feeling great and is excited for the happy times that are coming his way. Higgins has been adopted and has two loving parents. (They like his name and plan to keep it.) The three of them are looking forward to lots of walks, playtime and enjoying their fenced backyard together. Their son has Ellie, a rat terrier, that often comes to stay for the weekend, so Higgins will have a regular doggie playmate, too. Your new family will keep you safe from now on, little buddy.



Sweet Nigel had been with us nearly three months, and we couldn’t figure out why he was still with us.  He was perfect–young, sweet, handsome.  As we have seen so many times through the years, he was waiting for just the right family to come along.  When one of our former adopting families lost their beloved yellow lab to old age last month, the time was right for them to come meet Nigel and fall in love.  They wanted a gentle, loving, gets-along-with-everybody dog like the one they had just lost, and that described Nigel perfectly.  At the home visit, Nigel was smiling from ear to ear as if he couldn’t believe his good fortune.  He has a beautiful home in Windermere and two loving parents who love to walk with their dog.  He was off to meet the neighbor’s chocolate lab when we left him, and two flatcoated retrievers in the neighborhood were soon to follow.  He has a pool, a boat, and, in a couple of years, will have a house on the Butler chain of lakes to enjoy.  Mom works from home a lot, so he will usually have company, and he loved the exercise room because it had his favorite–yoga mats!!  He had taken a bite out of one before we left…  We will see you soon, Nigel, and know you will have many happy years with this wonderful family.  xoxo



Little terrier mix Wiley has been adopted and moved to Atlantic Beach where he will be taking walks on the beach with his mom and chihuahua mix Wally. Mom saw Wiley’s picture, fell in love and knew he’d be the perfect brother for Wally. Wiley was timid when he got to his new home but soon started to venture out to explore the house and backyard. He has loads of dog beds and toys (which we know Wiley loves) and he didn’t even mind when Wally took all the toys. Wiley’s mom is in touch with his former foster family, getting tips on how to make the transition to his new home as easy on him as possible. Congrats to Wiley and Wally 😊 (even the names go well together) and their mom.



Meadow had a wonderful welcome to her new home. She was greeted by immediate and extended family and each person was truly warm and loving to Meadow and excited to have her in the family. Someone equally as thrilled was the family’s sweet boxer/great dane puppy. He was so happy to have a buddy that wasn’t leaving and wanted to play with Meadow immediately. There was a harness to match his waiting for her along with a new name—Luna. There’s always someone home to provide human companionship for these two fur babies. We’re so pleased for Luna!


Truman is helping his new family as they get over the loss of their standard poodle. He’s done a great job of lifting their spirits. He’s been named Ty (officially Tyrone after Tyrone County in Ireland). Ty and his new sister, one year old lab mix Cinnamon, are great buddies and wear each other out playing and destroying toys. Ty is even getting along with the family’s two cats. He’s gotten a new hair cut and already has an appointment to go to Cinnamon’s doggy day care facility this week, and the two dogs will go to the local dog park together often. Ty’s family has told us they love him very much.


After adopting Jax from Houndhaven a few months ago, his dads recently returned to find a companion for him. They chose Dalton and when he came for his home visit, Jax was excited and happy and immediately took on the role of big brother, showing Dalton around the yard and pool area. Indoors the two boys had a fun time playing with toys and wrestling with each other. Warmest congratulations on becoming a member of this terrific family, Dalton!  You’re going to be a great little brother.


Pumpkin’s new mom and dad have been carefully looking for a female doodle to add to their family of boys. They have two human boys age 5 and 3 years old, a male lab mix and a male corgi. Their search ended with Pumpkin who is the perfect puppy for them. She’ll be able to keep up with the boys, running and playing with them in their fenced yard, going for a lot of walks and hikes with them, yet also be the sweet, adorable cuddle bug that she is. She’s no longer Pumpkin.–Her name is Fiona.



Puffy has joined the happy pack of lab mix Marley (HH alum), beagle mix Reesa (honorary HH alum), and lab mix Piper (HH alum–fka Mitzi) and their mom who is one of our volunteers. These pups have a fenced backyard, get lots of exercise and daily activities, and when mom is at work they have a day sitter come to give them a break. Puffy’s new name is Samson and mom describes this handsome guy as her forever baby and we know that’s true. Congratulations on your new life, Samson.


Arlene & Carmella had a long six-month stay at Houndhaven, but they never gave up hope that their humans were out there and would find them. It’s finally happened. They have been adopted together and have loving parents to care for them. Their parents have been lonely since losing their previous dog and when they read about Arlene & Carmella, they felt these were the girls they needed and that the two were waiting specifically for them. That turned out to be the case, and the lonely days are over for this newly formed family of four and happy days have replaced the lonely ones.


Jade was on our website for about a day when one of our applicants saw her on there and contacted us about meeting her. Jade was her sweet affectionate self when she met them and within a few days she was adopted and in her new home. She’ll be joining her parents on their daily walk to the coffee shop in town, visiting friends and other dogs along the way. Dad is a sailing enthusiast and he would love to take her out on his sailboat if she’d enjoy that. (He told us her new name will be Cocoa.) When mom does her yard work, Coco will go out with her. She’ll always get lots of attention and will rarely be alone.


Lulu’s parents said their dream dog was one that loves to play, cuddle, hang out on the couch and be their best friend. Once they met Lulu, they knew she was the one that could be all those things. And at the home visit, their instincts were correct–she was playful and happily planted herself in between her parents on the couch for cuddles. They were so happy that Lulu had come to stay. Getting Lulu to be comfortable with the two family cats will take some time, but Lulu’s parents are patient and up for the task. We think you’re in very good hands, Lulu. Congratulations, sweet girl.


At 14 years old, Grizzly came to us needing a home. It was hard for him to be in a shelter and he wasn’t happy. Recently, Sara (adopted a few months ago from HH) and her mom came to meet him and a short time later Grizzly was adopted by Sara and family and is in his new home in Tampa. While Sara likes to be in charge, Grizzly is an easygoing guy so he doesn’t mind and things are going smoother each day. They’ve told us he’s eating with gusto and he talks to his mom and lets her know when it’s time to eat, go out or he’s excited. She took him out in the backyard by himself and he chased a tennis ball several times, threw it in the air himself and ran across the yard barking all the way to the door. She said it was nice to see him happy. We couldn’t agree more.


Joe’s family put in an application for him after meeting him at PetSmart. Their black lab recently passed and Joe’s new mom missed the company and daily walks. She stays at home to care for her mother. While she was waiting for Joe’s home visit to be scheduled, during another visit to PetSmart to buy gravel for her fish tank, instead of leaving with gravel she walked out with an 8 month old beagle/hound mix named Rufus! She thought Rufus & Joe would be great company for each other. Joe was very polite at the home visit and got along great with Rufus. They will probably keep Joe’s name. As we left, they were ordering Joe a candy corn Halloween collar to match Rufus’ Halloween collar.


Bailey found the perfect family. She loves to play in water and has joined a family whose fur babies get to go for daily swims, dive for tennis balls, and go for boat rides. Her family has five other Labradors (four of them are Houndhaven alums) and Bailey is getting along really well with them all. Her wonderful parents are great friends of Houndhaven and we know Bonnie (her new name) will get so much love and be taken care of for the rest of her life. They recently lost their beloved Georgia (fka Lady at HH) who of course will never be replaced, but Bonnie is doing her best to ease their pain just a bit. They said she’s such a lovebug and has become her mom’s Velcro dog. They said they’ve won the lottery with Bonnie!


Maddie Lyn’s parents were looking for a new companion for Cooper, their 8 year old Golden Retriever. When they met Maddie at a recent adoption event, she stole their hearts. Things went really well at the home visit and Maddie & Cooper got along great. Mom has sent lots of photos. She said Maddie is fitting right in. Congratulations to you, Maddie and your new family!


Findley got along well with his future doggy brother and sister when they came to the shelter for an initial meeting—of course, they brought their mom along, too. And when Findley met them again at his home visit, both 10 year old yellow lab Zane and 4 year old black lab Zoey (HH’s Katy/Cher) accepted Findley right away. Everything went very smooth and Findley even met chihuahua mix Taffy, a frequent visitor to his new mom’s house. Findley will have Zane and Zooey to show him how to use the doggy door to go to their big fenced backyard. He’ll never be lonely for human or doggy companionship and mom has lots of love to go around for all the pups. She was going to re-name him in keeping with Zane and Zoey’s “Z” theme, but decided to stick with Findley and had a new red collar and matching name tag waiting for him. Much happiness to all!


Reed has been adopted and is starting out this new chapter in his life right along with his parents who have recently been married. Both of his parents had dogs growing up but this is their first dog together. They fell in love with Reed at one of our PetSmart adoption events. He had no problem racing up three flights of stairs to his new home. He’s now living in a very pet friendly dog community right next to a walking trail, dog park and lots of pet-friendly dining. Reed’s new grandparents live close by with a pool and a large fenced backyard. His new name is Waylon Reed. His parents have updated us. They said he’s doing well and already jumped into his grandparents’ pool. Waylon Reed is a contestant in our current calendar contest.


Poppy and her new canine sister Kelsey got reacquainted at their home with a short walk in the Florida rain. They originally met at an adoption event where the two liked each other. Kelsey likes to be in charge and Poppy is just fine with that. We should say Hanna (affectionately known as Hanna Banana) is just fine with that. Mom said Hanna is adorable and sweet, and the two girls are getting along fantastically. They’re playing, walking, swimming and sleeping together like best friends. All the best to Hanna, Kelsey and their parents!


Fred can watch dolphins swimming along the seawall by his new home in St. Pete. He’s surrounded by parks with walking trails and lots of squirrels. Mom and dad will take Fred to the local market and on excursions to explore the town. Just like recent adoptee Leo, he couldn’t get enough of the dog looking back at him from the bedroom mirror! Mom let us know that he’s doing great and already has two girlfriends in the neighborhood. Way to go, Fred!


Little Willow Ann has a fantastic home with her new parents. Willow has a one year old lab mix brother Willett who absolutely loved Willow. He shared his toys with her and wanted to play with her immediately. They became instant buddies, playing non-stop during the home visit. When Willow came into the room carrying a wicker plate, her mom realized she was going to have to do some puppy proofing. Willett is well trained and can do many tricks, and mom will be training Willow (now Remy), too. With Remy’s adoption, all nine littermates now have wonderful families.  Congratulations, little pup!


Since adopting Brindy (fka Abby) from us 6 months ago, Max’s family has been thinking of getting a playmate for her. Their 9 year old miniature dachshund Apples isn’t a puppy any more. They fell in love with Max and he reminded them of Romeo, their previous HH dog. Max’s health issues didn’t stop them from wanting to adopt him. In fact, they loved him all the more. They came to visit him at the shelter to see how he was doing and brought him toys. They adopted him even though he was still recovering from pneumonia. Max is keeping his name. One year old Brindy thought the family’s idea of a playmate for her was excellent. She & Max hit it off instantly and puppy antics ensued. Have fun, Max!


Leo’s new parents love the outdoors and will take him hiking, camping, and to the beach, as well as for walks and runs, and to the Orlando parks which are a 5 minute walk from home. At the home visit, they took him for the first of those many walks that are in his future. He thought everything was great indoors, too. With a little coaxing he mastered the stairs and checked out the bedroom where he’ll be sleeping at night. He was fascinated with the handsome dog in the mirror up there and couldn’t figure out how that dog got in the mirror. He had fun playing with his toys while he waited for his parents to sign his adoption papers. Leo wants everyone to know he’s very happy and is ready for all the adventures he’ll be going on with his very own mom and dad.


Duke is the seventh of the nine puppies to now be in their own home. His family is friends with one of our volunteers. While most days someone will be home with Duke, on the occasions when they can’t be, their parents (who live five minutes away) will keep Duke company. Duke’s family owns a classic car and when the weather is cooler, he will go with them to the car shows. As football fans, they’ve named him Bowden. They have always had more than one dog in their home, so another dog may be joining Bowden in the future.



Nitro’s family wanted him to feel at home as soon as he got there, so they got their home ready for him prior to his arrival. No one was more excited than their seven year old son. He personally tried out all the dog beds in the store and chose the most comfortable one for Nitro. He picked out the toys they had waiting, too. And most importantly, the family welcomed Nitro with much love. Nitro has reciprocated that love and is very happy with his family.



Alexa’s parents have been looking for the right fit for their Houndhaven dog Axel (formerly Shane) and easygoing Alexa is their girl. Alexa didn’t need much time to adjust to having a family and home. She found the toy box, the dog bed, tried each one out and gave everything her approval. Her mom said Alexa is all settled in and Axel is doing ok with having her in the home. The two dogs walk well together. Alexa loves her walks and sunning herself in the backyard in the mornings. Alexa loves her new life and her new name—Molly.



Lucky pup Millie is living the good life with her family in Flagler Beach. In addition to her two dads, her family includes sweet yellow lab Brewster. Millie and Brewster will get trips to swim in the ocean and the pool and go to the YMCA dog park. She’ll sometimes travel to a Michigan lakeside cabin in the summer. When her dads are at work or if they can’t take the dogs with them on trips, Millie and Brewster will be taken care of by their trusted dog sitter. There will be lots of snuggle time with her dads who will give Millie the best of everything. Congratulations, little beach babe Millie!


Little pup Jake has been adopted by previous adopters and long-time friends of Houndhaven. Jake is living five minutes from a dog-friendly beach in St. Augustine with his parents, Houndhaven alum Lucy, and a kitty named Mia. Lucy was great with Luke and the meeting with Mia went smoothly. Jake is looking forward to morning and evening walks on he beach. He has a swimming pool and he surprised everyone (including himself) by falling into it at the home visit! His parents work from home so he’ll be getting all the potty breaks this little guy needs. They have a couple trips planned and Jake will be joining his family in their travels.  Have fun at the beach, Jake!



Two more puppies out of our original litter of nine have been adopted. Their family is ready and excited to take on the task of raising two puppies together! Willie and Luke are the lucky little guys. The boys have two very sweet doggy sisters who will be training the pups along with their human family. Mom is the manager of several veterinary clinics and not only will the puppies have the best veterinary care, they will get to go to work with her. Their yard is huge and securely fenced which Willie and Luke had a fun time exploring at the home visit. Their human brother (12 years old) and sister (16 years old) were great at keeping a watchful eye on the pups and giving them hugs and lots of love. We wish you a lifetime of happiness, Willie and Luke.



Cooper, one of our little pups, has been adopted by an active family (they run & bike) with a 10 year old boy who loves to play ball with the neighbor’s dogs and will now have his own dog to play fetch with, which is exactly what Cooper needs. Their extended family has dogs (including a Houndhaven alum) and Cooper will have lots of play dates with their dogs. At the home visit, Cooper didn’t pay much attention to the family’s cat which was just fine with the cat. The family was going to start doing a lot of puppy proofing right away as it didn’t take long for Cooper to find a sock and claim it as his! They like his name and will keep it the same.



As Cleo took her first steps up to her new home and the start of her new life, one of her human sisters captured the moment on video. Cleo has two human sisters and both were so excited to have Cleo come to stay. This family of four will be showering Cleo with love. They had a gigantic box full of toys and a cushy bed for her and all four will be walking her so she’ll get plenty of exercise. She will be getting a new name but it hasn’t been chosen yet. As we left, Cleo was modeling collars and the girls were deciding which collar looked best on her. Congrats, Cleo!



Adorable Golden Retriever Mambo wasn’t a resident at Houndhaven for very long. His parents saw him as soon as we posted him on our website and fell in love. They’ve had three Goldens in past years and love the breed. Mambo became a puppy again when he walked into his new home. He carried tennis balls around the house, asked for the balls to be thrown so he could fetch them, and chewed on his plush toys. He was so happy he was smiling. Mambo has a lake view from his house and will be going on walks, visits to the farmers market, dog park and on vacation with his mom and dad. Extended family comes to visit often and when they do, Mambo will have three children to play with. It’s so great that Mambo and his parents found each other.



Valor LOVES 11 year old Nicholas, his new human brother! Although the two just met for the first time at the home visit, they bonded right away and played non-stop. Valor also lives with his parents in a dog-friendly community. And all his family has to do is walk out their front door and cross the street to take Valor to a park area with a walking path. There’s also a dog park in the community. When everyone is out of the house for the day, Valor’s new grandparents live only a few houses away and are more than happy to give Valor a mid-day cuddle and break. We wish Valor and Nicholas many, many years of fun together.



Libby was not a fan of cats and small animals at her last home, so we found her a nice suburban home in Winter Garden.  She has only one sibling, HH alum Ducky, nka Bailey.  Bailey has been grieving the loss of her canine sister, so mama thought Libby might be just the thing to cheer Bailey.  Libby and Bailey did well during the home visit, and we expect that to continue.  Although Bailey is older, they both seemed to have about the same energy level.  The pool was not of much interest to either of them, but the fenced in backyard had a lot of good smells!  Mom likes to walk the dogs, so she hopes to work up to walking them together.  If that proves to be too much, she was ok with them taking turns.  We think that Libby will enjoy her new environment, and we look forward to hearing about her exploits!



Georgia Black was adopted by a nice young couple who saw her at Petsmart a few weeks ago.  They had an upcoming trip to Denmark, so we couldn’t promise to hold her for them.  When they were on the eve of departure, however, and Georgia still was looking for a home, we agreed to keep her until they get back from their trip.  They knew that Georgia nka Lily was a bit scared, so they took everything slowly and were very patient with her nerves.  Once she met their cat, however, she seemed to gain confidence, and she and the cat were sniffing each other nose to nose!  Both were a bit tentative, but interested, so we suspect that they will be great pals in short order.  Mom is a teacher so she will be home to get Lily settled in, and Dad has a flexible schedule so that he can take care of any doggie emergencies.  In a few months the family will be moving into a brand new home, so that will be exciting for all.  In the meantime, Georgia took the steps at the apartment like a pro and seemed to approve of apartment living.  We wish sweet Georgia Black/Lily a long and wonderful life with her new wonderful family. 



Sweet Dixie Grace was adopted by a couple who adopted HH alum Hunter many years ago.  They lost Hunter to old age and, after grieving for Hunter for two years, they decided they were ready to welcome another lab into their home.  Dixie Grace was the lucky one chosen, and we know she will have a great life.  Daddy takes his lab most everywhere–from his 300 acre lease to a duck hunting event in TX!  Hunter loved it all, and we are sure Dixie will too.  Dad even built a special seat into the backseat of his truck so that Hunter could see out the window better, and we are sure that Dixie will get the same treatment.  She was sweet with her new mama’s little dog named Tandy, and we expect them to be friends before long.  Dixie has a pool to swim in if she chooses, and someone is most always home to spoil her.  We will look forward to hearing stories of her new life and hope that Mom and Dad will bring her back for homecoming!



Waldo is the first of the nine puppies to be adopted.  His new mom is a kindergarten teacher, so she seemed to have the patience necessary for a three month old puppy.  His new dad had to choose among the pups because mom said she would take all of them!  Waldo won dad over with his cute personality and puppy antics.  He has a teenage brother and ten year old canine sister who are going to share in the responsibility of raising Waldo nka Norman right.  He was already learning to follow his sister’s lead and go potty in their beautiful fenced in and shady yard.  He will definitely be an indoor dog though, with access to the couch, bed and everything else!  His family said to count them in for homecoming, so we will look forward to seeing Norman as an (almost) grown dog!  Happy life, buddy.



Tug didn’t have to wait long for a new home.  His new mom spotted his handsome face and said she needed to meet him because he looked just like a beloved former dog.  Tug’s personality also won her over, and he became HH dog #2 in a three dog household.  HH alum Cher/Katy nka Zoey and her brother Zane welcomed Tug with open paws, and Tug NKA Tuck (Tucker) quickly learned the doggie doors to the pool cage and fenced yard.  He was a little unsure at first, but once he figured out that he was in his new home, his tail started wagging nonstop!  His new mom had to take 20 pounds off of Zane when she got him, so she is prepared for Tuck’s weight loss regimin.  She is also determined to get his ears back to health.  We think that Tuck will soon feel better and be happier than ever before, and we can’t wait to see him at homecoming!



Trudy’s new doggy sister, Lyric (a German Shepherd mix), has made it her mission to show Trudy some important things—like how to bark at squirrels and how to score a cookie. At the home visit, all indications were that Lyric couldn’t wait to share her toys with Trudy, too. Mom also said the two love going for walks, running around the yard (for no apparent reason), and playing tug with various sticks they find. The yard is 1 ½ fenced acres and the whole family loves to spend time outdoors. Mom told us things are going well, that Trudy is such a sweetie and has had no trouble finding her place in their home. And what a great home it is for Trudy!



Symphony was adopted by one of our favorite Houndhaven families.  She joins HH alums Georgia, Carolina, Lacy and Blue and honorary HH alum Champ as part of a family that takes their dogs everywhere!  Mom and Dad have a house in Georgia, as well as in Orlando, and these lucky dogs get to swim, dive and retrieve balls both places.  Symphony, whose new name is Hailey, got into the spirit quickly at her home visit and was swimming, fetching and exploring the pontoon boat before even being invited!  She acclimated to the pack very easily, and all six dogs happily milled about among the humans on our pontoon boat ride around the lake.  She is reported to be doing very well in her new home, and her parents say they feel like they hit the jackpot with her.  We feel like she hit the jackpot with them and know that she will have a most wonderful life.  Way to go, Hailey!!!



Sara now lives in Tampa with her new mother and grandmother. There were various toys waiting for Sara on her doggy bed and she played with them all, but her favorite was the tennis ball. She carried it with her everywhere. Wanting to keep it close, she would even drop it into her water bowl, take a drink and then pick the ball back up out of the water when she was done. It’s a good thing she’s got a large fenced backyard and mom is prepared for lots of sessions of catch. After Sara popped the tennis ball, her mom commented that she was going to have to put the balls on auto delivery! 😊 They’re going to have fun and happy times together. Sara has found the family and home that she’s been hoping for.



Jax has only been in his home a few days, but he has already been to the farmer’s market, the fringe festival and gone on a road trip to St. Petersburg! He’s having a fantastic time with his new family. His dads tell us he’s calm in his crate at night and doesn’t whine, and he rides beautifully in the car. Jax has a gorgeous landscaped yard with a koi pond and a swimming pool. He’s been a member of the family since he stepped through the front door of their house at the home visit and is loved very much. Congratulations, Jax!



Beauty is now a city pup and gets to ride in an elevator. On her first ride up to her new home, she loved watching herself in the elevator mirror! Her dad just moved here for work after finishing school and really missed his family’s dog. But he has Beauty now to be by his side.  She wants to bark at other dogs, so he is willing to work with a trainer. He said other than that Beauty is wonderful.  Her new name is Jo Jo.



Sasha’s new family has been looking for a while to find a companion for Queenie, their 15 year old Beagle mix. They could tell Queenie has been lonely. They also wanted a dog who could go on longer walks in the neighborhood. They found both in Sasha! They actually came to one of our adoption events to meet a different HH dog, but they said Sasha was the one that stole their hearts. Sasha has a large house, an enclosed patio and two fenced-in yards. At the home visit, she was very respectful of Queenie and it didn’t take her long to settle down with a nylabone. Sasha is keeping her name.



Ozzy is in his new home and doing great! He’s very respectful of his big sister Sookie who is a 15 year old basset/beagle, and his new doggy cousins came to visit and they both approve of Ozzy being the newest family member. Ozzy is also becoming his dad’s buddy, something dad was missing since they lost Boomer (Gator Ade at HH). He loves stretching out on the sofa next to dad, and as we drove away from the home visit, dad was walking Ozzy over to introduce him to the neighbors. Mom is one of our volunteers at the shelter. She wasn’t even upset when Ozzy had a little mishap while we were there and broke something that was on the coffee table. He will continue to be known as Ozzy. You picked a great family, Ozzy!



Clarke’s parents were looking for a dog that was playful, active, trainable, enjoys people and going for walks. And they fell in love with Clarke at an adoption event, and he is all those things in one very sweet boy. He now lives not far from Houndhaven in a community that has its own dog park. He won’t have to spend much time alone as either mom or dad will be at home with him most days. His parents greeted Clarke with lots of affection and an array of doggy supplies, and it was obvious he was staying permanently. His dad had even made special treats for him. They already had a new name picked out for Clarke. His name is now Blue. He is going to be wonderfully pampered and cherished.



Jackson (formerly Abel @ HH) and his parents have welcomed Charlotte into their family. Charlotte and Jackson had the best time running and playing together at the home visit and Jackson was so excited to have a sister. They chased tennis balls, played tug of war and kept everyone entertained. Charlotte is going to love having a big brother and was already looking to Jackson and following his lead. Mom has been a professional animal trainer/animal care specialist for 15 years, so Charlotte is in very capable hands. Charlotte will be joining her family when they go to Lake Eola, outdoor dining, dog parks and dog beaches. She’s going to be a very busy, very loved girl.



May began as a foster but her status has changed to permanent family member as mom and fur brother HH alum Doyle are adjusting to life with a puppy. When the three go on their daily walks together, May has become quite the hunter stopping at all trees along the way looking for squirrels. Mom has even named her Elly May like the character in “The Beverly Hillbillies”! 😊 She always wants to be close to mom (a long-time volunteer @ HH), even spending most of the workday resting at the end of mom’s chair. Elly May was the guest of honor recently at her very own “new puppy welcome party”. She’s in a home full of love, exactly where she’s supposed to be. Congratulations to Elly May, Doyle and their mom.




Marmaduke has found the most perfect home. His family already had two beautiful female Danes—Layla and Bella. When Duke’s mom first saw a photo of him, she immediately said Duke needs a place to call home and lots of love and wanted to provide that for him. Mom said she fell in love with Duke’s face and kind eyes. Besides the companionship of mom, Layla and Bella, Duke has three human siblings who were great with the three dogs at the home visit. It was an awesome sight to see the three regal dogs taking their first walk together around the neighborhood. We left a very happy Duke in his new home.




Janie’s new family has adopted three dogs from us in the past. After losing Tootsie last year, they felt they were now ready to add to their family again. Arriving at the home, Janie quickly became best buds with Elijah, who just wanted to play, while Kaley wasn’t so sure about things. But mom was willing to give her time to adjust to having Janie in the home and has since told us that baby steps are happening. Kaley and Janie are now interacting, laying next to each other, and Kaley even approached her to play. Janie (her new name is Jade) is very happy she can help her family to feel complete once again.



After just one day in her new home, June’s parents said they are head over heels in love with her. They tried out different names on her and the one that seems to fit her best is Piper—and she’s already responding to it. On her first night she slept quietly through the night. They said she’s a gentle, very smart and loving pup. Piper will have lots of doggy friends to play with in the neighborhood, including some Houndhaven alums. Mom is a volunteer at the shelter so we know she’ll keep us updated as Piper grows up.





Hunter has a home and is doing great.  He has parents and his very own 10 yr old human brother.  At the home visit, he gave kisses to them all.  He enjoyed his new fenced backyard and the lizards that live in it.  He continues to impress his family with how sweet he is.  A friend’s dog came over for a play date.  The visiting dog was not used to playing with other dogs, but Hunter’s family said he was very sweet with her and “showed her the ropes”.  He also gave her owner kisses.  Good boy, Hunter!



Meekah’s new dad previously worked for several years with a police dog partner who was with him 24/7 until she passed away. His experience was really evident at the home visit, and when he took the lead for the first time, he had a great rapport with Meekah. She is going to be trained beautifully. Along with the training, she’s going to get a lot of love and attention. Her parents like to walk so she will get to meet the dogs in her community, and they’ll take her to the dog park as well. Meekah claimed the upholstered bench in front of a window inside her new home and it looked like it will become a favorite spot for her to watch what’s happening in the neighborhood. Her family loves the name Meekah and plans to keep it. Way to go, Meekah!



With Belle’s adoption, all four littermates have now found great homes. At her home visit there were so many new sights and sounds to get used to. But when she got comfortable in the house, after several attempts she mastered jumping on the sofa and pulling down a throw off the back to make a cozy spot to play with her toys. She will keep her parents busy, but they are experienced with puppies as they have fostered a lab mix from 7 ½ weeks to almost 2 years of age for Canine Companions for Independence. They will eventually have her going on runs with dad and to outdoor workout sessions at the gym with mom. They love Belle, were patient with her and saw the humor in all her antics which is just perfect for her.



After more than 300 days at Houndhaven, sweet Piper Pepper has been adopted!! Her parents came to the shelter to meet a puppy, but when they met Piper and saw what a wonderful girl she is, they wanted to give her a loving home. She is her mom and dad’s first dog together, and they look forward to activities like taking her with them for long walks on a nearby trail and to restaurants within walking distance of their home that have outdoor seating. A proud Piper showed off her new parents when she brought them to one of our recent adoption events. She was very happy to be just stopping by and that after saying hello she was going back home with mom & dad.



Babs is the third of our four littermates to have found a home. She has a human family of three adults and two children and a fur family of two yorkies. They’re an active family and in fact, on her first night at home she attended a few water polo games where her dad said she “soaked up the adoration” and took a nap in his lap. She was even designated the team mascot for the Lake Brantley Water Polo Club! She was worn out when she got home, slept through the night and had to be coaxed out of her crate in the morning. Her family said they are beyond ecstatic with Babs (now Georgia) and the excitement that comes with her.



Nora and Winchester were adopted together and their family said they are a pleasure to be around and are doing amazing. Each morning the two play-wrestle with each other. They love playing ball and tug-of-war. Nora enjoys running lightning-fast laps around the yard while Winchester tries to keep up but after a few minutes lays down to watch. They’ve slept side by side on the same bed, but Winchester much prefers the sofa. Mom said Nora and Winchester are filled with so much happiness and are both very special furry little people. She said they have brought such a beautiful energy back into the home.



Belarus’s new parents came out to Houndhaven to do a photo shoot for our website featuring some of our adoptable dogs. One of those dogs was Bella. They fell in love with her and felt she’d fit right into their family. They’re looking forward to taking her walking, hiking, biking and on as many adventures as she wants. She’s spending a few more days at the shelter until her parents come back from a previously planned trip. Bella can’t wait for them to pick her up and take her home. She’s ready for her new life.



When Shelby got to her new home, there was no doubt she was at the right house. There was a “Welcome Home” sign waiting for her. And her family of six humans had the day of her home visit circled on their calendar. She checked out the house, tried out a few beds—both dog & cat beds—and liked what she saw. (The cat beds belong to the family’s Russian blue cat Blueberry.) Shelby wasn’t quite ready to tackle the stairs though. Eli, her new mini dachshund brother, was going to need time to adjust to having Shelby in his home, but he really enjoyed all the extra treats he was getting during the home visit!



Little puppy Bryce has three fur sisters taking care of him—Roxy, Susie and Nala (all adopted from Houndhaven). Mom told us great dane Nala and Bryce love to play together and are hysterical to watch because Nala puts Bryce in her mouth. 😊 He’s already figured out the doggie door and has only had two accidents in the house. He’s really pretty much dad’s pup but Colton and Aislyn, his human brother and sister, are pretty happy to have him, too. Bryce is spoiled rotten and loving it!


Leopold LOVES squeaky toys and his new mom. He wakes her up every morning at 6:00 a.m. by squeaking his toys in her ears to let her know he’s ready for his first walk of the day. She doesn’t mind though. She said what else are you going to do at 6:00 a.m.?! Plus she’s getting a lot of exercise these days! Mom is a Houndhaven volunteer and she said it was love at first sight when she saw Leopold at the shelter. They’ve walked Bok Tower Gardens together, met friends & their dogs at restaurants for dinner, and in April he’ll start training for his Canine Good Citizen certification. Leopold has a beautiful, unique new name—Rownen.



On meeting Carlisle, his mom immediately saw a sweetness in him that reminded her of Levi, their Houndhaven dog that they lost last year. His new dad and human sister both agreed that Carlisle was perfect for their family, and they picked out a new name for him–Bruno. They said he is doing amazingly well. He’s smart and picks up on things quickly. He loves chasing lizards in the backyard and playing frisbee. He gets to go on long walks (a recent one was 3 ½ miles). And when one of them comes home, Bruno gets excited and goes running over to greet them. Bruno is living the good life!



Cindy was in rough shape when Houndhaven rescued her. She had been hit by a car and had several injuries. Two of our volunteers have been fostering her while she recovers from the four surgeries she had to have. They fell in love with her and she has now joined their pack. At 8 lbs., she’s the tiniest one but she’s very brave. She is getting a lot of cuddling and tummy rubs. Congratulations, Cindy!



Little Brinn is the first puppy to be adopted out of the 4 littermates that recently arrived at Houndhaven. And lucky for her, both mom and dad are veterinarians. They were impressed by how sweet and calm she was at her home visit. Brinn picked out a favorite new toy and carried it with her in and out of the house. It was a fuzzy duck that was almost as big as she was. Brinn has camping and hiking in her future. There is a 4 yr old parrot in the family, too. On occasion he would hop on the backs of their previous dogs. So, who knows, that might be in her future, too! We’d love pictures!


It was love at first sight for mom as soon as she saw Abby’s picture on Houndhaven’s website. She said Abby looked so much like their dog that recently passed. Apples, the family’s miniature dachshund, has been lonely, too and as former adopters, they came back to Houndhaven to look for a companion for her. Abby was very timid when she first arrived at her new home, but as soon as she got hugs from everyone (her favorite thing!) and saw her new backyard, she recovered quickly. We’re thrilled Abby has found her forever family.



After meeting Sadie, her family felt that she was sweet and gentle with kids, was very approachable and returned affection.  They also liked her energy level as they love to play with their dogs in the yard so there is a lot of running involved.  They wanted Sadie to come for a home visit and while she was there, it was a unanimous “yes”—they wanted Sadie to stay forever.  The parents and their three children all gave Sadie hugs and belly rubs, and everyone wanted her to sleep in their bed.  She was also in heaven watching birds on the lake from her new back patio.  She’s still going to be called “Sadie”.  Congratulations to a very happy Sadie and family.



Ace’s family went to Petco where we were having an event never expecting to find a new dog.  But Ace crawled into their son’s lap and it was a done deal.  They said Ace has an amazing personality and they loved him from the minute they met him.  Their yellow lab Humphrey also missed having a playmate.  Ace’s puppy energy took care of that problem.  Good work, Ace!



These previous adopters said they were ready to open up a new place in their hearts after having to put down Houndhaven alum Lake and that they were ready to have another sweet face in their home.  Mitchell is the lucky guy.  They’ve changed his name to Lincoln and he’s been having a great time.  On his first day, he went for a car ride, went on a shopping spree, and after that adventure, he came home and napped on a sofa (so much better than a kennel at the shelter).  His parents say he and his lab mix brother Ozzie are quite comfortable around each other.  Their community has a beautiful lake for Lincoln and Ozzie to take walks around with their parents and there are areas to play fetch there, too.


As the only dog in his new home, Leo gets to be the center of attention and that’s fine with him. His family (4 adults) said he does his commands like a pro and has already learned a few new ones. He’s very well-mannered and behaved, and they are helping him adjust to his new neighborhood. Mom works from home so most days he will never be alone. He gets to keep his name. They also told us Leo has so much love to give. It’s really great that he now has someone to give all that love to!


Roxanne’s family submitted their application over a year ago and have been following our website ever since looking for the right playmate for their now 4 year old lab mix Codder. And Roxy was the lucky pup! At the home visit, Roxy and Codder hit it off and played non-stop from the minute they met. Their mom said they continue to get along really well. The cats are less thrilled, but they have a gate system to allow Roxy to check out the cats and keep them safe as they’re getting to know each other. Her official name is now Zoe Roxanne. Mom and dad say Zoe is an absolute delight to have around and they are in love.


Moose’s family lost their previous lab in May which left a hole in their family. He was with them for 15 years. They are so happy to have Moose in their lives now and he is fitting in really well. He has parents and a sweet 10 year old human sister who was great with Moose at the home visit. She was ready to work with him on perfecting the commands he knew and teach him additional ones. His parents said he’s a quick learner. They said Moose Munch is amazing. He loves being wherever they are in the house, and they are enjoying having puppy love again!


Deacon is keeping his name but changing his life for the better. He’s in his new home with his very own mom to shower him with love and attention. She had been missing the companionship of a dog to do activities with like play time and going on long walks (and maybe build up to running) around the local lake. She works on a horse ranch and hopes to take Deacon to work with her, too. She said everything is going well. Congratulations, Deacon!


2019 has started out in the best way possible for Dora.  After five months at the shelter, she got her own home on January 1st.  She has doting parents and a Papillon fur sibling.  She also has toys, a comfy bed, a pool and a large yard to play ball in with her family.  Her parents are retired and she will be with them all the time.  They enjoy taking daily walks with their dogs.  Dora felt welcome and comfortable from the start.  She was very happy and content to be there.  Her family sent photos of Dora relaxing at home and said she is doing great and they already love her so much.


Kodiak is a very lucky pup who found his forever home just in time for Christmas.  His new mom saw a picture of him and fell in love.  He looks exactly like their black lab mix that passed away earlier in the year, and the family said they missed having a loving lab in the house.  Kodiak now has two beagle brothers to play with in their large fenced-in backyard.  Bentley and Copper are both three years old.  At the home visit they didn’t mind him stealing their toys.  Copper howled at Kodiak at first, but that’s just being a beagle!  Mom reported back to us that all three pups are getting along.  Happy New Year, Kodiak!



Little Sammy has become a snowbird and will be spending part of his time in Ohio with his new parents. They are volunteers and began by fostering Sammy with the intention of getting him ready for his forever home. They didn’t realize at the time that his forever home would be theirs! Sammy has been loving his toys, playing catch and taking long walks. His parents said Sammy is very sweet and well behaved and has brought them a lot of laughter.


One of the best things that happened at our annual homecoming event this year was that Piper Brown got to meet the person who would become her new mother. Her mom fell instantly in love with Piper. Her last lab Shauna (she was known as Shasta @ Houndhaven) passed away a few months ago and she missed having a dog in her life ever since. Piper loves that her patio at her home is full of lizards and that she has a fenced backyard to run in. We left the home visit with Piper and her mom playing catch with a tennis ball. Her mother later said they played until Piper finally wore out and fell asleep—a happy, content Piper.


Penny had a wonderful Thanksgiving. She got to spend it with her forever family. At her home visit, her parents were standing outside waiting for her to arrive, and Penny, who can initially be very timid, saw them and confidently went right over to them. She was ready to start her new life and recognized that this was going to be home. She also played fetch on the lanai with her dad and was a very happy dog. She’s going to get lots of attention from her parents and will even get to go to work with them. They said they plan to take her for walks, on runs and to the dog park nearby. She will continue to be called “Penny” and is very thankful for her new family.


Jacob charmed his new family when they came to meet him. He was sweet and loving and took to their 14 year old son right away. He laid on his mom’s feet and he rolled over for belly rubs from everyone. Jacob’s connection to his family (parents and human siblings 14 and 17 years old) continued at the home visit and he got to stay in his forever home that day. As we left the home visit, they were taking him for his first walk in his new neighborhood. The next day his mom texted that he slept all night in their bed. Good work, Jacob! Congratulations!!


Moxy’s life has dramatically changed. She came to us unloved and uncared for and is now the center of attention in a home with loving parents. Moxy’s mother is a long-time volunteer at HH. (Their adult daughter is also a devoted, long-time volunteer.) Moxie (same name/new spelling) started out as a foster. Her parents cared for her as she completed heartworm treatment. She was the perfect houseguest, but now she’s officially family and never has to go back to the shelter as they’ve signed her adoption papers. Besides the many dogs in the neighborhood to socialize with, she has a standing invitation from HH alum Doyle (their daughter’s dog) to play. Have a great life, sweet Moxie. You deserve all the cuddles and love your parents are giving you!


Buddy Boy is doing well in his new home. He’s getting along great with his doggie siblings Bo and Whiskey. He has a mom & dad, and their daughter lives on the property as well. She has two dogs of her own, so Buddy will not be lacking for canine playmates. Chances are pretty good that Buddy will be going to work with his parents, too. They said he’s adjusting quickly and is a wonderful addition to the family. We’re so happy for you, Buddy!


Brisket loves cuddling on the couch with his girls—Olivia, 5 ½ and Ava & Ella, 4. He wakes them up with puppy kisses every morning. A few of the other things he’s enjoying these days are chewing on the girls’ Barbie dolls and napping! They said he listens to commands and gets to play outside in the backyard a lot. They call him Bruno most of the time, and he’s a very happy puppy with his new family which also includes his parents. In turn, his family said Bruno (a/k/a Brisket) has made them so happy, too.


Tally has won the doggy lottery. A wonderful couple dedicated to senior dogs has adopted her. They have Ernie that they adopted from another rescue last July and wanted him to have a sister so that the two dogs would not only have a human family but they would have each other as well. Mom told us Tally and Ernie are doing better every day and that Tally is adjusting well to her new home. Tally lives in St. Augustine now. Her mom has signed up on the “Walk for a Dog” app, and Tally & Ernie are walking 4-6 times daily in support of the homeless dogs at Houndhaven.


One of our volunteers saw what a great dog Sargent was and that he just needed a little tlc to blossom. So Sargent went home with him to get that loving and to be fostered. Sarge was pretty much a foster failure from the minute he stepped through the front door of the home, and his mom & dad have made him a permanent member of the family. He is now Zeke and he lives next door to two other Houndhaven dogs (Darla–fka Julie and Dakota Raleigh). The three dogs are getting along great.


Eve’s mom & dad lost Fiona (f/k/a April) their previous Houndhaven dog this past March and they said their home was not complete without a dog. Eve was more than happy to join their family and lift their spirits. She had a busy home visit exploring her new home, playing in the community dog park (just a block from home), chasing tennis balls and meeting some of the neighborhood dogs along the way. There is a group of dogs that come to the dog park twice a day and Eve will be a part of that play group. Her dad works from home so Eve will have lots of human companionship, too. Mom and dad are long time friends of Houndhaven, so we know we’ll be seeing Eve whose name is Maya now.


Barley’s mom is a volunteer who fell in love with him the first time she saw him at the shelter. His new sister Jessie Rose was Sunshine when she was at Houndhaven. Jessie came to the shelter to meet Barley and the two got along great and that has continued now that Barley has moved in. His parents say he’s funny to observe—he’s fascinated with the strange object called a tv and watches it constantly. He’s been on many walks in his short time in his new home, has begun to eat heartily, and has decided the best place to get a good night’s sleep is in his parents’ bed! His name is now Fenway and his family said they are enjoying him a lot.


Chester’s mom adopted Houndhaven alum Percy early this year and now Chester has joined her family. She has given several Houndhaven dogs a loving home over the years. The two boys met and went for a walk together and did great. Also on the walk, Chester got to watch ducks, geese & swans. He ignored them all, which is great, because he’ll be seeing them every day. There are lots of shady trees for twice-a-day power walks with mom. He had a fun time jumping in the pool when he got home from his first walk—mom was hoping he’d be a swimmer—he didn’t disappoint! Chester is keeping his name. We wish Chester a lifetime of happiness with Percy and his new mom.


Hunter is staying with his foster family until his new dad returns from a business trip that he couldn’t reschedule. His dad said Hunter reminds him of his previous dog that passed from cancer and he hopes to have Hunter join him at work like his last dog. Everyone there is looking forward to meeting him. Dad’s job is just a mile from home, so on days that Hunter can’t go with him, he can come home to give him a mid-day break. Dad runs, camps, and enjoys water activities, so he will keep Hunter busy!


Julie and Dakota went on a home visit and the best thing happened. The family loved both, didn’t want to choose one over the other and voted unanimously to adopt both girls. Julie and Dakota have a mom & dad, three human siblings, a canine brother named Brody and a feline sister named Opal. They sent an update: Julie is now Darla. Her mom said she’s happy, gentle, loving to all and LOVES her toys. Dakota is fitting in and adjusting well. She loves her bed, her walks, her people and is the perfect puppy of love. Congratulations, Darla and Dakota!


Cade has the ideal home for him. He has five human siblings to play fetch with as long as his heart desires. At the home visit they were throwing a frisbee and a tennis ball to a delighted Cade. He was so thrilled he did several laps at top speed around his ½ acre backyard—his dad said they were Cade’s victory laps! With his large family, there’s pretty much always someone around to give belly rubs. They like his name so it will stay. They said Cade will be showered with attention and love and that was obvious from the minute he walked into his new home.


Collins’ mom has just bought her first home and now has her first dog to move into that home with her. The community has areas perfect for long walks—or runs. Mom is a runner and loves spending time outdoors.  She is looking forward to having Collins with her for these activities.  If Collins enjoys it, she would love to take her along on runs, even if it’s just for short runs.  Collins will keep her name.  Until the move takes place, the two are living with her parents and their dog.  Although it’s only been a few days, Collins is already a full member of both families.


Boris was so happy to have found a family of his own that when our adoption team left at the end of the home visit, he didn’t even notice they were leaving. He fit in seamlessly with everyone. They were looking for a dog that is friendly, intelligent and loves lots of attention and affection.—And Boris (now Bob) checks all the boxes. Mom said he’s the perfect mix of fun-filled action (loves to play fetch in the backyard) and snuggling on the couch (thinks he’s a lap dog). He slept in his crate the first night without a peep. His family says Bob is greatly loved.


Sawyer’s new mother has a special spot in her heart for mature dogs since they often get overlooked for puppies and after seeing the posts about him on Facebook, she felt Sawyer was adorable and would be perfect for her. She said Sawyer is doing great! He has mastered walking up the steps to his front door and learned to walk down slowly without pulling. He sleeps through the night and is eating heartily. She’s studying to be a veterinary chiropractor and her college is close to home, so she is often able to spend time with Sawyer in between classes. And at other times she remotely checks on him with the baby monitor she bought! Sawyer is her #1 best buddy, just what he’s been hoping for all this time. She said he’s been a great addition to the family.


Molly came to animal control in horrible condition and was desperately in need of veterinary attention. A family came forward and offered to foster her and give her the care she so badly needed. They nursed her through ear and eye infections and surgery to amputate her toe (just a few of her issues). Throughout Molly’s long journey of recovery, she was always a sweetheart and her foster family never gave up on her. This kind-hearted family includes adopted children and now they have adopted Molly as well. Gentle and brave, Molly is finally getting the wonderful life she deserves.


Two more of our Houndhaven volunteers are foster failures! They took in sweet and funny Teddy to foster. While staying with them, he learned how to be a house dog and got along great with the other dogs and cats already in the home. They found that once he settled in, he was amazing and affectionate. Teddy’s moms recently adopted him and made him a permanent addition to their family. Everyone at HH was hoping Teddy could make this happen! 😊 A job well done, Teddy!


Bella Donna has been adopted. Her mom is a Houndhaven volunteer and after spending time with Bella at the shelter, she saw that Bella was sweet and cuddly and a good potential fit for her family. They were a little concerned that their HH dog Faith might not want to accept another dog into the family. They lost Faith’s lifelong companion Hope (also from HH) in February. But Bella and Faith did really well walking side by side around the neighborhood and once indoors laid down near each other, putting everyone’s concerns to rest. With their work schedules, there’s usually someone home to give the girls all the attention and affection they could want. Mom sent a message that Bella and Faith are doing well together. Bella is now a happy girl surrounded by a loving family.


At his home visit, Moby was very excited and happy about finding his forever family. He loved the stairs—racing up and down them, chewed up a few “indestructible” toys, and counter-surfed. His new family took it all in stride and saw Moby for the funny, goofy loving dog that he is. One thing is certain, there’s not going to be a dull moment in the house with Moby around. He has a fenced yard and in addition to playing in that yard with his family, Moby also has an 18 month old yellow lab neighbor that comes to visit regularly so he’ll have a canine buddy to play with, too. His family wrote on their application, “We ARE HIS people”. Moby wholeheartedly agrees with that. And we love how his dad sweetly calls Moby “my boy”!


Black and white great dane Nala arrived at Houndhaven, and one of our long time volunteers fell in love with her and immediately took her home as a foster. Nala never even had to spend the night at the shelter. In no time, she fit right in with this wonderful family (parents, human brother & sister, dog siblings—all HH dogs–& cat siblings). It turned out that Nala knows a good thing when she sees it and she wasn’t going anywhere. She’s been officially adopted by her foster family. Her name is staying the same. Mom said she’s a love. She’s very affectionate and is sweet and gentle with the children despite being bigger than they are. We’re so excited for Nala as she begins her new life.


Mason Dixon’s family came to an adoption event with their Houndhaven dog Patton just to say hello to everyone. They had no intention of adopting another dog. But that was before they met sweet Mason. Things changed when they saw what a great match he was for them. They had a trip planned so they had to wait until they got back to adopt him. They said they thought about him every day during their trip and couldn’t wait to pick him up. Besides Patton, Mason now has a mom & dad and two human brothers. Mom said Mason will be joining Patton on the couch! That’s a pretty comfy place to be. Congratulations, Mason!


In 2011, a beautiful but extremely frightened black lab named Willow was adopted from HH. Her mom worked tirelessly with her and eventually turned Willow’s life around. With all her experience, mom founded Wagging Willow Canine Communication training facility. Unfortunately, Willow became ill last year and her mom lost her. Several weeks ago she met Annabelle at HH, also a beautiful black lab, and the rest is history—Annabelle (now Wiley) has a forever mom and home. The meaning of the name Wiley is “Of the Willows”. Wiley is already jumping into the pool after toys and we’re sure there will be dock diving competitions in her future. There will also be lots of socialization and play time with other dogs, days at the beach, and an endless supply of love from her mom. Much happiness, Wiley.


Big Mike found the wood floors of his new home a little scary at first, but his mom sat with him and gently petted him, held the paw that he offered her, and reassured him. His dad and human brother waiting patiently until he felt secure and was ready to make his way across the floor to them. Once Big Mike realized how great everything was and that the floors were fine, he then happily checked out the rest of the house and his backyard. Big Mike is now Jake and he’ll be his mom’s companion. With his own pool, he’ll have plenty of opportunity to swim if he chooses to do that. Jake is going to be a very loved dog.


Toffee walked into her home and was so affectionate and loving to everyone in her new family that there was no doubt she was going to stay. Her dad sat down on the floor and Toffee stretched out alongside him and rested her head on his leg. Mom is a teacher so Toffee will have lots of bonding time before mom goes back to school. Toffee is looking forward to going with her family to the dog beach, dog-friendly restaurants, parks, to visit family and friends, as well as on vacations whenever possible. Mom said life is better with a dog! Her family feels because Toffee is so sweet that she already has the perfect name and they don’t plan to change it.


Gilly’s dad came to the shelter with several dogs in mind that he wanted to meet, but Gilly was the one that greeted him with a kiss and melted his heart. Dad has done a great job getting his home ready so that Gilly and the four cats will all be safe and happy. Major is Gilly’s new name. A doggy pool was waiting in the backyard for Major to splash around in on these hot summer days. He’s doing very well in his new home. Major is adjusting to the cats and not trying to chase them. He’s happy to be wherever dad is and gets to sleep on his bed. They’re going on 4-5 walks a day and he has been friendly meeting the neighbors and their dogs. Dad said he and Major will be a good team!


The family that adopted Dex takes their two year old German Shepherd to day care twice a week (where there’s a doggie swimming pool), for an a.m. run/walk during the week, and to dog parks every Saturday and Sunday. Dex has all those activities to look forward to as well. His family wanted a dog similar in size to their 90 lb. German Shepherd and one that wanted to play and wrestle with him. Dex is even the same age. By the time the two dogs went inside, after meeting outside first, Dex and his new doggie brother were wrestling and playing just as their family hoped would happen. Dex’s family (mom, dad, brother and sister) were excited, loving and welcoming to him. We left a very happy Dex at his new home.


Not only have all the humans in Easton & Weston’s family been missing their Cocker Spaniel that they lost about six months ago, but their 14 ½ year old Beagle has been very lonely ever since, too. Easton and Weston are in their new home doing their best to bring lots of playfulness and fun to everyone. Cooper the Beagle kept up with the two pups for a decent amount of time at the home visit, and when he was tired, he called time out and took a nap. There’s a fenced yard with a swing set and fort that the two pups can play in with their two human sisters, 5 & 8 years old. Mom works 10 minutes from home which will be great for lunch time potty breaks for Easton and Weston. The girls think their names are perfect and they’re not going to change them.


Oliver’s family said he wasn’t even on their radar when they went to Petco to meet two other Houndhaven dogs, but Oliver found them that day and they left knowing he was the one. At the home visit he met his new dad, and his two adorable human sisters, 8 & 10, chose Buddy as his name going forward. He went through his commands for the girls, got rewarded with treats and rolled over on his back so they could give him belly rubs. We received an update from his family: They said Buddy is fitting right in, and he loves and shadows his dad. They are amazed at how trusting, sweet and gentle he is. They are very glad he picked them at the adoption event and they’re so in love.–We couldn’t ask for anything more for Buddy!


We took Teresa and Leroy on a home visit to see which one would be the best fit for the household that includes 5 cats and a little 14 year old Lhasa Apso. The family’s intention all along was to adopt one dog. The best thing happened—they loved both Teresa and Leroy so much and both dogs fit right in, so they made the decision to adopt both dogs. Teresa and Leroy loved their huge fenced yard. They’ll be going on outings and family vacations. If they can’t go along for some reason, they have a pet sitter that will stay at the house with them and she was at the home visit to meet them, too. Congratulations to Teresa and Leroy and their new family.


Kendrick had the best time at his home visit when his dad took him on some short runs around the property. He loved it and stayed right at dad’s side keeping perfect pace with him. They’re going to have so much fun together going boating, playing fetch and hopefully swimming in the pool. Kendrick didn’t go in the pool but was very curious so dad is hoping he’ll soon want to jump in. Dad said Kendrick has been a blast to be around, he’s looking forward to the future with him, and he has named him Gunner!


From their first meeting it was apparent that Houndhaven alum Jaeger (adopted in 2014) loved Natasha. Their camaraderie continued from the family’s shelter visit where Jaeger wanted to wrestle and play with Natasha in the yard to the home visit where he was so happy to see her again. Natasha also felt really good about having Jaeger as a brother and becoming a member of the family. The two sweetly shared toys at the home visit and mom baked special doggy treats and had them waiting to welcome Natasha.


Nugget will be keeping her family (mother and adult daughter) on their toes with her puppy antics, but they know it will be so worth it. They were calm, loving and understanding at the home visit. She’s a smart girl and will learn quickly. She was already coming right over to them whenever they called her name no matter where she was in the yard or house. They love the name Nugget. The daughter works from home, so Nugget won’t be lonely. She has a beautiful water view from her fenced yard and she was watching the birds that were around the water. Mom let us know that Nugget is settling in really well and they all had a great first night.


Banks’ family heard about Houndhaven from previous adopters. They went to one of our events, met him and fell in love with him. At his home visit, he played catch with a tennis ball in the backyard and checked out the golfers at the tee from his back patio. It was very hard for mom & dad to say goodbye to Banks after the home visit, but they had a previously planned trip. They didn’t want to lose out on Banks so they officially adopted him and he’s at the shelter anxiously waiting for his family to return from their trip. They’ll be picking him up in just a few days. He knows he has a crate and comfy bed waiting for him at his new home, too.


Townsley is a handsome 75 pound hunk of labrador retriever who stole one of our volunteer’s hearts.  He asked to foster Townsley to help teach him some manners because Townsley was possessive of his food bowl.  The lessons went so well that he decided Townsley should become a member of the family!  Townsley now has a 97 year old grandma and her caregiver, as well as his new dad and black lab brother, HH alum Tyson Stargazer nka Halsey.  To get the “boys” to bond, dad walks them side by side down to a local park and back several times a day.  They also join him for storytime when he reads to his mother every day.  Dad said they will be the best read dogs ever!  We know that Townsley is a very very blessed dog to have such a wonderful and patient dad, and we are pretty sure he knows it too!



Yuli now has a family that includes her new parents, a golden retriever big sister and…four cats, three chickens and two horses! Yuli passed the test of getting along with them all at the home visit. Besides going for walks, she has five acres of fenced yard that she can exercise on. She’ll be going with mom to the barn to feed the horses each day and clean the stalls. We’ve gotten an email update from her family. Yuli is now Taffee. She follows her mom everywhere. She and her golden sister Lucy are doing great together and mom thinks before long Taffee and the kitten will be playing chase. Taffee loves retrieving tennis balls for as long as they want to throw them for her. They said she’s very well-mannered and sweet, and they’re thrilled with her.


Houndhaven alum Minnie (who was adopted in 2015) brought her mom to a recent adoption event at Petco to look for a new addition to their family. Minnie met Carmen there and the two girls instantly got along great. Everything went just as well between the two at the home visit. Mom approved, and Minnie couldn’t wait to show Carmen her new one-acre fenced backyard and how to get through the doggie door. Just in case Carmen decides to take a dip, there’s a pool in the backyard, too. Mom said things are going well and Minnie & Carmen are having great fun chasing squirrels together!


Ivory and KC were pals at Houndhaven and were blessed to be able to be adopted together!  Their new mom had been looking for a pair of dogs for a while, and when she saw them playing at an adoption event, she knew they were the pair.  Their new “grandparents” live in the adjoining house so they will be available to let these two out to enjoy their fenced backyard while mom is at work.  Or, if Ivory and KC like the pool, they will get to come over and swim.  Their canine “uncle” Marley is hoping they will come over and play in his yard too!  We are sure that watching these funny kids play will be more entertaining than television, so Mom may have to record some of her favorite shows for a while. 🙂  Way to go Ivory and KC!!



Barkley’s family loved him before they even got to meet him in person. They were very excited to have him at home with them. Barkley did really well for a young pup in his home for the first time. His dad took him up and down the steps once. He found it to be great fun and went up and down on his own after that. There was a casualty or two when it came to soft toys, but that’s to be expected and his parents kept close watch so he’d be safe. By far his favorite toy is a more indestructible antler. He’s now Wrigley. His parents will take him hiking and walking, and he has his own pool. His mom has already contacted Buckley’s family. They plan to keep in touch and get the boys together for play dates.


Buckley has a loving mom & dad and a sweet canine brother (Logan, also a chocolate lab). There will be a swimming pool installed in the coming months. We think Buckley just might enjoy that swimming pool when it’s built, but we know for sure he’s already enjoying his fantastic family (human & canine). They sent us an update and said Buckley (he’s keeping his name) is doing great, settling in more each day, getting along great with Logan, and they absolutely love him. Congrats, Buckley.


Daisy Darlin is the center of attention in her new home. She’s very happy to be able to curl up in her soft bed surrounded by her own toys. She’s so happy she actually heartily ate her very first meal in her home without a problem (we had to coax her to eat her meals at the shelter). Her parents plan lots of meet & greets with other dogs in their dog friendly neighborhood. They think Daisy is a great name for her and will keep it. We love to see you so happy, Daisy.


Mills’ parents came to HH to meet a variety of dogs, and Mills was the last to be interviewed.  Once his new dad met him, he knew he was the one who could get along with the chihuahua and two cats currently in residence, as well as with the variety of dogs and cats in the immediate family.  Mills, whose new name is Rex, thought his beautiful new house in Winter Park was a wonderful playground.  He had his own cushy couch type bed, toys, cats who weren’t afraid of him, and a miniature dog who was just the coolest thing Mills had ever seen.  She taught him how to go upstairs to the theatre room, where treats are disbursed during movie watching, and then how to get back downstairs again.  Rex will accompany mom and dad to Park Ave. which has lots of dog friendly restaurants and shops, and since dad is now retired he will be his constant companion.  We couldn’t have asked for a better home for this super sweet boy, and we look forward to hearing about how he is doing with his new wonderful family.  Way to go, Mills!



Jeb’s foster mom put an adorable picture of him on Facebook, a prior adopter shared the photo on her page, Jeb’s new mom saw it there and Poof! Jeb found his forever home!!  Just goes to show how much networking helps our wonderful dogs!  Jeb now lives in an adorable dog friendly community, and he made several new friends on his short walk down the street during his home visit.  Jeb’s new dad works from home, so he and his new K9 brother will have adult supervision.  His new mom is also working in the neighborhood right now, so she will also be available to pop home if needed.  Jeb loved playing fetch in his fenced yard, and mom and dad may be putting in a pool so we are sure he will enjoy that as well!  Jeb also liked his new feline sister who is an amazing 22 years old, and he fit into the family as if he belonged there.  And we think he does!  Congratulations, Jeb.



Giselle knew something good was waiting for her and bravely went up two flights of stairs like a pro to her new apartment at the home visit. Her dads have sent an update and say they’re amazed at how smart she is. After less than a week, she already knows her new name (Sadie) and knows how to sit and stay. They said she loves belly rubs and army crawling on the couch and floor! They’ve been taking her on long walks in the evening to help her adjust to her new environment. They said she’s the best part of their family and they absolutely love her.


Martin went to a home as a foster dog, won his dad over very quickly, and his foster home and dad have now become his forever home and dad. We all saw what a special dog Marty was at Houndhaven. We’re so glad his dad saw that, too. Martin survived being shot more than once. Marty is loving and loyal. His extended family includes on of our volunteers, her family (there are human children and HH alum canine children) so he will be surrounded by lots of activity and love—something that Marty deserves.


Becka’s family was one of our early adopters, adopting from us in 2001. They lost their beloved Houndhaven dog Missy just a few years ago. They were going to wait a bit yet to adopt, but after going to one of our adoption events and meeting Becka, they decided not to wait. When she first got to her home, she needed a little courage and sweetly got up in her new dad’s lap and hugged him by wrapping her front paws around his arm. Everyone in the family made her feel welcome and It wasn’t too long before she was checking out all the rooms in the house and feeling good about things. The neighbor’s two dogs, who don’t have their own fenced yard, come over to the house to play in the backyard so Becka will have canine friends to play with. She’s keeping her name, and her new collar already had a name tag on it with “Becka” engraved on it. We feel this kind, dog-loving family is the perfect family for Becka.


Luna is a happy girl. She has her own fenced backyard and she loves to chase lizards in it. She did great at her home visit. She settled in quickly and enjoyed getting attention from her new family. Her family (mom, dad & big brother) had a flat coated retriever in the past so they know the breed and love Luna. Our congratulations to Luna.


Jamocha and her sweet doggy brother Remington look so much alike that it’s easy to get them confused at first glance. The two liked each other right away and by the time they progressed from meeting outside to going inside their house, they were having a great time wrestling with each other and finally wore themselves out–for the time being. Mom and dad’s schedules are flexible and dad works from home two days a week, so someone is able to be home most of the time which is great for the two dogs. It was clear to see how loved Remi is and Jamocha was already included in that from the minute she got to her new home. Her parents are dropping the “Ja” from her name and shortening it to Mocha. As we left, mom was preparing to go shopping for gifts to welcome Mocha, including a new pink collar.


Eliana’s new parents met her outside with her big brother Zeus, an Anatolian Shepherd mix, and we went to the complex’s dog park for the intro.  Not only did she meet Zeus, but also his BFF within the complex and her new “uncle”, a mixed breed dog named Sage who lives just a few minutes away.  Once inside, Eliana and Zeus started playing, and the couch will never be the same!  Eliana also carried all the shoes she could find in to us, so mom and dad were working on puppy proofing when we left.  Dad works from home, so someone will be home most of the time and lots of walks are planned.  Eliana also has a BarkBox to look forward to every month, and mom brought her to Petsmart to get a pretty new pink collar and leash.  Once she and Zeus know each other better there are lots of toys for them to share, and we look forward to seeing lots of pictures of this sweet pair.  All blessings to you and your new family, sweet Eliana!



Sedona discovered at her home visit that she’ll be allowed on couches and beds (which she tried out and approved) and that she’ll pretty much be the center of attention. She wasn’t brave enough to try the stairs, but luckily everything important is downstairs. Her parents hated that she had to go back to the shelter for the weekend because they had a trip planned that couldn’t be canceled. But they picked her up bright and early Monday morning and everyone was excited. We have an update from her parents: She had a great first day—three long walks, played with her toys and learned her backyard. They said she has a sweet little snore when she snoozes and she slept the night on their bed. Her new name is Kona, and mom & dad told us they are so in love with her.


Having lost their previous Houndhaven dog (Sam I Am), Chevy’s dads came to the shelter, saw what a sweetheart Chevy is, and decided they wanted to adopt him. When he got to his new home, he was welcomed by visiting friends and family, and Chevy had a great time being social and greeting everyone. He now has a swimming pool and a fenced yard to chase tennis balls. Chevy really enjoyed the freedom of being able to run around in his yard after having to be confined for so many weeks while going through heartworm treatment at the shelter. Since he responds so well to the name Chevy, that’s what it will stay. We left a very content and happy Chevy with his new dads.


Oakley’s new parents didn’t mind his puppy silliness or the fact that he was stealing his 9 year old canine sister Cotton’s toys at his home visit. And when a glass frame headed toward the floor, Oakley’s mom & dad were quick to puppy proof. But they were ok with that and any future destruction. They’re buying a cabin in the mountains, so Oakley will be going for long hikes soon. Have fun, Oakley!


Landon has been adopted.  At the home visit, his parents found out they were going to have to do some puppy proofing for this long-legged guy, but they were thrilled he joined their family and Landon seemed to be just as happy with his new family and home.  They’ve sent us an update and he’s doing great and adapting well.  He’s learning to go to his elevated cot when they say “place” and wait to get the ok to leave the cot.  He gets three long walks a day and is quickly picking up on walking at his parents’ pace and not pulling.  They love spoiling him with belly rubs and kisses.  They said Landon is the perfect pup for them.


Doogie is at his home in The Villages being spoiled and doted on by his new parents. When they came to meet Doogie at the shelter and dad walked him, you could immediately see the bond they had. Doogie would stop whenever dad stopped and look up adoringly at him. And when it was time for Doogie to go back into his kennel at the shelter, he kept looking back at his dad. They have taken such good care of he dogs they adopted from us in the past, so we know Doogie will never have to worry about anything again.


Goldie wasn’t with us long before our friends at Great Dawg Rescue found her a forever home with one of their foster families.  Goldie sleeps in bed with the daughter, goes to Starbucks and takes walks where she barks at others as if to say “this is my pack”!  It was immediate mutual love, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  Live long and prosper, sweet Goldie!!  xoxo


They were without a dog in their home for about a year, and Christy’s family felt they were now ready to change that. Even though she’s only been in her home a few days, Christy is doing a great job filling that void. On her first day she wore herself out by taking her 30+ toys out of her toy baskets and depositing them throughout the house. After she was satisfied the toys were finally in their proper places, she was ready for a nap. Besides going for regular walks, Christy can look forward to going boating on the lake and swimming in the pool with mom & dad. Her parents said she’s settling in nicely and making herself right at home.  They said they feel blessed to have such a beautiful companion. She is now named Izzy.


Merry has been adopted by one of our volunteers who cared for her and fell in love with her. When she got to her new home, she was so happy to see her mom again that she showered her with kisses. Merry loved the comfort and security of the crate that was set up for her. She went in on her own several times to lie down and play with her toys. Her new neighborhood is dog friendly with walking paths. When mom goes to work, Merry will go to day care (she’s already enrolled). Her new name is Nora. Congratulations, sweet Nora.


Tigger found his perfect family. They’re active and are going to include him in their activities—like running with mom and attending outdoor events (the children play sports). Tigger loved his new backyard at the home visit and showed interest in the pool so they’re pretty sure he’ll dive right in as soon as it warms up and when he sees his two human siblings swimming, too. His doggie sister McKenna will need time to adjust to sharing toys with Tigger. Dad brought out a big stuffed Tigger to show us, so it was a given that they will not be changing his name.


HH alum Wendy (now Sadie) and her family came back to HH when they wanted to adopt another dog, and Ebony was the lucky one they fell in love with. At the home visit, Ebony & Sadie wrestled outside and inside, and Sadie even tolerated Ebony jumping on her from a chair. Ebony has three human siblings and a mom and dad. Her 13 yr. old sister Natalie has actually been saving her money and paid Ebony’s entire adoption fee on her own. Her dream is to have Ebony sleep on her bed at night. As we left, Ebony was already stretched out on Natalie’s bed playing with a stuffed toy, so we’re pretty sure Natalie is going to get her wish. Ebony has been renamed Phoebe.


Hunk Percy was with us a total of five days before his forever mama met him and fell in love.  She is a long time volunteer who had adopted 3 HH dogs previously, so the adoption process took less than a week.  Mama is still grieving the loss of HH alum Finn, so Percy was just what the doctor ordered to cheer her up a bit.  He is the opposite of Finn in that he doesn’t seem to know what a tennis ball is, but he enjoys his walks and lounges around the house like he’s always been there.  We are thrilled for him because we know he has only good things in his future, and we are thrilled that we will still get to see this sweet boy occasionally!



Doc and Zeke were waiting patiently at Houndhaven when their new parents came calling because they had recently lost one of their HH alums, black lab mix Chaucer/Apollo.  Their other HH dog, yellow lab Brutus, was very sad without his playmate of nine years, and mom and dad were sad too.  They thought a younger pair might be good so they could play with each other while 11 year old Brutus supervised.  Brutus wholeheartedly agreed, and mom and dad were gratified to find a spring in his step again!  At the home visit, Zeke brought toy after toy out of the considerable toy basket.  As Doc would inspect each one, Zeke felt the need to remove each one from his mouth.  Doc was a sport and allowed it all, and Brutus stood by wagging furiously.  Occasionally when the younger boys were involved in a game of tug, Brutus would join in by humping Zeke, a fact that Zeke failed to notice.  Doc also enjoyed snuggle time on the couch with his human brother, and we swear he had a huge grin on his face!  So, we are hopeful that Doc has found the forever home for which he has waited so patiently, and that Zeke has a long life of toy hogging ahead of him!



Sable Sue pretty much chose her own family. It was a natural, easy fit at the home visit. She was so happy to have a huge backyard that it actually looked like she was smiling while she ran and ran around the yard. When she was done, she went right up to the door and waited for her mom to come open it for her. Her parents had toys and a bed waiting inside and Sable decided she was staying. Her family’s schedule gives them the chance to spend a lot of time with her and they are looking forward to doing that. Happy new year, Sable.


Marshall is continuing his post-surgery rehabilitation in the comfort of his own home and his backyard has the perfect slope for him to do his weight-bearing exercises. He immediately let everyone know how much he loves laying nestled in the cushions of the sofa, but for now his parents will have to lift him up onto the sofa. Dad is a Star Wars fan, so it was cute to see that Marshall’s first toy in his home was a Star Wars themed toy which he really liked. After his first full day at home, his parents said it’s fun having Marshall with them and that he’s been amazing and is a very good listener. Well done, Marshall!


Gideon is a very lucky pup. He was adopted in time to spend Christmas with his new family. Everyone was so excited for Gideon to become a member of their family and his human sister counted down the days until the home visit. Gideon will have lots of companionship as mom works from home. He’ll get regular walks and play time in the evenings with everyone. There are a lot of green spaces in their neighborhood for Gideon and his family to explore together. He will be keeping his name. We wish Gideon and his family much happiness.


Gunther was very entertaining on his home visit. He carried his bed around the house until he found what he felt was a better spot for it, placed it down and stretched out on it. He LOVED swimming and jumped into the pool quite a few times. Some of the Christmas decorations had to be moved to higher ground for safety (including the Elf on the Shelf). His two human sisters (6 and 8) who love animals brought out the soccer ball and took Gunther into the yard to play (lots of room to run, high fence) which he was thrilled about. They made a welcome sign and on it was the nickname they chose for him – Gunny. His dad said Gunther did great on his first full day in his home and with meeting neighbors and relatives that came by. Gunther had a long wait at Houndhaven, but he’s found just the right family, best home and environment now and will be getting so much love—all of which this clever guy deserves.


Bennett’s new parent have had Brittany Spaniels in the past and know the breed. They met Bennett at an adoption event and said it was love at first sight. Even though Bennett chewed a hole in the corner of his brand new bed, they weren’t upset and understood it takes time for a new dog to relax and settle in. Bennett has a Golden/Corgi brother (a pint size Golden!). Both boys will be walking for exercise in the neighborhood and taking camping trips together in the family RV. Bennett has thankfully gone from being discarded by his original owner to the security of a loving, caring family and comfort of a stable home.


Hopper’s new parents waited for some time to adopt a dog because they wanted to make sure they were both ready and could provide the proper environment. From the moment Hopper arrived at their house, it was clear that they were ready by the patience and kindness they showed to Hopper. Mom is a runner and dad enjoys taking long walks and Hopper will benefit from that. During the home visit they took him on several short walks and as we left they were starting out on a long walk. They emailed to let us now Hopper is adjusting amazingly. They said he’s a great dog and that they’re blessed to have him. He’s blessed to have them, too. Good job, Hopper!


Her puppies all found homes and this time it was Miss Molly’s turn. Her family adopted Georgie from us last year and after losing him not that long ago, they weren’t sure they were ready for a new dog. But once they met Molly at the shelter, she changed their minds! When she got to their home, there really wasn’t any doubt that she was staying. We left Molly taking a walk to check out her new neighbors before heading to PetSmart to buy a fancy new collar and leash. No more living under a decrepit barn–Molly has a beautiful new home.


The upcoming holidays just got merrier and brighter for Shaker. He’s been adopted and has parents and a human sister. There are also three feline siblings and a canine sister in the family. At the home visit, he and Dachshund Nikki got along great. He did help himself to Nikki’s food which had been put up out of the way in the kitchen (but not far enough out of the way for a smart guy like Shaker—besides, he hadn’t had his dinner yet)! The cats and Shaker will need some time to get comfortable with each other. Shaker’s human sister is crazy about Shaker (as are his parents), and she’s chosen Jamie as his new name. They got it right when they said Jamie is a very sweet dog that needs to be loved. Congratulations, Jamie!


Tramp spent a very happy Thanksgiving in his own home with his own family. His moms (both are veterinarians) came to our annual Homecoming event last week and met Tramp. They brought their 10 month old Great Dane Annie with them and Tramp was an instant hit with Annie who really needed a playmate! The chemistry between the two dogs continued at the home visit, and when he met the other member of the family, 11 year old Labrador Retriever Logan, they got along like they’ve been buds for years. Annie and Logan each have a bed monogrammed with their name on it. Tramp’s bed has been ordered and is on its way with his new name on it–Patrick.


Our Fozzie Bear has started his new life with his parents, Jack Russell Pepito and 13 year old feline Stubby. So far Stubby hasn’t been very interested in Fozzie, but Fozzie and Pepito should soon be best buds. They’ll have trips to the beach together. Fozzie’s parents own two homes side by side so he actually has two fenced-in backyards to play in and go lizard hunting. According to mom, he’s already met the neighborhood dogs and puppy parties are being planned. Way to go, Fozzie.


Sally Sue has been adopted. Her family was looking for a dog that could be a playmate for their younger dog Cloe and a great companion that their 12 year old son could call his own. Along came sweet Sally, the perfect choice for them. Besides loving her family, Sally is also enjoying playing with Cloe in her backyard (but the pool not so much). Lab Cady, who is a more mature girl, is going to do her best to keep up with them. Even though Cloe and Cady both have names beginning with a “c”, big brother Nicholas thinks Sally’s name is just fine and decided he’s going to break with tradition and her name will stay. Sally will be able to go to work with dad. Sally is a very happy girl with her new family.


Kennedy saw both of his littermates get adopted and leave HH months ago while he remained behind. But finally this adorable, funny pup has hit the jackpot and has a wonderful family of his own. Kennedy (now Tux) is surrounded by lots of love from his five human siblings (ages 4-14), parents, and 9 month old canine sister. Tux gravitated toward the kids at the home visit, wanting to be part of their activities. He’ll have a house filled with music, too, as all the family members play musical instruments. He will go for morning jogs, evening walks and along with his fur sister he’ll be dropping off the kids at school and picking them up again. His human sister April wants to be a vet so she’ll be providing Tux with lots of extra tlc and working with him on training. Congrats, Tux, it was worth the wait!


Coco has gone to live with a family which includes several cats.  We weren’t sure what she would think about this, but it looks like she and the six month old kitten are going to be best of friends.  Since her family of mom, dad and human brother are a one dog only family so that they can spoil their dog like crazy, Coco will enjoy a pal.  Dad works next door, so she will get a lunch break to go out and enjoy her fenced yard.  She will also go to a nearby pet resort every two weeks for daycare and grooming!  She even has a pool if she is so inclined.  Coco made herself right at home on the big pet bed they had purchased for her and was enjoying the new toys that her family had waiting for her arrival.  Her family has promised to bring her to homecoming next month, so we will enjoy seeing this precious girl then!


Davis thought it was pretty great that his new dad played fetch with him and that he had a few toys outside in the yard to play with.  But it got even better when he went inside and the dining room table was covered in an array of brand new toys, treats, and doggie supplies purchased just for him by his mom.  He even got a delivery while we were there of another toy his mom wanted him to have.  Davis has been named Guinness.  He did great with the Macaw and Parrot who are part of the family, too.  His family and Dutch’s (HH alum Branson) family are friends and playdates are already being planned. His mom told us sweet Guinness is doing wonderful, sleeping through the night with no whining or barking.


Chessie has been adopted by Father Martin and lives with him and two other priests who are excited to make Chessie a part of their lives.  She will be going with him to the parish school and church every day.  The parishioners were excited, too and supportive of the addition of Chessie to their parish family.  Chessie (now Bailey) will also get to go to the dog park and do some traveling with Father Martin.  Her tail started wagging when she saw the pool at the home visit and he says she has turned out to be an excellent swimmer.  Bailey is going to have an interesting, fun life.


Chuck’s new family met and loved him at Petsmart but were unsure whether they wanted to adopt another because HH alum Max was fitting into their family so perfectly.  Ultimately, however, they decided it was worth a try to see how Max and Chuck would get along.  We weren’t nervous about that at all because those are two of the sweetest dogs on four paws!  As expected, Max was fine with Chuck coming into his home and, apart from making the bad decision to hump Max, Chuck was a perfect gentleman.  Chuck now has a pool should he decide to indulge.  If not, he can lounge beside it as he liked to do at his foster home.  And he will have a great view for snickering at golfers, as a sandtrap is just outside the pool cage!  Dad said he walked very manageably on the leash and is hopeful that he will be able to walk the boys together.  We hope that Mom and Dad will bring them both to visit us at our adoption events, as they have done with Max so that we can see them both thrive.  Kudos, Chuck, you hit the jackpot!


Norman was the most precious little thing you could imagine, but we wondered how long it would take him to find him a home because of some birth defects that made him walk oddly.  We were prepared to do whatever was necessary to get him physically ready to find a home, but miraculously that wasn’t necessary.  One of our former adopters had lost her yellow lab (HH alum Katie) and contacted us about Norman.  She had done two knee surgeries, cancer treatment and leg amputation on Katie, so we knew she would do whatever was necessary for her dog.  She and her mom and adopted son (also special needs) all came to meet Norman, and it was love all around!  He is now known as Dublin and has a beautiful home with fenced in yard where he can play with his new boy.  “Grandma” lives with them so she is home all the time and can make Dublin do all of his exercises to strengthen his legs.  We love seeing the photos of how fast and happily he is growing, and we are all truly blessed that Dublin found such a perfect forever home!


Penny was fussy about what dogs she liked, so we never dreamed she would end up in a home with two chihuahuas, but that is exactly what she did!  She loved all of the humans in her new family when she met them at Petsmart, so we decided it was worth a try.  At first she wasn’t too sure about these tiny creatures, but as time went on and she got used to them they all started getting along just fine!  Mom, Dad and her three human siblings were happy to have a big dog in the family and felt sure they could work out any issues.  Thus far, they have been right, and we couldn’t be happier!  Penny, whose new name is Tally (Tallahassee fans), was happy to be back in a family and a home again.  We wish her the best and hope that the second half of her life is full of all the happiness, love and spoiling that life can bring!


Winston’s family waited so patiently for him to recover at the shelter from kennel cough and bronchitis and to get an irregular heart rate under control. But, finally, he’s now with them in his new home where he can sit back and watch deer and turkeys from the comfort of his screened-in back porch. At the home visit he wasn’t bothered at all by the cat. And he quickly learned that the cat’s food wasn’t for him, so they’ll get along just fine now that that’s settled. Winston is keeping his name. Enjoy your new life, Winston.


Drew has a great home, a loving mom and a sweet Goldendoodle brother named Cooper. Mom is a runner and will take Drew with her to burn off some of his puppy energy. Drew’s new grandmother will come during the work week to give the two boys a mid-day break. (She is already a part of the HH family. Tess, formerly Bianca, is her HH dog.) Mom said Drew is settling in nicely and he melts her heart! Lots of happiness to all.


Brandon will be getting plenty of outdoor time as his parents will take him camping, boating and hiking and he has five fenced acres to explore at home. Of course, he will love all that, but he’s also going to be happy relaxing indoors. At the home visit he quickly checked out the inside of the house, settled in on the couch and was fascinated by the tv. We’re pretty sure wherever mom and dad are Brandon will be happy to be there, too. Congratulations, Brandon.


Lacey Lu rode out Hurricane Irma with her brand new family. They have been a part of the Houndhaven family for a long time and currently have Merlin (his name was Kip when he was at HH). They’ve adopted three other HH dogs in the past as well. After meeting our dogs, they felt that Lacey Lu would be a great match and companion for Merlin. The two dogs will be going on walks together and sharing toys, their pool and fenced backyard. Lacey’s new name is Morgan. Have a wonderful life, sweet girl.


Champion did great on his home visit. He had an easy meeting with HH alum Dolly (now his big sister) and was a brave guy as he encountered unfamiliar sights and sounds (like traffic on the street, kids across the way having an outdoor birthday party). Inside he wanted to be with his new family, so when they went upstairs he tackled the stairs, too. Every time mom called him over to try out his new bed, Dolly curled up on it instead (she’s since taken it over), but Champ was just as happy to lay down next to the bed and be surrounded by mom, dad, two human siblings and a family friend. The two guinea pigs and bearded dragon were there, too! Congratulations on finding your family and home, sweet Champ!


This little pint sized labrador look alike was scooped up by one of our former adopters.  She had recently lost HH alum Newman to old age and was looking for a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Shorty (now Little Man) was happy to provide that motivation and looks forward to walks around his new community with mom, trips to the store for a new collar and nametag and visits from the neighbors who couldn’t wait to meet him.  Most of all though, he looks forward to more bellyrubs from mama and naps in the EXTREMELY comfortable bed he found waiting for him.  Once he discovered it during his home visit, he felt no need to explore further and didn’t even get up to tell us goodbye!  That is a boy who made himself right at home!!!  Congratulations, Little Man!



Central Florida Canine Academy was looking for a smart and sweet dog to train as a working dog, and our Pammy convinced them that she was just the girl for the job!  She will most likely be trained to be an alert dog and be placed with someone who has a medical condition so that she can alert them to a seizure, diabetic episode, etc. before it occurs.  She follows in big pawprints because our alum Brewer was trained as a diabetes alert dog and has received all kinds of media attention for the great job he is doing alerting his master to episodes before they begin.  Pammy’s treat motivation and love for the ball and toys made her an ideal candidate because she will be easy to train.  We look forward to hearing about the great work she will be doing!



Harry & David are no longer residents of Houndhaven.–They’ve been adopted and get to stay together. They first met their new family at a recent adoption event and everyone fell in love. Harry & David have a mom and dad, six human siblings (from 6 to 16 years old) and two cat brothers, so they will never be lonely! Harry & David will get to go to the various sporting events and practices the kids have for soccer. Lots of outdoor family pool time is in store for them, too, as well as walks with mom. The wait was so worth it for these two special guys and they have found their special family.


Houndhaven alum Scout has a new sister—Sasha. Sasha is now living the good life at home with Scout in Cocoa Beach and getting spoiled by their parents. Sasha has a pool and gorgeous view of the water from her house and lots of companionship from her new family. She took very little time to get comfy at her new home.–Once she spotted all the toys, she settled in surrounded by them and was a very happy girl. Have fun beach babe Sasha!


It’s been six years since their last dog passed away and they decided now was the right time to welcome a new member to the family—and they decided Truman is the right dog. His parents both love the outdoors and are runners. They plan on taking Truman on lots of long walks and eventually runs as both train for half and full marathons. They also enjoy the pool and hope that Truman will enjoy playing fetch in the pool. Dad works from home four days a week, so Truman will be happy to have lots of companionship.


Hercules will be getting all the love and attention he could ever want from his new parents. On a typical day he’ll only be alone two hours. Mom & dad were drawn to him at a recent adoption event and even though they hadn’t planned on adopting this soon, they just felt Herc was meant to be theirs. Their previous dog was a little Maltese mix, so it will be quite a change to have a large Labrador in their home. Mom and dad are athletic (dad is currently training for an Ironman Triathlon), so Herc will get plenty of exercise daily right along with them. As soon as they return from a previously planned trip, they will pick Herc up from Houndhaven and take him home.


Chocolate lab mix puppy Kiely is going to be the sixth member of her family. She has three human siblings (ages 11, 9, and 7) and a mom and dad. They waited until the children were older and more responsible to adopt their first dog. Mom and dad have had lab mixes in the past and they’ve always had wonderful personalities. They plan to take Kiely to participate in as many activities as they can, like going to watch the kids play soccer. Kiely’s name going forward is Rebel. It was the name the whole family agreed they liked the best. Rebel will be joining her family very soon.


Fawn searched for almost five months for a family—a long time to be at a shelter. She has three cat siblings and a family that is committed to helping her adjust to them. They have done it successfully before so they are confident they can do it again and know it takes time and patience. Fawn is getting long daily walks, play sessions and lots of love. They hope to continue her training classes, too. Fawn’s name is now Kona.


Ritter’s parents did quite a bit of preparation before they adopted him. They researched the best way to introduce him to his kitty brother Nelson. They also researched retrievers and their personalities and found one called a Duck Tolling Retriever. Some of the photos actually look like Ritter could have posed for them, so there’s a good chance that’s what he’s mixed with. His parents will take him walking, running and swimming if likes, and give him lots of cuddling. They will take him to the pet friendly places in their Winter Park neighborhood. Ritter was a bit shy at first–a hippo statue on the floor was pretty scary–but dad helped him to be brave. Ritter is going to have a good life with his new parents.


Four month old Dawn is at home with her mom & doggy sister Molly. Dawn will keep both of them very busy! At the home visit she ran as fast as her legs could carry her both inside and outside and tried to get Molly to play with her by rolling on her back and barking at her. She also took a surprise swim in the pool–with no one being more surprised than Dawn. She met her new pet sitter who will be coming to take care of Dawn when mom is at work. Dawn’s new name is Zoe. Mom and Molly won’t get bored with Zoe as a part of their family.


Kelsey is the first to be adopted of our three youngest pups at the shelter. One of our volunteers could not resist them and has adopted sweet Kelsey who will go to her new home in a few weeks when there is no longer a chance she is contagious (possible ringworm). Her family can’t wait for that day so she can explore her home and backyard and meet her new kitty brother Leo. Kelsey is keeping her name. She has a crate and bed waiting for her. Her human big sister bought the bed for Kelsey even though she knows it may not survive for long once Kelsey arrives!

Katy (originally Cher), has a new fur brother Zane who has been lonely since he lost his brother a few months ago, so he was so happy to have Katy come to stay and to start playing with her. Katy (now Zoey) enjoyed her big fenced yard, drank from the pool and met Zane’s girlfriend–a neighbor’s Chihuahua–on her first day at home. While she’s been keeping an eye on the ceiling fan and isn’t too sure about the tv, mom said Zoey is going to do just fine in her new home. Zoey and Zane even nap side by side already.


Betsy P is now known as Tess. This shy, sweet girl has found the perfect mom who said she will hug Tess whenever she needs it and as long as she needs it to feel reassured and secure. Mom told us each day Tess has shown a little more improvement in her confidence. She doesn’t mind being around the cats and the cats have adjusted to Tess being there, too. Each morning she greets her dad and waits for her morning ear rub from him. Despite the unfamiliar sights and noises, she walked to the end of the block, and was asleep at mom’s feet as mom sent us the update on her. Way to go, Tess!


Timmy’s parents welcomed him with lots of love and hugs and there was no question that he was already family when he walked through the front door. They were gentle and patient when Timmy was hesitant to walk down the hall and he soon felt brave enough to follow them. Dad had Timmy set up with all the supplies a doggy needs and he has a brand new fence being installed next week for the backyard. Timmy (he’s keeping his name) really enjoyed the soft football dad had picked out for him. Mom is an elementary school teacher, so she’s home for the rest of the summer. Timmy will love all that extra time with her!


Mitzi won the heart of one of our volunteers while she was recuperating from being hit by a car, and we think it’s the perfect home for her.  Mitzi now has HH alum Marley to play with, as well as a 20 pound k9 sister.  When their new mom was walking them all together at the home visit it looked like stairsteps–big Marley, medium Mitzi and little Reesa!  Mitzi’s new trainer Brian Gisi was at the home visit, and it didn’t take long for her to learn to walk with a gentle leader as part of the pack.  They are all dying to play together, but they have to learn to interact with each other without it escalating into pandamonium.  They made great progress at the visit, and we suspect that Mom will have them all in shape in no time at all.  Mitzi’s new name is likely going to be Piper, and she will enjoy daily walks, playing in the fenced yard and occasionally going swimming and on other outings.  All in all, life is finally smiling on this little girl!  She may have a rod and a plate in her leg and a major hip repair, but her new Mom thinks she’s perfect.  And so do we.  Way to go, Mitzi/Piper!!!



Sweet Della hit the jackpot and found a home as wonderful as she is.  She now lives in a beautiful home in Windermere with Mom, Dad, a human sister and a 15 month old golden retriever named Lego.  Dad’s business is based in the home, and there are lots of relatives nearby who can stop in to give potty breaks, so Della should have potty training mastered in no time.  She has doggie doors to a beautiful swimming pool and fenced yard, so she will be learning how to get in and out of the pool.  Her family is into alliteration with sister Lily, k9 brother Lego and now Della will be known as Lacy.  She has an adorable pink bed, blanket and toys, but we suspect she will follow in Lego’s pawprints and be up on the human bed soon.  She already took over the leather chair and ottoman so that she could play tug with Lego more successfully!  We aren’t sure who was more excited–Mom, Dad, Lily, Lego or Lacy–probably a five way tie.  Which is exactly like we like it.  Happy tails, Della/Lacy–you deserve it!



Prudence will be going to the groomer regularly along with Zach, her four year old shih tzu/maltese brother. No more neglect where her hair was allowed to get so matted it restricted her movement. She is safe and cozy in the arms of her new parents. Pru is now Zoey. And Zoey and Zach are adorable together. We received an email from Zoey over the weekend thanking everyone at Houndhaven and letting us know her parents really love her. You’re very welcome, Zoey and congratulations.


It’s time for Siri to get some well deserved pampering. At her new home she already has three beds, a variety of color-coordinated collars and leashes, and quite a few toys. Out of all them, her very favorite thing at the home visit was her tennis ball. She didn’t go anywhere without it and as long as mom would throw it, Siri was willing to fetch it. The rest of her first day included a walk, more ball play—and Siri helping herself to a loaf of lemon bread on the kitchen counter. Luckily, mom heard the wrapper rustling and got there before Siri ate too much of the bread. What a clever girl!


Roxi has been spayed and is recovering at the shelter, but she’ll be headed off shortly to her new home. She’s been there to visit recently where she met her canine brother, Hancock. Hancock is a HH alum and he was very tolerant of Roxi’s puppy play and even let her try to play tug of war with his toys. She didn’t show any interest in Sushi the cat, but that was just fine with Sushi. She also didn’t show any interest in the pool. Roxi will be going home to a human family of four and she can’t wait. (They like her name and will keep it the same.)


Chance found a loving home here in Clermont with a couple who have had several labs in the past.  His new dad is retired and takes a long walk each morning and evening, so Chance thought that was great.  His new mom only works 4 days a week, so he will have lots of attention from both mom and dad.  He lives in a very rural area near an airport where they fly glider planes, so he liked watching out all the windows.  He also liked the overstuffed chair and ottoman in the bedroom where he can sleep if he likes.  He entertained us by rolling upside down on it and staying in that contorted position as if it was the most comfortable he’d been in months!  He then caught sight of himself in a mirror and had to get up for closer inspection of that incredibly handsome dog.  He loved running down the hallway after the ball, and it was apparent that there was lots to keep him entertained in his new home.  We expect him to be very happy, and we look forward to seeing him at homecoming in November!


Ivan’s family had adopted from Houndhaven before and wanted a companion for HH alum Gracie (nka Dakota).  Dakota has some separation anxiety and thunderstorm issues and needed a pal who was cool, calm and collected.  When Ivan almost slept through a thunderstorm while they were meeting him at HH, they decided he was just the guy to keep Dakota calm!  Ivan was very happy to be in a home, and he and Dakota seemed to get along fine so our sweet Ivan got to stay at the end of his home visit!  Thanks to his great new family for making room for this sweet boy.  We will miss you, Ivan!


Daisy’s new mother was the one who initially met Daisy and fell in love. But the rest of the family quickly agreed, and Daisy got herself a home. They are an active family, and Daisy will be surrounded by music in the home as several family members play various instruments. She’s going to be kept busy with her three human siblings (a sister 14, and brothers 12 and 9) and a 3 yr. old black lab fur brother that was absolutely thrilled to have a playmate. He doesn’t swim, just stands in a few inches of water, but the pool is there if Daisy wants to swim. Daisy’s mom and sister were looking forward to going shopping and buying Daisy lots of pink accessories!


Contessa took her new family on a couple enthusiastic walks at the home visit, so it’s not a surprise that mom tells us Contessa loves her new neighborhood and going on mile walks around the perimeter of it. Besides mom and dad, she has her own adorable human brother who is very good with Contessa. He told us he likes her name and they will probably call her Tessa for short. Her family members are Gators fans and so is she now—you can tell by her Gators collar and Gators water bowl. Mom said Tessa is very happy.


Jeannie has found her perfect home. She and her mom will be best friends and able to spend a lot of time together as mom is retired. Jeannie was very happy to be in her home and she picked out a favorite rug to stretch out on and chew on her new toys. There were a few pesky limbs that got torn off of some of them 😊, so one of her first excursions was going to be a trip to the pet store to buy a few indestructible toys. Jeannie already met her aunt, and more family is going to be visiting soon to enjoy the pool, so Jeannie will have lots of summer fun coming up.


As soon as he saw his pool at his new home, Ace jumped into it and didn’t want to get out. Mom is planning excursions to the dog park and doggie day care for playtime for him. She said he’s very loving and listens well. Since he loves the pool so much, she is going to work with him so he learns how to use the steps to be able to get out easily and safely. Congratulations, Barkley (Ace’s new name)!


Midas found a couch and a toy at his new home and he was set—he felt right at home. His two dads were looking for a high energy dog to go on long walks and run with, and Midas is just perfect for them. They also will take him to try out some dog beaches. And when they travel, they plan to take him as many places as they can so they have a true family vacation.  Have a happy life, Midas!


Lenore’s immediate family now consists of 1 long-haired dachshund, 3 cats, 7 horses, and her extended family includes 3 more small dogs and 1 cat. And they were all at the home visit! Lenore was great with every single one she met. She has a big fenced yard to run around in and from which she can safely watch the horses. She has a mom and dad to spoil her now, too. Lenore’s new name is Sadie.


Alyssa has been adopted by Brannigan and his family. When she arrived at her home, she was greeted by her own “Welcome Home” sign—now she and Brannigan have matching signs. Brannigan was thrilled to have a canine sister and the two dogs wore themselves out wrestling and playing tug of war. The rest of the family loves Alyssa, too (well, the cats haven’t decided yet). Have fun with your new family, Lissie Lu!


Lacy & Blue Man have been adopted by the same family.  They join five other adorable labs (including Houndhaven alums Georgia—known as Lady when she was at the shelter—and Carolina).  With the guidance of a trainer hired by their new parents, the initial introduction of Blue and Lacy into the family went smoothly and mom told us things are continuing that way.  Shy Lacy is eating well, gaining confidence and gradually getting used to having six canine brothers and sisters.  Mom & dad are letting her adjust at her own pace.  Blue is getting along great with all the other dogs and has already been swimming with everyone.  We can’t wait to see the whole family at Houndhaven’s homecoming this year!  Congratulations to Lacy Louise and Big Blue.


On May 5 Frisco will be going to live with a retired couple who have adopted from HH before.  Their beloved Lucky (Nellie at HH) recently passed, and they thought that Frisco was just the guy to fill the void left in their lives.  They have renamed him Snoopy and already have a vet appointment scheduled for him!  We think that Snoopy will be pampered like Lucky was (they used to take her for car rides just because she liked them), and we can’t wait to see how happy he is when we see him at homecoming this year!


Our little Lawson, who isn’t so little anymore, finally found a forever home!  He has a new mom and dad, a teenage sister and brother, and a hound dog sister named Georgia.  Everyone loved Lawson except for jealous Georgia, but we were assured that she would get over it and be playing with him soon.  Because Lawson would just ignore her when she barked at him or took a toy from him, she is going to have to really work to find something wrong with him!  Lawson loved playing ball in the fenced yard with his new human brother, and he loved sitting on top of his new human sister on the couch.  Dad is retired, so Lawson will have plenty of companionship, as well as a defender until Georgia accepts him!  We wish Lawson a future full of love and squeaky toys.  xoxo


Molly had several scars from her former life, but that didn’t deter her new parents.  They thought she was beautiful and just the girl to fill the void left by HH alum Max who passed recently.  They live in a three house “compound” with other family members, so Molly is always going to be surrounded with loving family members.  Dad is a physician whose office is just around the corner, so she and Dad walk to work together every weekday.  The office receptionist is like a third parent, and Molly is expected to be as popular with patients as Max was.  We got a picture of her on the day after her adoption entitled “First Day at the New Job”!  Molly couldn’t have done better for herself, and we look forward to seeing her at homecoming in November!!


Our buddy Max has a home! His tail never stopped wagging as he followed his new dad all around the house at his home visit. The one place he didn’t go was up the stairs, but lucky for Max, his parents’ bedroom—where he’ll be sleeping—is on the ground floor. His parents will be coming to pick Max up very soon and take him home, and we know he can’t wait for that day to get here.


When Brannigan walked up to his new home, he was greeted with a welcome home sign on the front door and one inside in the foyer above his new comfy bed. His human family was excitedly waiting for him as well. He has a mom, dad, 10 year old brother, and 7 year old sister. The family cats were not so excited, though! Brannigan’s mom and sister took turns gently rubbing his back with a grooming mitt which Brannigan thought was great. Everyone took him for a walk and brought out toys and tennis balls for him to play with. A happy Brannigan decided this was a pretty wonderful home and he was staying. We agree with his decision.


Carrigan has gone to live with her mom and dad on the west coast of FL not too far from Clearwater. They have been waiting for her for several weeks while she was going through heartworm treatment. They lost their beloved Houndhaven dog Guinness late last year. They took the best care of Guinness and will do the same with Carrigan. After they came to the shelter to meet dogs, they felt an instant connection to Carrigan and their search was over. They have shortened her name to Carrie. Carrie and her parents will bring each other much happiness.


Stella’s home visit was a ‘swimming’ success.  She and her new yellow lab sister Sophie had a grand time playing around the pool, and Stella’s favorite thing was to retrieve tennis balls out of the pool!  Stella lives in a beautiful home with her new mom, dad and human brother, as well as with sweet Sophie.  Sophie is older so she will show Stella the ropes, and the rest of the family will be there to adore her.  What more could any dog want?


Hershey wasted no time showing his new parents what he liked best about his beautiful new home.  He jumped onto the bed and proceeded to rub and roll all over it, knocking off all the pillows!  Mom and Dad thought it was funny and didn’t mind when he jumped up on the fancy couches either.  Hershey wasn’t really interested in his new pool, but that may change over time.  Hershey will get plenty of attention because he is the only dog, but there are dog parks nearby that he can visit if he is so inclined.  Hershey definitely hit the jackpot, and we know that the third home is going to be the charm for him!


Dixie has gone to live with one of our volunteers.  She fell head over paws in love with him, and we all decided that we just couldn’t break her heart by taking her away from him.  Sweet Dixie gets long walks every day, gets to play a limited amount of fetch (limited so her hips don’t hurt), and she has torn up a whole bag full of stuffed toys already!  She thinks dad gets up too early (4 am!), but other than that she thinks he is a rock star and can do no wrong.  We are happy that we will get to continue to see this special girl and watch her enjoy her new life!


For Burke, everything is exciting and new—running on grass in her yard, walking on a leash, being in a home and having a family that adores her. They watch all her puppy antics with humor and patience, which is just what you need when you’re raising a pup. Burke at four months old is already bigger than her cute 8 year old Dachshund brother Snapple, but Snapple isn’t intimidated by that and will really be the one in charge. Burke has a new name, too—it’s Bailey. Congratulations, Bailey, you’ve found just the right family.


Shamus thinks life is pretty good right now. Having a mom & dad has made him very happy. They take him for walks, play dates with other dogs and let him play with lots of toys. One of his favorites is a plush squirrel that he shakes and tosses up in the air for himself. Dad’s nickname is Shamus, so when they saw Houndhaven’s Shamus, they felt like it was meant to be. They’re going to keep his name. They hope to find him a Houndhaven brother or sister in the near future, too. We look forward to the three of them coming back when they’re ready to do that.


Santos has found his perfect match. His new parents have welcomed this shy boy into their family. Their previous dog was also very shy and with their love and patience he overcame a lot of his shyness. They are ready and able to devote their time and attention to help Santos in the same way. (At the home visit Santos managed to destroy four soft toys in record time!) He has been re-named Sammy. We’re so happy for Sammy and his parents.


Mo, the third little terrier brother, has been adopted and gone to his new home. He has a wonderful family (two dads and a dalmation/beagle big brother) to take care of him. He and his canine brother Willee got along quite well at the home visit.—Mo, being the puppy that he is, just has to learn that the toys in the house aren’t all just for him. Both dogs are sweet and smart and will adjust quickly. Larry/Opie’s mom is a very close friend so Mo will keep in touch and if his family has to go out of town, he and Willee will even stay with Opie. Mo’s new name is Dobby and we think he’s the cutest house elf around!


Our handsome and sweet Timber is a typical independent and intelligent pyr and proved to be too smart for us to place successfully.  After two failed attempts, we decided to let the experts handle it, and we transferred him to pyr rescue.  They had helped us years ago with a pyr that had four failed adoptions, and they were able to find the perfect family for him in a very short time.  We are hoping for the same for Timber because he deserves it!  We miss his big fluffy head but know that he is being spoiled.  To contact pyr rescue, go to


Curly is the second of The Stooges to be starting a new life. He has an 8 yr. old human brother who was so proud to sign the paperwork along with mom & dad to adopt Curly and was so excited that Curly was staying with him. Curly was excited as well to have a home and couldn’t believe his luck that all the toys there were for him. He found the best spot to play with those toys was on mom & dad’s bed and it was even more fun to bury the toys behind the pillows on the bed! (They like his name and are keeping it, just with a slight change in the spelling—Curley.) Curley and his new brother will be celebrating their June birthdays together, attending puppy classes together and are on their way to being best friends.


Larry is the first of the three little terrier brothers to be officially adopted. Larry’s new mom is a Houndhaven friend and volunteer. She has seen many dogs come to Houndhaven but she felt none seemed right for her until she met Larry. She and Larry (now known as Opie) will be enjoying lots of activities together, including play dates with other dogs and puppy training classes. Opie is doing great in his new home, and we hope mom brings him to visit often.


It took Boo three months at HH, but he found just the right family and home for himself. He has great parents who will be giving him lots of love and attention. He’s the only dog in the home, but will have lots of regular canine visitors. He lives in a community near Disney which has many walking paths. While dad is at work, mom said she has unlimited time to train, play, walk & go to the doggie beach with Boo. This summer he’ll be spending a month with his family at a beach house on the Gulf of Mexico. We think he’s one lucky dog! Have fun, Boo!


Jagger was with us less than 24 hours before a prior adopter fell in love with him.  Five days later he became a part of this large and loving family.  He now has a mom and dad, 4 human siblings, 2 k9 siblings (HH alums Joy and Lexus nka Harley) and 3 feline siblings.  He will get daily walks, will be able to play with his new pals inside and in the fenced yard, and he will be able to swim in the pool if he is so inclined.  Jagger was SO happy during the home visit, and even 13 year old Joy decided she wanted to play with him!  The family was happy when they read that he liked to cuddle, so I expect a lot of cuddle sessions are in his future.  We know he will be spoiled and that no expense will be spared in his care.  And best of all, we will get regular reports on him from a mutual friend!  Congratulations, Jagger!


Cherie has found a home with a lovely couple with a love for hounds.  They have had a variety through the years and decided that it was time for their beagle Shamus to have a friend.  When they saw pretty little Cherie Amour, they knew she was the right one.  Shamus was beside himself with excitement during the home visit, and they took turns barking at the golfers from their home on the golf course.  There was a lot of toy stealing going on, as Shamus decided he should have Cherie’s new pretty pink toys, and Cherie wasn’t so sure.  But it was all good natured fun, and we think they will be quite happy together.  To fit into her new Irish family, Cherie will have the name of a family ancestor, Mattie May.  We think it suits her and that she will be quite spoiled.  Way to go little one!



When they came to HH because they felt it was time to add another furry member to their family, they fell in love with Brady. Brady officially joined their family this weekend. Bingo (also from HH) has let puppy Brady take charge of the toy baskets. Brady loves to fetch so the balls in the baskets were the first things he took out. Bingo enjoys dressing up and has an array of bandanas (he had on a valentine bandana at the home visit) and of course, Brady now has his first bandana as well. He and Rory the cat are getting along great. They’re drinking from the same bowl and kissing each other. The family said Brady is a smart boy and happy in his new home.


Our precious Duke and Duchess had to have a wonderful home, and had to have it together.  Thankfully, a lab loving couple found them while doing a Google search, and they now have that wonderful home that they so deserve.  Believe it or not, mom and dad have had a pair of black labs named Duke and Duchess before, so this was meant to be!  When this blessed pair arrived at their home visit, they found a huge amount of toys and bones waiting for them.  We thought their tails might fall off from all the wagging!  And mom and dad have more in store for them…not only will they go for at least a mile walk daily, but they will get to go hiking in North Carolina when mom and dad go to stay there during the hotter months.  And their new vet happens to be a neighbor and family friend, so they won’t lack for excellent veterinary care!  Dad used to be a general contractor so he was already designing plans for a water bowl that would keep Duke from turning the kitchen into a swimming pool.  🙂  All in all, we think this perfect pair found the perfect home, and we couldn’t be happier.  We loved having you with us.  Live long and prosper!


Eleven month old sweet Finley has been adopted. He settled in so quickly after he arrived that it just seemed as though he’d already been a member of the family. He has a huge backyard and lots of indoor and outdoor toys. His 13 year old human sister is very caring and loving with Finley. She pampered him with one special doggy bagel at the home visit and then made sure he got healthy treats (carrots) after that. Mom said they are all so happy to have Finley in their family. They plan to keep his name the same. We know he’ll be safe and loved.


Behr is in his new home with his parents and his fur brother—6 yr. old German Shepherd mix Rocky. Rocky enjoys the company of other dogs and they wanted him to have a companion. The boys got along just fine at the home visit and will be able to keep each other company when mom and dad are at work. After a walk around the community (lots of walking trails and dogs to meet) and checking out the inside of his home, a change in Behr started to happen. He seemed so much happier and wagged his tail more than he ever did at Houndhaven. Our best wishes to Behr, Rocky and their parents.


Despite chilly temperatures, Savannah took a swim in the pool on her first day at her new home. And clever girl that she is she knew to swim to the steps to get out without having to be shown. Savannah and her dad will be doing a lot of travelling together and she’ll even accompany him to work. Dad is active and athletic and will help Savannah keep the excess pounds off that she lost while at HH by going on lots of walks. Dad likes the name Savannah so that will be staying the same. We’re so glad these two found each other. Congratulations to both.


Sir Salem has started life with his new dad. He has a fenced yard and screened lanai that his dad spent lots of time preparing in anticipation of Salem’s homecoming. Dad put up new sections of fencing and reinforced the fence line as well as the lower portions of the lanai screen. Salem sweetly offered his paw and rolled over for belly rubs when he saw his dad and met his uncle on the home visit. And he was a good boy and very calm when meeting the neighbor’s Min Pin. There is camping, swimming, jogging and games of fetch all in store for Salem and his dad to do together. We left a super happy, content Sir Salem in his new home.


Lane’s new parents have had Goldens in the past, but his happy, playful personality won them over and they fell in love with this little black lab puppy. Lane found mom’s lap to be a safe spot from which to take in all the unfamiliar things around him. Neighbors also came by—both human and canine—to meet Lane, and another new puppy in the family is coming for a visit next weekend. Dad is retired so he will be taking Lane for rides in the golf cart and to the nearby dog park to run. There are lots of activities to keep a pup from getting bored. Have fun, Lane!


Francine was a little shy when she got to her new home but her family was very kind and loving with her and let her check out everything at her own pace. Even though ten year old human brother Josh was so excited to have Francine join their family, he was very patient with her, too. He thinks Francine has gorgeous eyes. 🙂 As she felt more comfortable, she snuggled with mom on the floor and gave her brother a kiss. And a happy Francine began to play with her new toys, picking up two at a time and carrying them around. Josh has some great ideas for Francine’s new name, but it hasn’t been decided which one suits her the best yet.


Oliver won the hearts of a HH volunteer and her husband and has gone to live with them and their basset hound, Blue.  The boys love to play together and are getting along great.  When mom came home at lunch to find Oliver out of his crate not once, but twice, they weren’t sure whether to suspect Oliver or Blue or both of them!  Oliver wasn’t sure of the horse at first but has decided that he is ok as long as he doesn’t get too close. 🙂  We are glad that we will get to hear about Oliver’s exploits through the years and are glad that he has such a great new family.  Way to go, Oliver!


King came to us with a gunshot wound that caused his front leg to be amputated, a cancerous tumor and heartworms.  Poor guy had to have three surgeries and then heartworm treatment, but he took it all like a trooper.  When we reached out to a couple who had recently lost their HH dog to cancer (after they spent $18,000 trying to save him), they immediately agreed to foster him as long as he got along with their other HH alum, Lady.  Apart from annoying Lady with his play overtures, the two of them got along fine, and the next thing you know this terrific couple decided that King should become a permanent member of their family!  They said he gets along just fine with three legs, and could outrun them and Lady if they would let him run (he’s still on restriction because of the heartworms).  King has to be wondering how he hit the jackpot after having such a bad life, and it is amazing to us too!  All we can say is thank God!!!


Ernie was with us almost a year before finding his forever home.  The fact that he has terminal cancer deterred most people, but not his big-hearted new parents!  They had recently lost their HH dog, and when they spent time with Ernie at homecoming they just knew they had to offer him a home for whatever time he has left.  It started out as a foster, but he fit in so well that they wanted to make him legal!  Ernie looks better than he ever has now that he is a pampered pet, and he is showing no signs of decline yet.  The doctors had only given him a year to live, but Ernie has proved them wrong.  He will go in his time, not theirs!  We are hoping that Ernie’s timetable allows him to have many years of happiness with his new fabulous family.  Many thanks to them for opening their hearts and their home to sweet Ernie.  They have made a lot of volunteers and Ernie fans very happy!!


One of our wonderful volunteers adopted chocolate lab mix Amber from us earlier this year. When Olivia recently came to Houndhaven and looked and acted so much like Amber, she fell in love with Olivia, too. So, Olivia is now the newest member of her family. Olivia’s new name is Cocoa. Cocoa and Amber are so cute together and if you’re not paying close attention, it’s difficult to tell them apart. We’re sure Amber will be a great big sister and will share her many toys and dog beds with Cocoa, as well as show her how to tackle the stairs. Happy new year to Amber, Cocoa and their mom and dad.


Petey’s forever family is a couple who first adopted from HH in 2002.  Their beloved Frieda passed last year, and they are now ready to welcome another yellow lab mix into their loving home.  Petey’s resemblance to Frieda helped him make the initial cut, but then it was his sweet nature that won dad over.  Although Petey was so overjoyed to be in a home that he wasn’t on his best behavior during his home visit, we know that he will calm down and settle in soon.  He has a fenced yard for playing ball, a pool for swimming, and he had already taken over the leather couch in the family room!  He has tons of toys and had happily distributed them throughout the house by the time we left the home visit.  🙂  He has neighbor dogs to meet, and mom and dad haven’t ruled out the possibility of a sister in the future…Congratulations, Petey!


Sweet shy Cecilia was terrified by everyone at Houndhaven except one of the volunteer’s two year old daughters.  CeCe (as she was nicknamed) would let Aislyn touch her, lay on her, whatever, whereas she would flinch when we touched her.  She was introduced to the other family members (human, feline and canine) gradually and then went to her foster home.  It became apparent to all over a few months that CeCe couldn’t live anywhere else because she is so scared of everything other than her foster home and family.  So, for Christmas CeCe had her own stocking with a new collar and nametag, officially making her part of the family.  The inoperable cancer that is growing inside her will likely shorten her time with them, but their desire is to make whatever time is left the best it possibly can be.  CeCe is finally loved and cared for as she always should have been, and sometimes that is all we can do.



Phelps got a home and family for Christmas. He was very happy at the home visit to have a mom and dad, but the best part was having a 10 yr. old human brother–Luke. He and Phelps went on a walk together, played fetch in the backyard and just enjoyed each other. They are on their way to becoming best friends. (Phelps thought Pipa the cat was just a little scary, so that will take some time.) Luke is a swimmer so he thinks that Phelps is a pretty good name for his puppy and is planning to keep it. We hope mom & dad send lots of pictures as the two boys grow together. Congratulations, Phelps.




Wally, who is a very clever and active dog, needed just the right family to keep him from being bored. He finally has that. They walk, run, swim, camp, and basically love the outdoors and plan to include Wally in those activities. He was welcomed home by mom & dad and three human siblings, a sign that said “Wally’s House” and his own photo ornament of Wally wearing a Santa hat hanging on the Christmas tree. They considered him family before he even arrived. Wally, we know you will reward them with lots of laughter, love, loyalty and kisses.



Sweet deaf Sadie had a couple of false starts before she found her forever home, but the right one finally came along.  Sadie gets to be the only dog and will only have to share Mom’s attention with three cats.  She seemed oblivious to the cats at the home visit, so we are hoping that will continue!  Mom is retired, so she has big plans for the two of them to go on walks together, watch tv together and do most everything together.  We are sure that Sadie will love that!  Here’s hoping that the third time is the charm for Sadie Blue…



Snook had to wait several months for his perfect family to come, but come they finally did!  He has a new mom, dad and teenage sister who are spoiling him rotten.  He also has a beautiful new home complete with swimming pool should he choose to indulge.  When Snook visited us at Homecoming he was grinning from ear to ear.  No one will ever convince us that dogs don’t smile!  Congratulations, Snook–we wish you many happy years with your wonderful family!



Central Florida K9 Academy came to HH to test another dog but ended up choosing Brewer instead because of his intelligence and willingness to work for a ball.  Brewer is now undergoing extensive training and will likely join HH alum Toby at Sea World, keeping the park safe by sniffing out explosives and other contraban.  Brewer is reported to be doing well, and we are proud that a HH dog will be performing that important service.


Asher & Ashleigh’s parents had new names picked out for them before they even arrived for their home visit. They were greeted with a huge sign that said “Welcome Home, Katie & Cooper” and their Christmas stockings were hanging on the mantle. Mom & dad weren’t upset when the fully decorated Christmas tree started spinning (there just may have been a dog or two walking between the tree and the wall) or when something got knocked off a table. Katie and Cooper will be taking trips in a brand new RV where each dog has their own bed with a tv. Mom said they’re the best Christmas present ever.


They’ve been seriously contemplating adopting for the past year, and Kiefer Brown is so happy his family decided he’s the one they’ve been looking for. Kiefer has moved to Celebration where he lives with his two moms who are both ready to share their life with him–and he’s ready for that, too. One of the first things he did at his new home was curl up in his bed with a toy (somehow the toy mysteriously lost an ear) 🙂 and just seemed to settle in right away. His moms wanted a dog capable of long walks and hikes and that would also be happy to cuddle on the couch. That’s the perfect description of Kiefer! The three of them couldn’t have made a better match and we send them our congratulations.


It’s only a ten minute drive from the shelter to Elsa’s new home, but the changes in her life are huge. She’s gone from being a stray to having a dad who adores her and thinks she’s wonderful—which of course, she is! She’s surrounded by dog lovers in a close-knit neighborhood and they came right over to welcome Elsa, including a new friend from across the street—yellow lab Sprocket. Elsa loves plush toys, and to make herself at home, she pulled the toys out of her toy basket and placed them around the house. Before the home visit was over, Elsa and Sprocket were sharing those toys—which made dad happy that the girls were getting along so well. He’s decided Elsa’s name is going to stay the same. Congrats to both Elsa and her dad.


Corky has gone to live with one of our volunteers and her little silky terrier mix Oscar. At the home visit, the two boys had lots of fun fetching Oscar’s toys that mom threw for them. That’s one reason mom chose Corky, she felt like their energy levels matched. They will soon have their yard fenced so they will have a lot of space to exercise. They live just a short walk from Houndhaven alum Violet and her brother. Oscar loves to visit them. In fact, Violet was sweet enough to let Corky and Oscar get acquainted in her fenced yard. Mom is a groomer and plans to train Corky (as she’s done with Oscar) so he can sometimes accompany her to appointments in the van. Corky’s new name is Newt—cute name for a cute boy.


Harris has been adopted and is very much loved by his new parents. He’s got a mom to take him on long walks and a dad who is retired and will be spending lots of time with Harris. He can watch the golfers from his lanai and go to the community dog park to meet friends. Several members of his new extended family have labs of their own that come to visit often and Harris will be going to visit them, as well as vacationing with them. There may be a new name in his future, but it hasn’t been decided yet. You deserve all the good things coming your way, Harris!



Skipper has joined a wonderful family. They adopted his new big brother Kolt from Houndhaven about a year and a half ago and were looking for the right fit for Kolt to give him a companion. They fell in love with Skipper’s adorable face and happy disposition. Kolt had the final say so in the adoption and it turned out that the two dogs got along great. Skipper’s new name is Dylan. Dad said they are going to buy a truck and trailer in the coming year so the whole family can travel together. We look forward to hearing about their adventures. And as for the immediate future, we look forward to seeing everyone when Dylan and Kolt come to our annual homecoming this year.


Over the past almost six months at Houndhaven, people would come to meet Branson and through no fault of his they seemed to always choose another dog. But his waiting is over and Branson has found the ideal home. His mom and dad lost three dogs in the past year and are so thrilled that he is now part of their family. They saw right away what a smart, handsome boy he is. He has six fenced acres to run and play and a water view from his yard. One of the neighbor’s horses even came to the fence to say hello to Branson at the home visit. Branson’s parents are ready to spoil him and he so deserves it. His new name is Dutch Branson. Way to go, Dutch!


This past weekend Puddin moved to her new home in south Florida. Her mom and dad are the in-laws of one of our volunteers and she thought Puddin would be the perfect dog for them. Puddin took her pink tulle dress and some plush toys with her, and when she got to her home a cozy bed was waiting along with a large supply of more toys. She hopped right in her bed with one of the toys and kept going to find more and bring those back to her bed, too. Her parents sat down on the floor with Puddin (now Penny) and the three of them had a great time. Mom said Penny slept soundly through the first night, has met many of the neighbors and is happy in her new home. She’s a lucky Penny.


Blake’s adorable human sister, 7 year old Aubree, was bubbling over with excitement when he arrived for his home visit. Her dream to have him stay came true and Blake is now loving life with his forever family. His mom and older Labrador brother Max complete the family. Mom said Blake is super smart and very calm–and a perfect angel. 🙂 Aubree likes the name Blake so his name is staying the same. Congratulations, happy boy.


Ryley’s stay at Houndhaven is happily coming to an end. He has a family who has been waiting for him as he recovers from cruciate ligament surgery and will be picking him up in just a couple days. Ryley did go to visit his mom and dad recently and got to check out his new home. Dad took him around his beautiful, peaceful yard where he saw the horses out in the pasture at the neighboring farm. Inside mom had bottled water for him and an orthopedic bed already waiting for when he comes home to stay. The love between Ryley and his parents was clear to see. Sweet Ryley deserves a wonderful life and we have no doubt his family will do everything they can to give that to him.



Kara was so happy to find her forever home that she kept rubbing herself on her new family members so as to leave her scent and indicate her ownership of them!  She now has a new mom and dad, and a senior labrador sister named Sara.  Kara will get a new name so as to avoid confusion.  Sara is well trained thanks to dad’s efforts, and she was a wonderful hostess during the home visit.  Mom works at home so the girls will be able to hang with her in her office, and dad is home for a couple of months so he will have time to train Kara.  Daily walks around the lake and frequent trips on the pontoon boat are planned, so Kara will have a full and rewarding life.  The enormous fenced yard will also provide hours of squirrel and lizard chasing activity!  Well done, Kara.  We hope to see you at homecoming!


Jaxx had a difficult time adjusting to life at Houndhaven, but his life has turned around. He now has a wonderful family with two human and two canine siblings (one is HH alum Bubba, now Davy). In less than an hour in his new home, the change was becoming noticeable in Jaxx—he started becoming happy and gaining confidence. He had a real workout retrieving tennis balls in his huge backyard. Afterwards, with dad’s help, he went from falling into the pool and not knowing what to do to jumping in on purpose and enjoying the water. Jaxx wasn’t eating well at the shelter, but mom let us know that between the afternoon of exercise and the fact he’s starting to understand he’s home, he heartily ate his entire dinner.


We‘re always grateful when our previous adopters come back to Houndhaven to rescue another dog. One of those families came to an adoption event recently and fell in love with sweet chocolate lab Mimi, and Mimi approved of their decision. A very happy, perky Mimi arrived for her home visit and pranced right in the front door. She seemed so confident that this was her home. Her parents were sure as well. They already had a collar and tag engraved with her new name – Dakota – ready to be exchanged for her Houndhaven collar. They are friends and neighbors of the family that adopted Houndhaven’s Christian (now Mack) and both families are looking forward to the dogs meeting very soon. Congrats, happy girl!


Sunshine has been adopted by a longtime volunteer and her husband. They’ve been missing their previous Houndhaven dog that they lost suddenly a few months ago. Sunny, who is such an affectionate and loving Labrador, is just what they needed. Randall, Sunny’s 12 year old feline brother, is used to dogs but she didn’t have any experience with cats. But it turned out she gets along with Randall and things are going great. As soon as the weather gets cooler, the two will be able to hang out together on their lanai, which overlooks a beautiful golf course, and watch the golfers go by. Sunny is now Jessie Rose.

Amber Rose - WP420090

Amber’s new family recently moved to FL and were not going to adopt a dog until the home they’re building was completed several months from now. But—mom started volunteering at Houndhaven and met a sweet, quiet chocolate lab named Amber Rose and her resolve went out the window. Amber has become a part of the family and is being treated like a princess. She has the thickest plush dog bed around and slept through the entire first night on that bed as if she’d been sleeping there all along. The apartment complex has a lot of areas for dogs to walk and even a doggie agility course for Amber to try out. Congratulations, Amber.

Lucky Louie - AS6J0238


Our funny little ragamuffin found a wonderful new family, and is now the little brother of HH alum Stryker!  He was one day away from going to Sea World to be in their pet show when his new family decided they wanted to adopt him.  And although LL had the energy and drive to be a working dog, he is now using that energy and drive to keep Stryker busy!  The two couldn’t have been happier at the home visit, and we think LL will enjoy the three trips to the community dog park EACH DAY.  Mom only works one day a week, and is retiring from that next month, so the boys will have lots of human attention too.  Dad can hardly wait for LL to be fully housebroken so he can sleep in the bed with them. 🙂  All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better home for our darling little guy, and we wish LL and his new family a lifetime of happiness together!



Sherman’s new mom said he’s enjoying life with his big sister Grace (formerly Janie at Houndhaven). They are a matched pair of gorgeous yellow labs. Mom and dad are retired and devote a lot of time to Grace (long daily walks, trips to the dog park, and lots of love) and now Sherman, who has been renamed Dakota, will be getting that well-deserved attention, too. His family also rescued a little yellow bird that a storm literally blew into their yard a few years ago and has been a part of the family ever since. Dakota will need a little time to get used to having that tiny bird hopping around, but there’s no doubt it will happen. His family said they’re thrilled that Dakota has come to stay.

Bebe - WP420154


Bebe has a new mom, new human uncle and a new name—Bailey Rose. When she arrived at her home, there was an array of toys and healthy treats waiting for Bailey along with a bright pink harness and collar (pink is Bailey’s color!). She met her uncle, whose work schedule allows him to be home at times during the work week, so he’ll have lots of chances to spend time with Bailey and pamper her right along with mom. Her first night at home Bailey slept on mom’s bed (something mom was hoping would happen). It’s great to see the smile Bailey Rose has put on her new mom’s face.

Lily Sedlacik


Lily, a 13 lb. cuddly mixed breed, spent exactly one night at Houndhaven before she was adopted by two of our volunteers. Lily now lives with three other dogs – two of them are Houndhaven alum. After the first few days of being afraid of most things in her new home, she has settled in beautifully. Her big brother Buddy (formerly Buster Doodle at Houndhaven) is showing her the ropes and they really enjoy playing together.  She’s devoted to her dad and can often be found curled up on his lap.  Lily has been a wonderful addition to her family and they love her very much.



Violet is one smart girl! When a mother and son recently started volunteering at Houndhaven, Violet knew a good thing when she saw it. She showed them just how cute, charming and affectionate she is and they couldn’t resist. She’s now a member of their family. They said she chose them rather than the other way around. Violet also has a canine brother – a chocolate lab named Ike – who is so happy to have a sister to wrestle and play with. He’s very polite with Violet and brings over his toys and offers them to her. Both Violet and Ike are very sweet and are a good match for each other. Violet has a new dad, too. He’s currently serving in the military so pictures of Violet will have to do for now until he’s back home again.



Little Abner, now known as Toby, has gone to live with a long time friend of HH.  His two previous HH dogs have died, and although he tried to resist, he had to have another!  When he saw Toby sitting quietly in his kennel, he knew that he would be just the boy for him.  Toby’s new dad is retired, so Toby will have lots of human attention, which is what he wants more than anything.  He also has a new mom and some feline siblings.  He has a fenced yard for ball playing, but we suspect that Toby will spend most of his time belly up on the couch!  Way to go, Toby, you hit the jackpot!!

Sydney - AS6J9937-croppedChampagne - AS6J9968


Sydney and Champagne had to wait a few months while they worked their magic, but they eventually won over the heart of one of our volunteers!  Having just lost her HH girl recently to cancer, her heart was ready to love again and these girls are definitely very loveable!  The girls got along well with their new sibling, Maggie the beagle, and were very excited about their new feline relatives.  Mom plans to work on making them less excited!  The girls will never have to be outside dogs again, which is what they want most in the world, and we know they will be as spoiled as any dogs ever were.  We have all gotten very attached to them and are thrilled that we will get to see them at the HH events!


We have the happiest news! Georgie has been adopted! He came to Houndhaven January 6, 2015 – 1 ½ years ago! He had heartworms and was in really poor condition. We are so grateful to his foster family who took such good care of him for the majority of this time and treated him as their own. And now Georgie has a permanent home with a wonderful couple in The Villages. From his arrival Georgie was relaxed and comfortable with his new parents (following them around, rolling over for belly rubs, and stretching out for a nap close to them). Thank you, thank you to his new mom and dad for recognizing what a great dog Georgie is and giving him a place in their home and heart.

Daisy Duke - AS6J0330Dakota


Both Dakota and Daisy came to Houndhaven together from a breeder who was downsizing. Two of our volunteers felt a special connection with 11 year old Dakota and immediately took her into their home to foster her. She fit in well with their family, and it wasn’t long after that they also brought 8 year old Daisy to their home as a foster. It turned out to be a love match all around and their foster parents have made Daisy and Dakota permanent members of their family which now includes four Houndhaven dogs! Congrats, Daisy and Dakota

Alicia - AS6J0304


Alicia has two new human sisters, ages 6 and 8, and she’s a happy girl. When she got to her home, she followed the girls everywhere and rolled on her back so they could scratch her tummy. She’ll very likely soon follow them into the pool as well. She was calm interacting with her family’s 13 yr old cat and didn’t chase him. Alicia just seemed to fit right in with the whole family. She lives about a block and a half from the ocean and her family walks a lot in their beach community and are happy to include her now on those walks. Since her first weekend at home is the Fourth of July weekend, her new name will be in keeping with that holiday theme. We can’t wait to hear what it will be.



It’s finally Hoover’s turn to have a family of his own! Hoover lives with his parents in a gorgeous rural area. On the property adjoining his house is a barn with horses. And while Hoover will visit the barn, it will only be safely on a leash and when he’s with mom. He’s definitely going to be a member of the family and live a cushy life in the house. In fact, mom wrote that he’s settled in fantastically and slept at his dad’s feet while she went shopping for some new things for Hoover. At the home visit Hoover went up to his mom on his own, unprompted and looked up adoringly at her and sweetly offered her his paw. It was like he was saying, “Thank you for adopting me!” She said it’s a blessing to have Hoover in their life.

Ruth - AS6J0213


Ruthie had been waiting at Houndhaven for months for a family to adopt her and her new family had been searching for months for a dog to adopt.  It’s wonderful that their paths finally crossed!  At her home Ruthie has her own cozy alcove where there were treats, bowls, toys and a bright pink collar waiting for her.  She settled in quickly and loved her human brother from the moment she saw him.  Ruthie can watch Disney’s fireworks from her lanai or even from her pool if she decides she wants to do so.   During her first weekend at home, her family said that she’s transitioned beautifully into their family and seems really content.  They’ve gone on long walks together and she showed them how brilliant she is by demonstrating her grasp of several commands. 🙂  There was some discussion that there may be a new name in her future.  But one thing isn’t up for debate and that is–Ruthie has a forever home.

Black Beauty 2


Black Beauty was one of the sweetest dogs that we’ve had the privilege of knowing.  She had a loving foster family that spoiled her and made the last weeks of her life as happy as possible. Despite the best veterinary care, the specialists weren’t able to stop the spread of the cancer throughout her body.  We’ll always remember her and take comfort in the fact that Black Beauty is whole again, without pain, playing and running with the other dogs who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Eva - AS6J0105


Apparently Eva had a specific home in mind and she wasn’t about to settle for anything else. We took her on several home visits, but none of them seemed to be just the right fit for her . . . until now. Eva was waiting for the perfect family which we now know consists of Mom and Dad and canine brother Samson, a 5 year old golden retriever who loves everyone. She thoroughly checked out the house and fenced yard and found them to her liking. After accidentally falling into the pool, she even enjoyed her leisurely swim over to the stairs. But the best part of the visit was the amazing towel rub she got from Mom. She was practically glowing from Mom’s attention and that’s when we knew that Eva was home. We’re so glad that she found the perfect family and wish them all the very best. Way to go, Eva!!

Chili - AS6J0146


Last June, Houndhaven alum Miller and his mom adopted puppy Gilbert from us.  And now, a year later, the three of them have come back to Houndhaven and added 6-month old fox red lab Chili to their family (this is actually mom’s fifth Houndhaven adoption).  She saw how much Lucca (f/k/a Gilbert) loves to play with other dogs and wanted to find a dog with his energy level that also loves to play with other dogs.  She saw Chili on our website and brought Lucca out to the shelter to meet him and the two of them hit it off.   She knew easy-going big brother Miller would be accepting of Chili.  With a huge fenced backyard and a never-ending supply of tennis balls for fetch and a pool with a walk-out to be added in the near future, Miller, Lucca and Chili are in for a fun summer! Congratulations to Chili’s mom and her three sweet boys.



Olaf was very popular, but he had a medical condition that required special care so he needed a special home.  He is what they call a “wobbler”, meaning that his limbs are a bit weak and unsteady because his spinal cord is compressed by surrounding tissue.  Olaf had the surgery to fix the immediate compression, but there is always a risk of future compression.  As God would have it, one of his caretakers at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists fell in love with him and was willing to assume the risks associated with our wobbly boy!  Olaf now lives with an entire family of Olaf fans–mom, dad, human sister and brother and canine sister (there is a bird too but we’re not sure if he is an Olaf fan).  Mom and Dad work alternate schedules so someone is almost always at home, and Olaf and his canine pal are quite good playmates.  They could hardly wait for Olaf’s recuperation period to be over so they could play in the fenced yard together!  We now can rest comfortably in the fact that Olaf will get whatever medical attention he needs and that he will have a loving family to boot!  Not bad for a wobbler. 🙂

Powder Puff


Powderpuff’s life has completely turned around.  She’s gone from being a stray with a collar embedded in her neck to becoming a part of a happy family (two parents, two cats, one labrador) and having a beautiful home with a lake view.  Powderpuff’s first meeting with her new siblings went well.  Both cats actually like dogs and she was curious about these two mysterious creatures without being aggressive.  Big sister Daisy, the yellow lab, loves everyone and more than once Powderpuff would come back to Daisy and stretch out alongside her.  It was very sweet to see.  From now on Powderpuff will have all the t.l.c. she needs from mom and dad.  They want to eventually add another dog to the family and we hope they come back to Houndhaven when they’re ready to do that.



Daisy Denise’s new mom was looking for a play mate for Toby, an adorable black lab, just under two years old.  They went to an adoption event and Daisy quickly warmed up to them both, seemed to like being around Toby and even briefly rested her head on him.   It felt like a good fit to mom.   At the home visit, when he and Daisy went into their backyard for the first time, he could hardly contain his excitement at having her there and kept running circles around her trying to get her to play.  It took less than a day for both mom and Toby to get their wish.—On Daisy’s first full day at home, Toby and Daisy played so hard together they wore themselves out.  Daisy loves her mom who gave a smiling Daisy great belly rubs at the home visit.  She said Daisy has picked out her favorite toys to carry around and flip up in the air.  She’s eating good, sleeping well and is settling in nicely.  Congratulations to Daisy on her adoption and finding her perfect family.



Buster was sad to lose his family of nine years, but we can now say it was for the best because he won the lottery when it comes to dog homes!  Long time friends of Houndhaven decided Buster was just the guy to heal their hearts after losing their beloved HH alum CJ to cancer this week.  Buster will be daddy’s boy and go everywhere with him.  Dad owns a couple of car dealerships, so Buster will go to work and be spoiled by all the employees there.  The family also travels to the mountains and to the beach in their RV so all the canines come along.  Buster has two canine sisters and one smaller canine brother, as well as two human siblings, and a new mom and dad.  We feel pretty sure that Buster will never be lonely again!



Another Houndhaven volunteer has joined the ever growing group of volunteers that has fallen in love with and adopted one of the shelter residents in their care.  Tyson is the latest lucky dog.  But his dad is lucky too because Tyson is a fantastic dog, smart and calm.  It was evident at the home visit that the two had spent time together at the shelter and were already comfortable with each other.  And when dad sat down, Tyson didn’t just curl up at dad’s feet, he leaned against him so he was touching dad.  Tyson has a grandmother to keep him company when dad’s at work.  There’s a beautiful air conditioned sun room from where he can safely watch the activities on the lake behind his home.  Good work, Tyson!  You’re such a clever boy that you didn’t need any help from us.  You used your sweetness and charm and found your own family!  By the way, his new name is Halsey (in honor of William Halsey who was a famous admiral in the United States Navy.)



The third home is the charm for Cody.  He now lives with his new mom and dad and feline sister Nellie.  Mom was very worried about whether Nellie and Cody would get along, but the interaction couldn’t have been better.  Cody was indifferent, and Nellie eventually just went to sleep.  The only time Cody got too close for comfort, Nellie hissed and it about scared him to death!  Dad is retired so he was looking forward to having a dog to keep him company again.  Mom works from home most of the time, so Cody should have plenty of company and plenty of belly rubs!  It was a pleasure to have you at Houndhaven, Cody, and we look forward to hearing good reports about your new life!



Petite little lady Cherise has started a busy life with her new dad. Cherise has a huge, fully-fenced yard and dad runs his business out of a building right on the property. During the home visit, Cherise checked out the shop and introduced herself to the employees working there. Besides loving dogs, her dad also loves music and plays several instruments which were set up in the house. He was wearing a country western hat and said he may just have to get Cherise a hat of her own! Cherise will be traveling with dad whenever possible and if he can’t take her, he has a friend that lives in an apartment on the property who will care for Cherise. She got to meet him and visit the apartment and approved of both. Cherise will have a life filled with love, music and adventures. Congratulations, Cherise.



Hansen ‘s unique looks draw the attention of most people. His body looks like a miniature chocolate lab, but he has the face of a terrier or Schnauzer complete with a scruffy beard. It’s his personality though that makes him special. Hansen is a one year old boy with lots of energy who never met anyone he didn’t like. He loves to play and run around, so his new home will be perfect for him. He now has two canine siblings and a 2 acre fully fenced yard to burn off all that energy. He met each of the dogs in the family taking everything in stride and had a great time checking out the big yard and all the interesting things in it. We think Hansen is going to be very happy in his new home and we wish he and his family all the best!



Knox is such a good pup that he won the heart of one of our volunteers who was looking for a playmate for her 18 month old rottweiler.  Behr is a big guy at almost 100 pounds, but Knox (at about half that) wasn’t the least bit intimidated.  He thought Behr was the greatest thing ever, and the feeling was mutual.  They played and ran and kissed each other throughout the home visit!  The boys’ mom and dad were loving it because Behr had been very lonely since losing his K9 sister Bella (HH alum Sparkle).  Although a puppy wasn’t really what they had planned on, Knox and Behr made the decision for them!  Knox’s new name is Rusty, and he is settling in very nicely.  Mom is retired so she is home to supervise the antics most of the time, and there is a pool and fenced yard to wear the boys out.  We are so glad that this wonderful HH family chose to come back to us for another dog.  We know Rusty will have a wonderful life!!!



Lake came to our shelter with inflamed skin, bald spots and feeling uncomfortable due to the constant itching. We’ve made a lot of progress in finding relief for him and he’s now been adopted by a loving family who is committed to continue his care. His new mom and dad said they’ll do whatever Lake needs to be happy, healthy and comfortable. Lake’s family also includes an adorable older canine brother, a 9 year old lab mix named Oz. Both boys will have four walks a day in their pet friendly community and trips to the park. At the end of his first day in his new home, mom said Lake is already a big cuddle bug. Five minutes after the home visit was over, he was up on the sofa, stretched out across dad’s lap, snoring away. Lake found his perfect family.



Duke Dog is a sweet young boy who is just a little nervous around new things, so it was important for him to find the perfect family. Fortunately one of our previous adopters fell in love with him and decided he was the one for them. They had a dog in the past with the same issues, so they were prepared to give Duke all the time he needed to feel at home. We don’t think it will take too long though as Mom and Dad are retired and able to spend lots of time with him including long daily walks. He now has a big sister, Trixie (HH alum Lulu), two feline siblings and more beds throughout the house than we could count! Mom and Dad have promised to bring him to PetSmart once he’s feeling more self confident and we can’t wait to see the transformation. Enjoy your new life, Duke, and we look forward to seeing you very soon!



Gordon has the luck of the Irish and found his forever home on 3/18!  He is now the little big brother of a golden retriever named Bella and her loving parents.  They got along great at the home visit, and Gordon loved the big fenced yard overlooking a lake.  He also loved the toy basket inside and methodically took almost every toy out one by one and distributed them around the house in locations that suited him!  We all sat on the floor and just laughed. 🙂  He reminded them a lot of a previous dog, and they thought he would be a nice balance with Bella’s personality.  Mom is home most of the day so he will have lots of attention, and there will be one nice walk daily so he can meet all the neighbors.  He lives in a lovely neighborhood in Windermere, and the joy of watching him transform from a skinny, sick homeless dog to the gorgeous loved pet he has now become is why we do what we do.  Way to go, Gordon–you’ve come a long way, baby!



Handsome Sven had lots of opportunities for homes, but when he met a family with a flatcoated retriever about his age, it was the perfect match.  Kip and Sven acted like long lost brothers, rolling around together so much that we couldn’t tell where one stopped and the other started!  Their human sisters stayed a safe distance away from all the frolicking, but they had smiles on their faces.  Dad took it all in stride and was gentle about correcting them when it was time to take a break.  Fortunately, they have a fenced yard where the boys can play, as well as a pool cage.  Dad works primarily from home, so the boys will have lots of human companionship as well, and Sven had a big smile on his face when we left.  Be blessed, sweet boy–we will miss you!



Sweet Kiley was at Houndhaven less than a month before she found her forever home.  Mom and Dad came to meet her at Petco and fell in love.  They knew their black lab mix Dakota would love her too.  And they were so right!  At Kiley’s home visit, the two dogs were already playing tug of war–with Kiley pulling 90 pound Dakota around the house on his belly.  We suspect that Mom and Dad will have enough entertainment watching these two to give up tv for a while!  Kiley wasn’t particularly interested in the blind bunny or his cage, but she was interested in the basketfuls of bones!  Again, she and Dakota shared as though they had been together forever.  They will go to the dog park together, and they will be able to romp in their fenced backyard under the supervision of Mom and Dad.  Kiley already tried out the couch and the beds and seemed to find everything to her liking.  We suspect this is going to be one spoiled dog soon, and that she and Dakota will have a wonderful life together.  Way to go, Kiley!



Kitkat found her forever home with HH alum Jade and her parents.  They live on a lake right here in Clermont and have a beautiful pool should Kitkat be so inclined.  They anticipate Kitkat joining them on their boat as well as getting lots and lots of walks around the dog friendly neighborhood.  Kitkat wanted to play with the cats during her home visit, and by that night we were told she was curled up next to the braver one.  Jade was a wonderful hostess and shared mom’s attention with Kitkat, but it is definitely a good thing that mom has two hands!  We are thrilled that Kitkat’s mom volunteers with us occasionally so we can keep in touch and hear lots of stories about her escapades.  As her new dad said, “she won the lottery”!



The latest addition to the Houndhaven family is a lovely couple who had two beloved dogs in their home for several years but sadly lost both dogs within the past nine months. They said their home has seemed so quiet and lonely ever since. While those dogs, of course, will never be replaced, their home is once again full of activity. They’ve adopted both Stella Starlight and Sarge. Both dogs explored inside the house–often going in different directions–and in a short time they had tested all the toys that were in a big basket and spread them throughout the house.  Sarge may have even pulled the stuffing out of a few. 🙂  The quiet days are over! Stella and Sarge were already buddies at Houndhaven as they shared a play yard there. We never dreamed they would be lucky enough to be adopted together. Now they’ll be sharing a huge backyard, pool, toys, bones, and most importantly, a mom and dad who love them. Stella and Sarge, enjoy your great family and have a fun life together.



The latest addition to the Houndhaven family is a lovely couple who had two beloved dogs in their home for several years but sadly lost both dogs within the past nine months.  They said their home has seemed so quiet and lonely ever since.  While those dogs, of course, will never be replaced, their home is once again full of activity.  They’ve adopted both Stella Starlight and Sarge.   Both dogs explored inside the house–often going in different directions–and in a short time they had tested all the toys that were in a big basket and spread them throughout the house.  Sarge may have even pulled the stuffing out of a few. 🙂  The quiet days are over!  Stella and Sarge were already buddies at Houndhaven as they shared a play yard there.  We never dreamed they would be lucky enough to be adopted together.   Now they’ll be sharing a huge backyard, pool, toys, bones, and most importantly, a mom and dad who love them.  Stella and Sarge, enjoy your great family and have a fun life together.



Until about a year ago Baby’s new sister, a jack russell/hound blend, always had a companion, so she was really excited to see Baby and did her best to get Baby to play at the home visit.  She plays so well with the dogs at Houndhaven, we know that after she’s had time to get used to all the changes in her life, she’ll want to play with Bailey, too.  With their names being so similar, Baby will be getting a new name but no decision yet.  Baby LOVES her 17 year old human brother who was very sweet with her.  She did pick out a cozy leather chair that looks like it will be her favorite spot and her family gave her lots of cuddles and belly scratches while she was laying in it.  Dad’s even going to move it next to the window so she’ll be able to look outside as she’s lounging in it.  In fact, Baby didn’t want to leave (she had to come back to HH for just a couple days) and we can’t blame her.  Don’t worry, Baby, your family, comfy chair and home are all waiting for you.



Dogs react differently on home visits. Some get very upset when we leave them in unfamiliar surroundings. Some are so busy either checking out their new home or playing with their new canine siblings that they don’t even notice we’ve left and then some are so happy with their new family that they can’t wait for us to leave. Little JJ definitely fell into the last group. Within minutes of arriving she was cuddled up on the couch with her new human brother (who stayed home from school just for this occasion) happily playing with a squeaky toy. Had she been able to speak we’re pretty sure she would have said, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”. Of all the home visits, these are our favorites, when we know that we’ve found the perfect family for that dog. Miss JJ is now happily living in a home with lots of new toys and bones, a pool overlooking a canal and all the love and attention she could ask for. The plan is also for her to get settled in for a few months and then look for a puppy to add to the family. We all felt that JJ will be a great big sister! Even though you won’t be missing HH, we’ll miss you, JJ! Be happy!!



Christian has moved to Ocala and will now be called Mack in honor of his new mom’s father who worked for many years at Mack Trucks.  Mack is going to be the center of attention at his new home.  His parents will take him for lots of walks in their dog friendly community (where they know the names of all the neighborhood dogs).  Mack has his very own sofa, dog bed, and a hedgehog squeaky toy that was an instant favorite with him.  He really started to bond with his dad and kept going back to him to sit at—and sometimes on—his dad’s feet.  His family sent us an update.  They had a great first night with him.  They said he’s very calm and a dream to walk.  He’s been on several walks, met all the neighbors, and they love Mack, too.  We wish them much happiness together.



Belinda’s family are previous adopters who lost their Houndhaven dog Athena about 1 ½ years ago. They felt the time was finally right to bring another dog into their lives again and they were attracted to Belinda’s soulful eyes. There was a “Welcome Home, Belinda” sign on the refrigerator and they welcomed Belinda with open arms. She was greeted with hugs and massages by each family member (mom, dad and her human sister). Belinda couldn’t help but feel at home. Belinda’s sister goes to college and dad is a college professor so their schedule is varied, and mom works close to home. As a result, she won’t be alone for long periods of time during the week. They like to jog and go for walks and Belinda will be a part of those activities. They even had a new fence installed for her. There’s no question that Belinda felt the warmth, love and security her family offered her. We’re glad you’re home, Belinda.



Lambchop’s new family has come back for more. Many years ago Mom adopted Buddy and Bowie from Houndhaven. Unfortunately Buddy is no longer with us, but Bowie and his one year old poodle mix sister, Honey, were happy to welcome Lambchop into the family. At first we were nervous that Lambchop might me a little much for Honey who is very submissive, but as soon as we walked in the door, Honey jumped on Lambchop’s head trying to get her to play. Lambchop ignored her for a while as she checked out every room in the house and the entire back yard. When everything passed her inspection, she was ready to play and the two girls were having a great time wrestling. Bowie suffers from arthritis so he mainly watched the shenanigans, but both girls were very respectful of him and he seemed to be enjoying the show. 🙂 The most amazing part of the visit was to find out that our Adoption Team Leader’s dog is Bowie’s mother! We couldn’t be happier for Lambchop and her new family and we look forward to seeing them regularly at Homecoming.



The volunteers at Houndhaven couldn’t understand why sweet puppy Jason wasn’t adopted long before this, and his new mom felt the same.  After spending half of his life in a shelter, Jason was a little shy at first when he went to his new home–so many sounds and sights to take in all at once.  There were three excited human brothers (11, 9 & 6) and two feline sisters, too.  After the boys brought out treats and an array of toys, Ranger (Jason’s new name) started to realize this is going to be a really good thing.  The cats were wary at first, but soon one of them felt comfortable enough to stretch out near him.  Ranger’s mom is a stay at home mom.  She said their previous dog had chewed a lot of items around the house for about a year and a half, so she has lots of experience with any puppy chewing that might take place.  The boys were thrilled to have Ranger join their family and were happily puppy proofing during the home visit to make things safe for him.  It will be a good life and new year for Ranger.




We couldn’t have asked for a better home for Snickers.  A longtime supporter called because his wife kept sending him pictures of Snickers.  Unbeknownst to her, he came out to visit and fell in love.  We did a home visit to be sure Snickers got along with their dog Emily, which she did.  On Christmas Eve Joe brought his wife to HH and introduced her to Snickers.  I don’t know which of them loved the other more, Snickers or Suzanne!  Everyone, with tears in their eyes, agreed that it was a great match, and Snickers got to go to her forever home for Christmas.  They are religiously following all of the instructions for care of her diabetes, and we are told she has already gained three much needed pounds!  She and her K9 sister are reported to be getting along great, and we just know 2016 is going to be a great year for Snicky B!



Rockey came to Houndhaven a little more than a year ago from animal control. At that time he found a great home, but unfortunately due to illness, his family was unable to keep him and he found himself back at HH. While we all felt bad that he had lost his home for a second time, we are sure that the third time will be charm for this sweet boy. His new mom felt an immediate connection when she met him and knew he would be perfect for their family. They live on five fully fenced acres and Mom does a lot of walking. She loved his energy level and the fact that he got along with dogs and cats as they have a senior pug and needed a dog who would be gentle with her. Rockey will have the opportunity to go to work with Dad, take frequent trips to the dog park and have play dates with a husky and greyhound. Yep, we’re pretty sure this will be his third and forever home. Congratulations Rockey!!



With several neighbors out walking their dogs when Hagan arrived at his new home, it was obvious he was going to be living in a very dog friendly community. Within minutes, a yellow lab came over to say hello. The meeting between Hagan and his adorable canine sister, a jack russell terrier named Snuggles, also went well.  She is 18(!) and she and Hagan played together. When she got tired, she let him know she wanted to rest. Hagan will be getting a lot of exercise and enjoyed a short run with dad who said Hagan paced himself well. Hagan must have thought his new home was entirely too neat because he emptied a tote bag full of toys and treats and spread them out around the house. He even found toys his mom had thrown away before Hagan arrived and added those to his collection. A few holiday decorations might have been next, but mom was a step ahead of him and put them safely away for now. His parents were calm and good natured about it all.  It looks like it will be a happy Christmas for Hagan.



Gator came to Houndhaven after being neglected by his prior owner.  He went through heartworm treatment and also through having to learn to trust humans again.  He did very well with both and somehow talked a couple of our volunteers into fostering him.  At first they said he was not the dog for them but they would help him get used to being in a home.  Mom fell first and was clearly attached by the time his heartworm treatment was done.  Dad was still holding tough until Gator showed up wearing his favorite team’s jersey.  That seemed to break down the last bit of resistance, and Gator has now gotten a new name and a new home!  He is now Boomer and lives happily with his older sister, a beagle named Sookie.  He even offers her his beloved toys, so we know he loves her as much as he loves Mom and Dad!  May the future be as bright as the past was dark for you, sweet boy!



Benny is such an adorable puppy that it’s no wonder he was quickly adopted. His new family recently lost their lab and had originally thought to wait a bit before getting another dog. Their Boston Terrier, Jack, was so lonely though, crying at the door when his family members left, that they knew they would have to find him a friend soon. That was a fortunate decision for Benny as he has found a wonderful home! Benny, now named Charlie (as in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and Jack hit it off right away and were having a great time playing together. Benny even did well with the 4 cats in the house! He’s going to get lots of attention as Mom is home quite a bit, as is his 24 year old human brother who is off from college until this summer. They already have checked into local obedience trainers and plan to start classes with him soon. There is nothing else left to say except, “let the puppy-proofing begin!”



After Chevy Sr. saw both of his offspring—Kayla and Jake—go to great homes, he didn’t have to wait too much longer to find a great home for himself.  His mom said she felt drawn to Chevy and that they needed each other.   She appreciates the value of a mature dog and the happiness, love and loyalty they can give.   When Chevy arrived at his new home, she had tears of joy in her eyes and said, “There’s my boy!”  She’s had many animals over the years, but waited until she had the time to devote to a dog before she adopted again.  And now she and Chevy will be able to enjoy lots of activities together.  There will be daily walks, feeding the ducks in the lake behind their house, and going to the dog park that has doggie pools and a toy box complete with toys to fetch.  A few times a year they’ll be going camping together and visiting family in TN and GA.  We’re so grateful to Chevy’s mom for giving him a home for Thanksgiving.



Sam’s previous family left him behind when they went on a two month vacation, but he’s got a family now that is excited to have him be a part of their life.  They’re a young couple that wanted to give a home to a mature dog, and after meeting Sam, they fell in love with him and felt he was a great fit.   At the home visit Sam found his yard to be perfect for fetching tennis balls (his favorite activity).  He also was extremely interested in the pool.  Sam’s new human uncle is staying with them currently and Sam did fantastic with his uncle’s cat.  Within a few minutes, the cat went from being tense and wary of Sam to being comfortable and relaxed around him.  They’re going to be great company for one another.  Congratulations, Sam I Am!



Beautiful Marigold reminded a couple of our volunteers very much of their dearly departed yellow lab.  Although they hadn’t intended adopting yet, Marigold changed their mind!  She was very happy to be in a home and seemed to love everything about her new digs.  We think she will also enjoy a lot of walks with her new mom and dad, and several of the neighborhood dogs were already looking forward to meeting her!  The cat is also expected to warm up to her over time.  🙂  Enjoy your happily ever after, sweet Marigold!



Kayla and her family’s story when she first arrived at Houndhaven was not a pretty one. She, her brother Jake, and father Chevy were left in the care of a neighbor when their owner was hospitalized and went into a coma. Unfortunately the neighbor wasn’t providing them with enough food, so the two boys were literally starving to death. Kayla apparently though was eating the lion’s share of the food, so although she had some other health issues, starvation was not one of them. As far as finding her a family, we knew it would be a bit more difficult given that she is 7 years old and black. Luckily though for Kayla, her new family didn’t care at all what color she was and were looking for a nice, calm, older dog. Kayla was so happy to be in a home again that her tail never stopped wagging the entire home visit. We are thrilled that Kayla’s life has taken a turn for the better and we expect her tail to keep wagging for a very long time.



It’s hard to believe that a dog as handsome as Abel managed to end up at animal control twice in his short life. He found himself there as a puppy and then again a year later when his family moved and couldn’t take him along. Fortunately we don’t think he’ll ever see the inside of animal control again judging by his new family’s excitement at his arrival. Abel’s mom and dad lost their previous golden a few months ago and when they heard about Abel from a friend of a friend of a friend, they realized they were both ready love another one. Abel, whose new name is Jackson, had a wonderful time playing ball on his home visit and is looking forward to long walks around Lake Eola and trips to dog-friendly restaurants. Best wishes to this latest addition to the Houndhaven family!



Jake is now living in a tropical paradise on Florida’s west coast with a family who will pamper him and take the best care of him and a two year old yellow lab named Jackson—a much deserved turnaround from being 25 lbs. underweight and riddled with fleas.  Jake will be spending time looking out over the water from his backyard and watching boats sail by and playing with Jackson.  During the home visit, Jackson was adorable.  He followed Jake all around the house with a pull toy in his mouth hoping Jake would play tug of war with him.  When that didn’t work, he brought Jake a tennis ball.  Although Jake didn’t play right away since he was trying to adjust to his new surroundings, by that evening Jackson got his wish and the boys had their first play session.  Congratulations, Jake!



Wagner came to Houndhaven at eight weeks old with his three siblings and their mother.  Over the months, he watched as each one was adopted and went off to their own home.  Finally, now seven months old, Wagner’s wait is over.  He has a dad and home, too.  At the home visit, no matter what puppy antic Wagner did, his dad understood that a puppy can get into things and he found Wagner adorable and amusing.   When Wagner put his feet in the water bowl and splashed water all over the kitchen, dad told him he’s going to get him a kiddie pool for the backyard so he can splash around all he wants.  Dad’s roommate has a dog so Wagner has a roommate, too—a two year old Staffordshire terrier who is ready to be his friend.  We’re so thankful Wagner found a dad who appreciates him for the sweet, funny puppy he is.



Happy Harley has found his calling as a working dog.  He has gone to Central Florida K9 Academy to be trained and will likely be placed with a police department or amusement park once training is done.  They look for dogs that love balls because that is their reward for performing their tasks correctly, and they look for dogs with prey drive.  Harley spends his days with a ball in his mouth looking for lizards, so he passed both tests!  Now, as long as he passes his medical requirements, he will be all set!  Way to go, Harley D!



Hagan was with us just shy of seven months before he finally found his forever home.  We couldn’t understand why he kept getting overlooked, but now we know he was waiting for his new family to be done grieving and to get ready to love again.  They came to meet him at Houndhaven in the morning, and before we got to their home that afternoon for the home visit, they had already made a toy run and were well prepared for Hagan’s homecoming!  Hagan went from room to room discovering more toys everywhere and was beside himself with joy.  🙂  He did seem to think that the pumpkin decoration on the dining room table was yet another toy, so mom had to remove it from his line of vision in order to keep him off the table!  He is an only dog, but there are lots of dogs in the neighborhood as well as dog parks, so he will have canine company.  He has a fenced courtyard at his new home in the Villages that he can enjoy with mom and dad, as well as a screened porch.  Mom and Dad only work part time, so he should have plenty of company, and we are pretty sure he has already forgotten about the length of his stay at Houndhaven!  Good things come to those who wait.


Because Jared is pretty calm for a puppy, his new family thought he’d be the perfect companion for their older dog, Sammy. And since Sammy is such a good boy, they’re hoping that he’ll teach Jared how to be a good boy too. If you’re ever strolling through downtown Mount Dora, don’t be surprised if you see Jared with his new family as they live just a few blocks away. His new home has a beautiful “oasis” back yard which is fully fenced for lots of outdoor play time. Since Mom and Dad are retired, Jared will get plenty of attention and will even get to accompany Mom when she rides horses once he’s older. We’re waiting to hear what his new name will be, but we’re thinking “Lucky” would be a good choice! Best wishes to Jared and his new family!!



Outlaw is a tall and lean lab/doberman mix weighing nearly 85 pounds. His new canine brother, Gus, is of all things a short English bulldog! Talk about a crazy combination and yet they got along great on the home visit. Gus seems to like to sit and ponder things for a while before making a move. Once he decided Outlaw seemed to be OK though, he ambled over to Outlaw and lunged at him. They played for a minute and then Gus, deciding he’d had enough exercise, went to lay down. Outlaw wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but he went with the flow, playing for a bit with Gus and then went back to sniffing around the house when Gus was done with him. Outlaw’s new parents are adjusting to a dog that can reach anything he wants on the counter and takes up half the floor space when he stretches out, but they love his sweet personality and are excited to have a big dog in the house. We’re hoping they all will come to Homecoming, so Outlaw can introduce his little “big” brother. 🙂



At just one year old, Hershi has had more homes and families than we care to count, but we’re sure this time is forever.  Chocolate lab Hershi has a big sister named Godiva, also a chocolate lab.  Their mom said with a Godiva and a Hershi, this adoption was meant to be.  On the first day, gentle Godiva accepted Hershi into the family, letting her rifle through her toy basket and pull out toy after toy.  And Hershi  made herself at home right away.  She stretched out and relaxed in her new crate with a cushy bed inside and she played catch with her mom (with Hershi catching the tennis ball from a prime spot on the sofa).  During the work week, mom is going to be able to come home at lunch almost every day to her two sweet girls. 🙂  We’ve received pictures of a very happy Hershi beside the pool and mom said she’s “over the moon in love” with her.



Handsome Harley has found his calling as a working dog!  He is going to Central Florida K9 Academy to be trained as a detection dog.  From there he will be placed with an amusement park or law enforcement agency and help keep central Florida safe!  Harley is smart and loves tennis balls, so he met all of the requirements to be a working dog.  We think he will love it because he needs the stimulation to keep him happy.  Way to go, Harley–learn your lessons well!

Mocha-JA133477 Snickers-JA133609


Snickers met her new mom and human sister at Petsmart, but Mocha was recuperating from knee surgery.  We explained that they couldn’t be separated, so the family came to visit them at Houndhven.  Fortunately, mom and daughter fell in love with Snickers and dad and son fell in love with Mocha!  During the home visit Snickers and Mocha met the one year old Shih Tzu, and Tiger (at 10 pounds) wasted no time trying to hump Snickers!  She didn’t seem to notice so everyone was happy. 🙂   The family previously owned a Canine Companion dog who helped mom with her work with challenged kids, so they are familiar with labs and how to care for them.  They gladly took on the job of helping Mocha finish her recuperation, and both girls are welcome in the bed and on the furniture once that recuperation is complete.  They have a beautiful backyard to enjoy as well once Mocha gets the all clear, and we think they will be happy and spoiled.  We just love happy endings!!



When Matty’s owner surrendered her to Houndhaven, they said she was a little timid and shy. She definitely was timid and she wasn’t adjusting very well to being at the shelter. She didn’t want to eat and we could tell she just wasn’t happy. Fortunately one of our long-time volunteers thought Matty’s shy personality might be just perfect for her father. He came to meet her and immediately fell in love. When we brought Matty out for her home visit, it was obvious that she had just been waiting for a home. Her whole demeanor changed. Her tail started wagging, she was curious about the house and enjoyed exploring the yard. She happily took treats from Dad and then curled up by the couch with a contented sigh. Now Matty will be able to spend lots of time with Dad who is retired watching the golfers from her new lanai. She’ll even get to sleep on the bed! We think this will be the perfect home for Matty to feel comfortable and become the well-adjusted girl she was meant to be. Be happy, Miss Matty!

Chevy Jr.


Chevy Jr. has joined the ever-growing group of Houndhaven dogs that live in The Villages.  His mom and dad were foster failures with their previous dog, a german shepherd with medical issues.  They took excellent care of their former dog, and we know Chevy Jr. will get the same wonderful care and love.  His new parents are very active and will take him on 2+ mile daily walks.  Plus he’ll go to dog parks, little league games, and if he wants to, he’ll swim in his pool and go for rides in his own golf cart.  Every year  Chevy will now spend the summer months in Maryland.  Chevy Jr. knows a good thing when he sees it.—He immediately made himself comfortable at his new home and  followed his parents around the house as if he had been a member of the family for years.  Way to go, Chevy Jr.



Since Paige first appeared on Houndhaven’s website three months ago, her new mom was drawn to Paige’s sweet photo.  She couldn’t understand why no one was adopting such a great dog but when the time was right to adopt again, she felt lucky that Paige was still available.  When the day  came for Paige to come home, not only was the family excited, but on her first walk around her yard, neighbors driving by stopped to give her a pat on the head and the golden across the street and the yellow lab puppy next door were both brought over to say hello.  Paige has three human siblings who showered her with affection and attention and were most anxious to know when she’ll start walking up steps so that she can spend time with them in their upstairs bedrooms.  They’re active in sports and Paige will be going to the ball field to cheer them on.  Dad is currently serving in the military and will be home very soon to meet the newest addition to his family in person.  We think Paige has found the perfect family for her.



Adele is such a sweet dog that we knew we had to find a perfect home for her. Fortunately we were able to do just that! Adele’s new home is over on the east coast of the state in a development with 5 miles of walking trails and a brand new dog park just a short drive away. Mom and Dad, one of whom is home almost all the time, told us all their human and canine neighbors were anxiously awaiting Adele’s arrival. One of the neighbors was actually having a home visit with a different rescue group to adopt a dog, so hopefully Adele won’t be the only new kid on the block. We’re pretty sure Adele, who will now be known as Whitney, is going to be a very spoiled dog. She already has a big, bolster bed in the living room, her very own love seat to dream on in the bedroom and Mom came out with a whole basket of stuffed toys for her . . . three of which she managed to destroy in no time. 🙂 Yep, life is looking pretty sweet for our girl and we couldn’t be happier. Best wishes to Whitney and her new family!



Stetson is a lucky boy.  When he arrived at his new home, he found out he had his own bed, toys, pool and best of all, his own family waiting there and ready to love him.  Although both of his human brothers no longer live at home, they took the time to be there for Stetson’s homecoming.   And dad rearranged his work schedule so he could spend extra time with him.  One of the brothers doesn’t live very far and he’s going to be able to take Stetson out if mom & dad have a longer work day than usual.   Stetson eventually stretched out on the floor with a smile on his face—he was surrounded by his whole family.  He’ll be going for walks with mom and there’s a park within walking distance that he’ll be visiting, too.  He’ll also have the chance to run in the waves at the doggie beach.  We got an email from Stetson’s mom and she said he’s such a loving dog and is doing great.



After nearly 40 years of owning different dogs, Bianca’s new parents had been without the pitter patter of little paws for almost a year. They decided it was time to remedy that situation and fortunately a co-worker told them about Houndhaven. When they met Bianca, her smaller size and sweet personality drew them to her and they decided she was the one for them. Bianca now has a beautiful home with a fenced yard and pool just for her enjoyment. She also has a new human sister who owns two dogs just a mile and half away and on weekends she’ll be traveling to her family’s condo on the coast. We have a feeling that Bianca (now named Tess) is going to be just a bit spoiled and we’re thrilled about that. We’re so glad Bianca/Tess has found her forever home and wish her and her family all the best!



Poor Dionne was unable to run and play for weeks while her leg healed after she was hit by a car. She was practically bouncing off the walls with pent up energy, but once she could get out in the yard to burn off that energy, her sweet, loving personality came bursting out. Her new family, who had just stopped by PetSmart to get dog food, saw her and immediately fell in love. Now Dionne has plenty of room to run and play ball in her new fenced yard with her canine sister and human brother. Her brother is planning to feed and walk her and hopes that she’ll sleep in his bed. We have a feeling this little girl will be worming her way onto someone’s bed soon. 🙂 Congratulations to Dionne and her new family!! We wish them many years of fun together.



Nine month old Roy was a sweetheart (of course) at his home visit.  He loved his two human brothers – ages 7 and 11.  He was as happy as the boys were to play fetch and he rolled over many times for belly rubs from them.  Both boys were very excited to have Roy come live with them and the older brother had even been doing some research and reading articles online on how to train a dog and how to introduce your cats to the new dog in the household.   Boots, the male cat, was not very pleased with Roy and Puss, the female cat, was nowhere to be seen.  But it sounds like the online tips have been productive because we’ve had an update and the cats are already getting used to having Roy around.  Roy was very interested in the pool so the boys will enjoy having a swimming buddy.  Mom works from home and can give Roy a lot of attention and plenty of breaks during the day which is what a puppy needs.  Roy will be taking training classes soon, too.  Mom said he’s fitting in very nicely.  Have fun with your new family, Roy!



Although there were two other Houndhaven dogs we brought to the home visit that Trey’s new family loved and seriously considered adopting, they kept going back to Trey and wanting to spend more time with him.  They’ve been looking for a while for a new canine addition to their family.  They wanted a dog that would be great with the children – ages 5 and 10 – and be a companion and playmate for their 3 ½ year old lab mix Duke.  Trey’s sweetness, age, energy level and how he interacted with everyone made them realize he was the right dog for them.  Trey & Duke will be going on three walks a day with dad, going on jogs with both parents, and playing fetch with the whole family in the backyard.  Mom and dad are teachers so there are many fun summers ahead.  With Duke being named in honor of the university’s basketball team and dad being a high school basketball coach, we’re waiting to hear which team or player Trey is going to be named after!  Congratulations to all.



Daisy with the crazy ears thinks life is looking up!  Not only have her ears settled into a more normal position, but she found her forever home with one of our volunteers and her family.  Daisy nka Skylar joins HH alum Pippa (FKA Chiquita) and Brittany Spaniel brother Jack in her new home.  They both welcomed her with open paws, and her human sisters Caroline and Julia were happy to add her to the family too.  Mom and Dad report that they have been able to wear puppy Daisy out, so the entire family is doing its job.  We are hopeful that Daisy’s leg will have healed well enough in another month that she will be able to run unrestricted, and I’m sure her new family is hoping that too!  You’ve come a long way, Daisy!



Cali’s favorite thing in the world is belly rubs and if the rest of her life is anything like her home visit, she’ll be getting plenty of them. Both Mom and Dad spent a good share of the visit on the floor with her which was just fine with Cali. She will have a lot of work to do though to catch up to her new canine sister, Maui, who knows all kinds of tricks. Maui was a bit nervous around Cali, but Mom and Dad assured us that this is normal behavior for Maui who needs just a little while to warm up to new dogs. Cali also gained a 5 year old human brother who allowed her into his special fort. Lucky Cali will have little alone time as Mom and Dad work different schedules. For those times when they’re both working, Cali, Maui and their brother all head over to Grandpa and Grandma’s house where there’s a fenced yard and a pool! Best of all, Cali and Maui will be getting their own fenced yard very soon. 🙂 Cali’s new home is very close to the shelter, so we look forward to seeing her often. Way to go, Cali!!



Life is painting a very pretty picture for Picasso right now. Gone are his days of running loose bothered by itchy skin, painful ears and droopy eyelids. All of those things have been replaced by a loving, forever home. Mom and Dad are huge dog lovers whose work schedules allow someone to be at home quite a bit. When they are gone though, Picasso (now named Crosby) will always have his new canine brother Black Jack, a 15 month old dalmation, to keep him occupied. The two dogs hit it off almost immediately and after a few minutes were running in the fenced yard trying to play tug o’ war with a Nylabone! Their cat wasn’t quite a happy as Black Jack about Picasso’s arrival, but she didn’t seem to have any problem putting him in his place. One day a week he’ll even go to doggy daycare where he’ll have the chance to make new friends. We can’t imagine anything better for this handsome puppy! Congratulations to Crosby and his new family. 🙂



About two years after losing their Houndhaven dog Stuart, these former adopters decided it was time to once again have a dog in their life, and Cooper was the lucky dog they chose.  They didn’t make their decision lightly.  When Cooper came for his home visit, they walked him to see how well he behaved on a leash, saw how he played with toys, and most importantly, how he interacted with Abbey, his 9 year old human sister.  And Abbey did her own temperament testing.  She sat down at the piano and played a few songs for Cooper to see how he’d react to the music.  Cooper did beautifully!  We love how serious they are about their commitment to him.  And the smile on his face each time someone from his family rubbed his tummy or scratched behind his ears showed us that Cooper agreed he was finally home.



Echo was not a fan of Houndhaven, so thankfully she found a home fast!  Her new dad had adopted from Houndhaven before and had such a good experience that he came back for seconds.  His chocolate lab Jake came with him to select the right dog, and sweet Echo won out over several other wonderful candidates!  Echo now lives in a beautiful log cabin with a doggie door to a deck and fenced area so that she and Jake can enjoy the outdoors or indoors as they prefer.  They have a pet sitter for when dad has to go out of town, and of course each other!  They both were making advances toward play, so we suspect it won’t be long before they are wrestling and having a grand time.  Jake is a five year old, so Echo is a bit of a cougar, but Jake didn’t seem to mind one bit!  Our wish for you, sweet Echo, is that you never have to find yourself back at the Houndhaven again and that you will know only joy and happiness from now on.  xoxo



We had no idea when Luigi first came to Houndhaven how picky he was going to be about finding a forever home. It took him five months of meeting potential families at the shelter and PetSmart before he found the perfect one. His new family consists of Mom (who works from home) and Dad, two human brothers and two feline sisters. While he may not have been totally sure about the cats, he was positive about the humans. The fact that they have a huge, fenced back yard just perfect for playing ball and a pool for cooling off on these hot summer days was just icing on the cake. While we’re all so happy for Luigi, we will miss him at HH and wish he and his new family all the best for many years to come.



Rosa’s new mom and dad came to see another dog but were taken by Rosa when they saw her.  Both dogs went on the home visit, but it was Rosa who got to stay.  She was a bit intimidated by her 11 year old black lab sister for the first few minutes, but once they got acquainted, they were best buddies.  Rosa looked like mini Me!  Rosa also quickly learned the doggie door to the beautiful shaded yard, complete with swimming pool.  She wasn’t all that interested in the pool, but mom is retired so she will have plenty of time to get used to it.  She will get 2-3 walks around the neighborhood daily and will get to travel in the family rv.  A trip to Aspen is being planned, so Rosa will be a ramblin’ girl soon!  Her new name is Synda (cinder with a Boston accent!), and we are very excited for all the future holds for this sweet little girl.  Stay in touch, Synda!



Esther is a sweet girl who deserves a forever home and fortunately she found one today. Her new mom is a retired teacher who was looking for a slightly older dog to be a companion for her current dog, Harris. Harris was trained to be a service dog and, according to his mom, gets along with all other dogs. That was definitely the case with Esther too, so we think they will be fast friends. Esther’s new home is in a very dog-friendly area with lots of shade and areas for long walks. Given that her mom is retired, she’ll get plenty of attention too . . . the perfect combination for any dog! Congratulations Esther!!



At Houndhaven, the volunteers fell in love with adorable pup Capone.  When he met his new big sis, golden retriever Caira, he worked his magic on her and they were soon having fun wrestling and chasing each other through the house, not stopping until they were both exhausted.  We now know why dad said Caira is three years old going on six months!  She kept right up with four month old Capone.  This is the perfect fit for him because he LOVES to hang out with the adult dogs and do everything that they do, and now he has his very own big sister.   Both parents are devoted to Caira and are ready to embrace Capone as well.  Since all their dogs have had Irish names, they’re thinking Finnegan might be a good new name for him.  Much happiness, little guy!

Willis Weber


HH alum Molly and her parents decided that it was time to spice things up at their house, so they adopted both Willis AND Weber!  Molly is a yellow lab, so the three of them look like an Oreo cookie together.  🙂  Dad is now retired but he no longer has time on his hands, as they boys keep him quite busy.  He refers to them as precious rascals and reports that they play constantly, with Molly overseeing of course.  Weber, now known as Jake, and Willis, now known as Livingston, enjoy all their new toys and their new crate.  They are still voracious eaters and are working on housetraining.  Mom and Dad report that they are a joy to watch, so the boys have found themselves the right home.  Way to go, guys!!



Four month old Willow is now living near the beach in South Florida with her new mommy, daddy and six year old human sister.  Her sister did a wonderful job of puppy proofing and setting up a safe, cozy spot in her bedroom for Willow to sleep, although we suspect Willow will be sleeping in her sister’s canopy bed very soon.  A pink collar was waiting with a rhinestone tag engraved with Willow’s new name—Kahlua.  Both parents’ flexible schedules will allow them to come home and give Kahlua breaks during work days.  As a behavior analyst, Kahlua’s mommy uses positive reinforcement in her job and that experience will be valuable in training a puppy.  The adoption became official when all three (mommy, daddy and sister) signed the papers.  And the drawing on the front door of the newly formed family of four said it all – “Welcome Home Kahlua.  We love you.”



Little Stryker transformed from a 31 pound skinny minny with no hair on his nose to a 42 pound handsome hunk in his five months at HH.  He had to get past ringworm and not having enough food, but we don’t think he will ever want for medical attention or good food again.  We have known his new mom and dad for years, and when their last dog passed they knew it was time to come see HH.  It took them a while to decide because they pretty much love every dog they meet, but Stryker kept coming out on the top of the list.  Mom works one day a week at Disney, so he had a new Disney collar waiting for him as well as tennis balls, a nylabone that he was carrying around like a cigar, and other toys.  His human sister and her two kids live in the neighborhood so they came over to welcome Stryker home.  They were all planning walks on the nearby trail and trips to the local dog park area in the evenings when it is cooler. Stryker also has a fenced backyard for playing with those tennis balls, and he had a kiddie pool in case he wants to be a “swimmer”.   All in all this little guy couldn’t ask for much more, and we are thrilled that he found such a great family.  Good job, Stryker!




We knew we were at the right place when we spotted the “Welcome Home Dawn” sign on the mailbox.  Dawn was so excited to be in a home environment that she wore herself out by running from room to room, out onto the lanai, into the fenced back yard, and then back again—with mom keeping an eye out to make sure she was staying safe.  Along the way, Dawn found she has her own swimming pool and a view of the lake.  Mom will be taking her on three walks a day and there are four human family members (ages 7-16) who visit often and will help keep Dawn busy, too.  After all that exercise, a girl deserves a little biscuit from the “Bedtime Bones” treat jar in the kitchen.  Congrats, Dawn.  Your mom will take good care of you.



Not to be outdone by Roslyn, Jordan called in a favor from a friend and got the friend to introduce her to her new family!  Who says blind dates don’t work!! This couple have a dog named Dingo and a cat named Sam but didn’t feel that their family was quite complete.  When they met Jordan and saw what a sweet dog she is (and how badly she wanted Dingo to play with her), they decided she was the one to complete their little family.  Dingo and Sam weren’t quite as sure, but everyone thought they would come around and be friends soon.  We anticipate that Jordan may well become the best trained HH dog ever because her new dad invests a lot of time into training.  Dingo was amazingly obedient, and if Jordan learns to behave half as well, she will be an amazing dog!  There are no fences for her to climb in her new home, so “Air Jordan” has been grounded.  And we don’t think she will mind a bit!



Roslyn spent most of her “puppyhood” at Houndhaven. The volunteers found her to be playful, sweet and just plain adorable. For some reason though, no one else saw how wonderful she was, so as other dogs came and went, little Ros kept waiting for her turn. Now we realize she was just being picky and waiting for the perfect family. When a young couple came out to meet dogs, Roslyn knew they were the family she had been waiting for, so she turned on the charm. Apparently it worked like a charm too! They fell in love with her and as they say, the rest is history. Roslyn now has a beautiful home with Mom and Dad, two cats and a black lab sister who is the perfect playmate! The two girls were racing around the house together and jumping on the sofa having a marvelous time. We will certainly miss having this little girl around, but we’re so happy she has finally found a family of her own. Be happy, Roslyn!!



Toby LOVES his ball, so we found him a home where he will get to play ball all day–as a scent dog at SeaWorld!  Central Florida K9 came out to test our dogs, and Toby passed all of the tests with flying colors.  They are taking him for about 200 hours of training in which the ball will be his reward for sniffing out various substances.  He will then go to Sea World and have a handler who he will work with all day keeping the park safe.  We think that Toby will enjoy having a job because he has a lot of energy, but he will also get playtime with the other dogs and lots of love from his handler.  Toby will not lack for stimulation or attention!  He also will not lack for great care because he will be extremely valuable once he has completed his training.  We wish Toby the best in his new endeavor and look forward to hearing good reports about his work!



Sophie is a perfect dog, and she got a perfect family.  She loved mom, dad and human sister and even thought the cat was interesting. They have a chocolate lab Dewey who would love to be pals with Sophie, but our demure girl is playing hard to get.  We feel confident that Sophie will warm up once she gets used to him.  She has a lovely new home on a lake (but will not be going in the lake).  She has a pool that Dewey was trying to show her how to use at the home visit, and she will likely be sleeping in someone’s bed.  Sophie cannot wait for her heartworm treatment to be over so she can go home and start enjoying her wonderful new family!



Goodman is certainly appropriately named as he was such a good boy on his home visit. He quietly followed his new mom through the house learning his way around and walked nicely on a leash with his human brother and sister. He even politely gave the cat plenty of room after she hissed at him! Goodman’s new family was very impressed with his nice manners and friendly personality. We expect that he will soon become a beach bum since he will be living about a block from Clearwater beach in a very dog-friendly neighborhood. Mom works from home and Dad is a teacher who will be around all summer, so lucky Goodman is going to get lots of family time in the next couple of months. Good news for a “Good Man”!!

Ellis and Ethan


Ellis and Ethan were being handed out as free puppies at Walmart.  A rescuer took them in and got them to Houndhaven so that they could find a good home.  And that is exactly what they did one day after their arrival!!  A HH previous adopter was bringing us leftover medicine from her dog who had passed just a few days prior.  To cheer her up, we suggested she go visit the puppies, and these two snuggly and sweet boys convinced her to adopt them!  She and her husband had raised brother labs together for the past 15 years, so it seemed appropriate that they should end up with another brother team.  And HH alum Mazzy (fka Fawn) was thrilled to have them!  Even Cootie the cat seemed to approve.  Their new names are Beau and Ty (think Bowtie or Beau-ty), and with yellow Mazzy, they make the perfect Oreo cookie. 🙂  We are happy that we will get to see them grow up in a loving and responsible environment.  Good job, guys!



Finn’s new mommy recently lost HH alum Packer and needed a new baby to help her through her grief.  She came to HH and interviewed everyone, and Finn was the one who stole her heart!  Finn’s older sister, HH alum Charity, seems kind of fond of him too, although she is trying hard not to show it. 🙂  Charity had a burst of energy at the home visit that Mom said she hasn’t seen in years!  Finn loved all the tennis balls and the pool during his home visit, and he can’t wait for his ear infection to clear so that he can go swimming.  In the meantime, he is contenting himself with lots of loving from Mom, lots of tennis ball fetching, long walks around the nearby lake and naps on the cool tile floor.  Quite a comeback for a guy who was at animal control waiting to die just a few months ago.  Congratulations, Finn, you deserve it!



Poor Sullivan got a rough start at HH when the owner stepped on and broke his toe!  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise though because when she called an orthopedic specialist for advice, the doctor put her in touch with friends who were looking for a yellow lab puppy.  Now Sullivan has a great family and not one, but two veterinarians who are close friends and keeping a close eye on his toe (and everything else)!  One of Sullivan’s new parents is a prosecutor, so he has been renamed Justice, and he couldn’t be happier about it!  This little boy is already incredibly spoiled, and we know he will have nothing but the best from now on!  Way to go!!



We are happy to  report that Gilbert has left the building!  He has been adopted by HH alum Miller and his mom as  their first puppy!  Miller’s mom has had 3 HH dogs previously but decided it was time for a puppy.  Sweet Gilbert stole her heart and Miller’s heart, so he will be learning about how to be a yellow lab from sweet Miller.  We t hink there will be lots of fun in store for the whole family and look forward to seeing Gilbert grow in a loving environment!  Congrats, Gilbert!




Mom and dad wanted an easy going lab with a good disposition and their two teenage sons wanted a big lab that could be their buddy.  They found the perfect dog for them in Blackjack.   His family saw what a good boy he is when he showed a lot of restraint as 10 ducks came into his new backyard a few feet from where he was standing.  He also chose not to steal a tempting snack off the kitchen counter even though it would have been easy for him since he’s the same height as the counter.  Blackjack had everyone laughing when his oldest brother told him to sit and he did—right in his brother’s lap, becoming a 92 lb. lap dog.  Mom let us know everything is going exceptionally well.  She said he gives fur sister Sadie (Rosee @ Houndhaven) kisses whenever he walks past her and the family is falling in love with Blackjack.



Hollie has been adopted!!  She’s been waiting for a long time for just the right family and her new parents have been waiting a long time for just the right dog.  Hollie has a mom and dad all to herself.  She won’t have to share them with any other dogs or cats.  They’re retired so she’s going to be able to spend a lot of time with them which will make Hollie really happy.  She loves being with people and now she has her very own.  She’s already picked out a good spot on the lanai to relax and take a nap.  There’s a huge yard with a view of the lake and it’s fenced to keep her safe.   Mom fed her breakfast at the home visit and even though Hollie was hard to resist when she carried her empty food bowl around hoping for a refill, her family is committed to continue her diet so she’ll get down to her ideal weight.  Congratulations to Hollie and her parents.  We know they’ll take good care of her.



In search of a friend for their chocolate lab, Dublin, Anna’s new parents decided to check out the dogs at Houndhaven. There were a few that caught their eye, but two of them seemed to be of particular interest, Jordan and Anna. Of course the final decision had to be made by Dublin since she was the one desperate for a playmate. We brought the girls out to meet Dublin, but wouldn’t you know, they both liked her! They were both good in the house, they walked well on the leash and shared the toys. Now what?! Then Anna and Dublin started to play in earnest and once Mom and Dad saw how Anna liked to use her paws to “box”, but was still happy to let Dublin be the boss, they were in love. We are thrilled for little Anna Banana and now that there’s a black and a chocolate lab in the family, we hope they’ll be back for a yellow to complete the set. 🙂 Don’t worry, Jordan, next time it will be your turn!!



Eight month old Buster Doodle spent more than half his life living in a garage.  A kind woman rescued him from that situation, cleaned him up (she found maggots in his fur!) and cared for him until he came to Houndhaven.  Buster has been adopted by two Houndhaven volunteers.  He runs through the flower beds in his new backyard and comes out with tiny red and blue flowers in his fur instead of maggots, and he’ll have regular appointments with a groomer.  Buster is happy and curious and follows mom & dad everywhere.  He loves having three canine sisters to learn from.  Because his hind legs don’t work properly, his sisters have only taken him on short walks so the concrete doesn’t irritate his back paws & Buster will be trying out his booties for longer walks.  Of course, he thinks everything within his reach must be a toy, so mom & dad are busy puppy proofing.  He’s brought his sweetness and fun to the family and is a real joy.  They were calling him their little buddy, so it just seemed right that Buddy is his new name.


Breck’s new mom has big plans for this beautiful girl. Mom has been in the ministry for a long time and for the past ten years she included her black lab, Annie, while ministering to seniors and the hard of hearing. Unfortunately Annie doesn’t have the stamina she once did, but Mom thought the time was right for Annie to help teach a younger dog all she knows. Luckily a neighbor (a HH adopter) told her about Houndhaven and when she came out to meet the dogs, she felt an instant connection with Breck. Breck (now named Joy) and Annie got along great on the home visit and Dad thought she was perfect too, so Joy will now begin her training to become a therapy dog. We know that in time she will live up to her new name and bring joy to many people. Her life though will not be all work and no play. She has a big back yard for playing ball, will take daily walks and get regular play days at doggie daycare. We couldn’t be happier for Breck/Joy and her family and wish them all the best!!



Churchill was adopted by a couple who recently lost their yellow lab and needed another dog to heal their hearts.  When they saw Churchill at the Spring Fest in Lake Eola a few weeks ago, they were drawn to him but not yet ready to love again.  They kept looking at his picture and thinking of him until finally they knew it was time to make him a member of the family!  Churchill will get to run with mom daily, and the family’s schedule is such that mom or dad should be home with him most of the time!  He has a nice fenced yard in which to chase lizards, and he has a couple of feline siblings that we hope he will learn to love.  They weren’t so sure about him at first, but since they are used to having a dog in the home, mom and dad had high hopes that they would all be pals soon.  Dad has lived in England, so they thought Churchill’s name was great and did not plan to change it.  We expect Churchill to be prime minister of his new territory in no time, and wish him a long and happy life in his new role!



One of our volunteers fell in love with sweet Mattie when she came to Houndhaven, couldn’t get her out of her mind and decided to adopt her.  Mattie’s got a big brother now–a golden retriever–who is just as sweet as she is so it made their introduction very easy.  Yellow lab Fiona (a Houndhaven alum), who lives nearby and spends time with Mattie’s family, also came to visit and all three dogs did great together.  Dad says Mattie is so small–they’re used to large dogs in their home–he may get a bell for her to wear so they know when she’s at their feet.  Outside Mattie ran around the pool and even took a drink of pool water, but it doesn’t look like she’ll actually be going into the water.  Mom & dad are excited to have Mattie with them and are ready to spoil her.  A big thank you to Mattie’s foster family for taking excellent care of her.



Former Houndhaven resident Luke picked Lizzy to be his sister when he came out to meet several of the current residents.  Dad said Luke’s tail started wagging as soon as he met Lizzy at the shelter.  Once Lizzy completed her heartworm treatment, the day finally came for Lizzy to come home.  Luke greeted her in his backyard with his little face peeking through the fence and his tail still wagging.  He showed Lizzy his yard and house and sweetly brought her his toys to share.  She’s going to have an active life with daily walks, doggy friends stopping by (Luke has lots of friends), weekend trips to the dog park and car adventures around Florida.   Lizzy (now re-named Abby) is going to be a happy girl!



Five years ago Houndhaven rescued a tiny little puppy named Brinkley who was adopted and renamed Abby.  Last year Abby lost her older labrador brother.  Mom and dad felt like the family was finally ready to adopt again, and that’s how Tahoe came to be Abby’s new little brother.  Mom and dad’s instincts were spot on when they chose Tahoe because he and Abby liked each other from the moment they met, and Tahoe followed dad around the house.  Abby loves having a brother to play with and Tahoe is happy to wrestle and play with her, too.  Tahoe will have daily morning and evening family walks and mid-day walks with a dog walker during the work week.  There’s a backyard with tennis balls.  And he’s also extremely interested in the pool where he’ll be able to stay cool while watching the wildlife in the lake out back.  Congrats, Tahoe!



Brady is definitely a lab mix as he’s only 42 pounds, but he has a lab personality through and through. His size though was the thing that caught his new mom’s eye and it enabled him to worm his way into her heart. At a year Brady is still full of puppy energy and curiosity, but his new mom and dad think he’s just the cutest thing ever. They live in a very dog-friendly neighborhood, so he’ll get to meet and play with lots of other dogs both on his daily walks with mom and at the local dog park. Dad is training for a marathon and plans to take Brady running with him part of the way which will be perfect for burning off excess energy and on long work days he’ll be going to doggy daycare for play time. We think Brady may become just a tad bit spoiled (especially when Dad is out of town) after hearing about the freeze dried chicken treats he’ll be getting, but Brady seemed to be OK with that. 🙂 We wish Brady and his new family lots of love and laughter in the years to come!



Lovely Lacie was finally adopted after six long months at Houndhaven!  Her new mom and dad said it was probably because she was so attached to one of our volunteers that she didn’t want to leave!!  But leave she did for a home with a retired surgeon and his wife in the Villages.  They had recently lost their beloved yellow lab to cancer and were ready to love again.  They were happy to accommodate Lacie’s request that she be the only pet in the home, and they had several squeaky toys ready for her arrival, which suited our girl just fine. 🙂  Lacie slept in the bed on her first night home and was already protecting her new family from the scary yard guys within 24 hours of her arrival.  Lacie’s paw/eye coordination leaves something to be desired because she isn’t very good at catching balls or treats, but we suspect that will improve with time.  She has a pool for her swimming pleasure and will have a golf cart to chauffer her around her new community.  Be a good girl, Lacie, and we will see you at homecoming!!!

Romeo 3


Romeo has a new family, a new house in Sarasota and a new name–Chase.  After seeing how he loved to chase tennis balls, they thought the new name was appropriate.  His human brother loves to throw the tennis ball for him, so we suspect that Chase will be the new family sport as well as the new family dog!  Chase got along fine with Chloe the cocker spaniel and Cooper the cat, as well as with his new human sister and brother.  In fact, Chloe actually dragged her human after Chase when he started to go for a walk without her. 🙂  Chase’s new family includes a grandma and grandpa who adopted two dogs from Houndhaven previously, so we were happy that this dog loving family came to us for their newest member.  Chase, your days of neglect and roaming are over now!!!



Already a great friend to Houndhaven, a wonderful family has adopted sweet chocolate lab Carolina.  She has six siblings—5 female and 1 male—all yellow labs!  Mom said Carolina will be placed in the center of family portraits to keep things symmetrical!  On her first day, after introductions were made slowly so Carolina wouldn’t be too overwhelmed and all the dogs were eventually out in the yard together, it was time for supervised play time with mom and dad.  Carolina immediately joined in and the activity helped her to get more comfortable with her new pack.  Once everyone was tired out, Carolina and her family took a relaxing pontoon boat ride on the lake where Carolina spent the entire trip on a seat next to mom either snuggled up against her or in her lap.  What a great way to start her new life.   The family now includes Carolina and Georgia (adopted from Houndhaven also).   We’re here whenever they want to add another state!



Almost six months to the day of Muffin’s arrival at Houndhaven, she will be going home with her new mom, dad and K9 sister.  One of our volunteers got mad after spending a couple of adoption fairs watching everyone talk about how wonderful Muffin is and then do nothing to adopt her.  She talked to her husband, he agreed to meet Muffin, and the rest is history!!!  Sweet Muffin won over everyone at the home visit, including her new 7.5 year old australian shepherd sister.  They played sweetly together, and Muffin knew when to back off when Sasha was done.  Muffin couldn’t believe her good fortune when mom and dad produced a new toy and a new nylabone, and she thought that Sasha’s bed was pure heaven!  She was a little intimidated by the pool, but her curiosity led us to believe that she will get in once the whole family is in the pool.  We couldn’t have been prouder of Muffin, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with her new family.  Sometimes a home is worth waiting for!!!



Flanders has a home, dad , fur brother and brand new name—Bo.  Dad has been looking for a companion for his golden retriever Jack and after coming to an adoption event, Flanders and his sweet personality stood out as a good match for the family.  He gets to go on long daily walks and will sometimes be able to go to work with dad.  They’re in the market for a home with a pool, so it’s hoped Flanders will enjoy swimming.  Dad reports everyone is settling in and both boys are playing well with toys together.  Congratulations to our adorable buddy with the heart-shaped face.



Cheyenne had to wait almost 5 months to be ready to go to her new home, but patience paid off for her and her new parents.  They are living happily ever after with Cheyenne’s new K9 sister Roxy!  Cheyenne was hit by a car right before we got her last Nov., and she has been on the mend since.  We finally had to fuse the wrist joint in her leg so that she wouldn’t have swelling and limping in the future, so she is still mending–but this time she gets to do it in her new home.  How they are going to keep her and Roxy quiet for 10 weeks is something no one has an answer to yet, but they are determined to do it!  We couldn’t be happier for sweet Cheyenne and her wonderful parents, and the best part is that her new mom is a volunteer so we will get lots of reports!!



MacArthur’s new dad recently retired from the military and the family will soon be moving into their new home.  They felt the time was right as they start this new chapter in their life to once again have a canine family member and MacArthur is the lucky dog they chose.  At his home visit he was relaxed and calm and seemed to easily fit into their family.  They were touched he chose to lay in the their previous dog’s favorite spots & he happily wagged his tail whenever they (mom, dad, 2 brothers and a sister) came to lay next to him and shower him with love and attention.  Mom is happy she’ll have MacArthur to take with her on her daily walks and we think dad came up with the perfect nickname for this gentle, long-legged boy—Big Mac.  All of the Houndhaven volunteers will miss our buddy MacArthur and wish him the best.



Charlotte has a home.  When alum Enderfisk (his name was Pooh at Houndhaven) spotted her through the fence, he wanted to play in the worst way.  But Charlotte needed some time to get familiar with her new surroundings.  He anxiously waited for her to check things out, and when he felt the time was right, he brought her his favorite Frisbee and got his wish – Charlotte started to play.  Both chocolate labs look so much alike that when they stood face to face they were almost mirror images and it was hard to tell them apart as they were running around the yard.  Dad has his workshop in a building on the property and Charlotte will be joining her brother as an official greeter when customers arrive.  We’re glad this family came back to Houndhaven when they were ready to adopt again.  And thanks to big brother Ender for giving his final approval.  Congratulations, Charlotte!



Kolt is just what the doctor ordered to mend his new dad’s broken heart after recently losing both of his beloved beagles.   Kolt instinctively seems to know what to do to make things better—like snuggling up for a long nap with his head on dad’s chest the whole time.  The two of them are going to be searching for a new home because apparently Kolt needs a house with his own pool! 🙂  Dad told us he’s the sweetest dog, is doing great, and he’s thankful to have him in his life.  He feels like Kolt has rescued him instead of the other way around—but we think this happy yellow lab is pretty thankful for his wonderful new dad, too.



Loveable Largo found a home with one of our long time volunteers.  His new mom and dad lost their HH alum Angel last November and decided to wait a bit to adopt again.  They wanted a dog in their home though so they offered to foster.  They were able to reluctantly let go of their first foster dog, but it wasn’t as easy to say goodbye to Largo.  In a few short weeks he wormed his way into their hearts and convinced them that they were ready to adopt again.  He now has two Martha Stewart collars with bow ties to accent his good looks, and we are quite sure that he will never have another bad day in his life!  We are thrilled for Largo and for his new family and we wish them a very long and happy life together!



Sweet Minnie has been adopted by a black lab mix named Cody and his mom.  Cody’s buddy and playmate passed recently, and eight year old Cody has been lost without a pal.  Mom has been searching for just the right fit, and she felt she found it when she met Minnie!  Minnie loved the large shaded backyard and figured out the doggie door in no time flat!  She also claimed one of the dog beds before her home visit was over, so we don’t think it will take long for Minnie to make herself right at home!!  Mom is retired, so Minnie will get lots of love and attention from both Mom and Cody.  In fact, Cody showed Minnie a little too much love during the home visit and was put in his place in short order. 🙂  After that he decided he would admire Minnie from afar!  We suspect that they will become good friends once they establish the rules of their relationship, and we think that Minnie has found her happily ever after.



Big Bailey caught the eye of one of our lab loving volunteers, and he now has a fabulous new home!  Bailey joined black lab sister Bailey (now known as Bale) and mom and dad in their beautiful home in Mission Inn.  Mom and Dad are retired, so Bailey gets lots of walks and attention, and they say that he fit right in just like he had always lived there!  Bale welcomed him with open paws (she seemed to think he was very handsome), and the two of them got along from the moment they met.  We are thrilled to hear of Bailey’s adventures every week when his new mom comes to volunteer, and it sounds like he found the perfect home–way to go Bailey!



After several months at Houndhaven while undergoing heartworm treatment, it was finally Shane’s turn to find a home of his own. Shane is a bit shy and is nervous around new things, so he never interacted much with all the people at PetSmart. Fortunately his new family was able to see beyond that shyness to the sweet boy Shane is. His new mom has been a long-time volunteer and foster mom for Lab Rescue, so she has dealt with dogs with all kinds of issues. She and Shane’s new dad and human brother, Luke, are determined to get him over his fears until he is a happy, well-adjusted boy. We are so happy for Shane and his family and can’t wait to hear that he has faced his fears and is enjoying his new life.



The best news ever—Winnie has been adopted!   After a 6-month wait and watching dog after dog go to their new homes, Winnie finally has her own family—including a human brother and sister and feline sister Lola.   Mom said when she saw Winnie’s picture online it was like there was a glow around it and she knew Winnie was meant for them.   She is a stay-at-home mom and dad works from home.  He’s also a runner and is looking forward to Winnie being his running buddy.  There are lots of dogs in the neighborhood and another Houndhaven dog lives just two houses away, so Winnie will have lots of social interaction.  And Winnie’s family said they just may come back to Houndhaven in a few months to adopt a second dog—which would be wonderful!  Thank you to Winnie’s foster mom who gave her a much needed break from the shelter environment and took such great care of her while she waited for her forever family.  Congrats, Winnie!



Bubba’s previous owner gave him up because he didn’t have time to give this energetic boy the exercise he needed. We don’t think that will be a problem in his new home! His family has adopted from us previously, but unfortunately their HH dog passed away. They do however have an older lab and a younger mix who was looking for a playmate. She and Bubba hit it off almost immediately and the two of them were running and playing in no time. Fortunately they have a fenced yard for those times that Bubba and his friend get a little carried away. He’s going to get a couple of walks a day plus lots and lots of play time! We couldn’t think of any other home that would be better for Bubba! Congratulations to everyone and thanks to this family for coming back to Houndhaven for their next four-legged friend. We love to keep it all in the family.



Our sweet pup Sugar has become the newest member of a great young family.  At the home visit, Sugar danced, wagged her tail and gave kisses as she greeted everyone and she seemed to feel comfortable in the home right away.  She’ll get lots of walks and lots of playtime in the backyard with her human brother and sister.  We loved that the two of them immediately gave her nicknames and were calling her Sugie and Sug.  Mom works from home and will be able to give Sugar the extra attention and care an 11 month old puppy needs.  We’ll miss this happy dog at the shelter.  Have a healthy, wonderful life, Sugie!



Lillie wasted no time finding a home and will be leaving us only three weeks after she came to HH!  It would be quicker than that if she didn’t have to be spayed and treated for heartworms!!  Because Lillie is going to a calm household with a 15.5 year old dog, she will be able to recuperate in a home environment.  The girls look and act a lot alike, so we could see why dad was drawn to Lillie when he saw her on facebook.  She clinched the deal when she calmly and quietly came over to meet him and offered him her paw. 🙂  Lillie’s dad is retired, so she will get plenty of walks around her beautiful new neighborhood and will have plenty of companionship.  We couldn’t be more delighted about bringing this great dog and great dog owner together, and we look forward to hearing about her happily ever after!



Ladybelle is the perfect match for her new family.  From the moment she met her canine brother Dewey,  they got along great and enthusiastically wrestled and chased each other around the house in a one big Labrador whirlwind until they were both exhausted.  Yet when her five year old human sister called, Ladybelle adoringly and calmly followed her and when they sat down, Ladybelle snuggled up and leaned against her.  We have a strong feeling there’s a pink tutu in Ladybelle’s future.  A human brother, mom & dad complete the family.  They said she’s the happiest dog they’ve ever met and she wants nothing more than to be near them.  They continue to work on her weight loss by taking her for several walks a day and when the weather warms up she can exercise in the pool.   All our best to you, Ladybelle.



Liza found her furever home with a couple who are long time friends of HH.  Liza is their fourth HH dog, the others having passed after great lives.  Her new name is Rosie, and she wasted no time making herself right at home.  She climbed up on the sofa next to her new mom, and mom immediately announced that she had special dispensation to get on the couch!  Rosie will get to spend part of the year in Connecticut and part in Windermere, so we think she will have the best of both worlds.  It turns out she lives just steps away from another HH alum, so we expect Rosie will be welcomed to the neighborhood in style. 🙂  Good job, Rosie!!!



Four humans, two cats, two cockatiels, two tortoises and now Maria = one wonderful family!  Although it must have felt overwhelming to her, Maria did remarkably well meeting everyone–curious but gentle.  While it may take a little time for the cats to approve of Maria, the rest of the family already does.  Mom is a nutritionist whose job is working with animals so there are no worries about Maria getting healthy food and treats, and she’ll be taking Maria on at least two daily walks.  She already took her for an evening walk around the neighborhood during the home visit.  We got a report last night that Maple 🙂 was settling in beautifully and curled up at mom’s feet.  Congratulations to you and your whole family, Maple.



Salisbury is one of the more unique looking dogs we’ve had at Houndhaven. We don’t know what he’s mixed with to give him his brindle coat, but whatever it is, it must be sweet! Salisbury quickly became a volunteer favorite with his easy going personality and sweet disposition. All of these things, his coat, personality and disposition, were exactly what made his new family fall in love with him. The big guy now has two human brothers, a human sister and 2 feline siblings. The cats weren’t too excited to see him, but everyone else in the family was thrilled! They have a big pool where he may swim if he’d like and he’s welcome to sleep on any bed. We couldn’t be happier for Salisbury and his family. It’s the perfect way to start the new year!



Quite often it takes a lot more time to find a home for black dogs, but not for Miss Poppy. Her sweet personality made her a favorite with everyone she met. That included a family who had adopted from Houndhaven previously. Their HH dog, Luna, had passed away and they were ready to bring another lab into their home to be a canine sister to their two Boston terriers. Their dogs weren’t too sure about Poppy at first, but after a get-acquainted period, the dogs were having a grand time playing together. The smaller dogs sleep with their human sister, so the plan is to have Poppy (now named Riley Kennedy) sleep with her human brother. We’ve already gotten several pictures showing a very happy Riley snuggling up to her family . . . another happy ending!


Amazin’ Gracie has gone to the beach! Yes, our sweet Gracie’s days will be filled with sun, sand and surf. This lucky girl now lives 10 houses from the beach and will be getting lots of walks to soak up the sun and shed some pounds. Her new family is committed to returning Gracie to that beautiful girl hiding under the extra weight and get her ready for bikini season. 🙂 Mom works from home, so Gracie will get plenty of attention. When she would like some canine play time, she can go visit HH alum, Noah (now named Nole) who was recently by Gracie’s new grandparents! We love it when things stay in the family!! Congratulations to Gracie and her parents!! We look forward to seeing lots of pictures of a slim and trim Amazin’ Gracie.



Brewster found his forever home with a long time acquaintance of Houndhaven.  Her two dogs are 7-8 years apart in age, and the younger one needed a dog to play with.  She was impressed by Brewster’s sweet nature and good looks, so we took him over to see if her dogs were equally impressed.  While they weren’t crazy about Brewster’s puppy energy, once he calmed down the dogs accepted him well.  Mom took the three of them for a trial walk, and they walked wonderfully together!  We suspect once they teach him a few manners that Brewster and his two brothers will get along great!  Brewster also has a human sister at home, so he shouldn’t have to be put in the dreaded crate too often.  We are delighted that our precious Brewster found such a wonderful home, and we can’t wait to hear good reports!



Handsome Aiden finally found his forever home with a dog loving family in Winter Park.  He has a chocolate lab brother named Thor and a mixed breed sister named Penny.  His human siblings are adults, and mom and dad admit to replacing them with dogs!  Aiden will enjoy twice daily walks and, possibly, visits to the dog park.  He will go along when the family vacations in St. Augustine and will definitely be a member of the family.  We are so glad that Aiden gets to start the new year with a new loving family!  Best wishes, Aiden!!!



It’s been a long wait–five months of being a Houndhaven resident which included recovering from awful mammary gland infections–but Blessing has been adopted and will be in her home in time for Christmas!  Her family is active and athletic.  They’re joggers and soccer players.  And that works out perfectly because Blessing just happens to love running and soccer balls!  At the home visit, she located all the balls in the yard including long-lost soccer balls under bushes and shrubs.  Over and over again she dropped them at the feet of her three human siblings so they would toss the balls across the yard for her.  When she needed a break it was time for affection from them.  They love Blessing’s spirit and appreciate her playfulness and energy.  And after a family vote, it was unanimous–she had a family and home to call her own.  Blessing, we will always love you.

Sugarplum (2)


Sugarplum’s new mom is one of our regular volunteers who took it upon herself to help socialize Sugarplum.  In the process, Sugarplum got more social AND found a home!  Sugarplum’s new mom and dad didn’t think they would be able to adopt another dog because their current dog said no.  But their work with him and with Sugarplum paid off because the two are doing pretty well together.  Every week brings more progress, and we expect that over time the two will become bonded.  Regardless of whether Dutch ever lets her be his bff, Sugarplum is over the moon over her new family.  She is, understandably, tremendously bonded with her new mom, and she likes all the “pack walks” and attention.  We know that she will have a wonderful life, and we are very happy that she let her new family bring her out of her shell!  Way to go, Sugarplum!!!!



Nutty Noah has not one, but two, new homes!  His new dad is a lawyer who works from home, so they are able to split their time between their home in Longwood and their home in Vero Beach.  Noah will like that because the family goes boating at Vero, and there are some islands where he will get to swim and play with other dogs.  There is also a dog beach and a neighborhood with dogs in Vero, so he should get his fair share of playtime.  And that is not to mention the other lab in the immediate family!  Noah’s family is also well versed in dealing with allergies, as their prior dog also had them, and they are just minutes away from the doggie dermatologist in Maitland!  We are sure that he will provide many laughs for his new family and that they will all enjoy each other tremedously.  Congratulations, Noah!



When they saw Avery’s photo,  his family said they stopped in their tracks and after reading his bio, they knew they wanted to meet him.  Once they met him, they knew they wanted him to join their family.  They also recently adopted 9 mo. old cutie Emma from the humane society, a hound mix, who has been quite shy.  But Avery has already stepped into the role of big brother.  He brought out a playful side to her that they hadn’t seen before and he gave her confidence and courage.  He showed her there’s nothing scary in those rooms of the home she’s been reluctant to go into and like big brothers sometimes do, he carried off her blanket and toys!  Avery loved running outside with dad and everyone is hoping he’ll enjoy swimming in his pool with a sloped walk-in entry built especially for dogs and visiting the doggy beach.  Merry, merry Christmas, big brother Avery.



Roxee’s new mom had a list in her mind of all the things she wanted in a dog. She wanted an adult dog, a female, one good with children and cats and either yellow or chocolate in color. So when they met Roxee who is a four year old female chocolate lab, they knew they had found the perfect fit. Then they learned that her previous owners had both children and cats and that she did well them. After that her fate was sealed. 🙂 Lucky Roxee will now have a big, fenced yard just perfect for playing ball, her favorite thing in the world. She also has a feline sister, two human sisters at home, a third one just graduating from college. It’s reported that her five year old sister is very anxious to have Roxee sleep in her bed, but if she’s not ready for that quite yet, there’s a big bed in Mom and Dad’s room just waiting for her. We are so happy that Roxee and her family found each other just in time for Christmas. Happy holidays pretty girl!!



From the first time Lisa met her mom & dad at the shelter, her tail never stopped wagging and she became such a happy girl around them.  That same connection was evident during the home visit when she sweetly followed them around the house.  The feeling is mutual–she makes mom and dad very happy too.  Lisa will have a home base in Florida with an acre of yard from which she can watch race horses being trained across the way and make friends with five nearby canine neighbors.  But she’ll also be going on the road!  This newly formed family will be traveling throughout the United States in their RV 4-5 months each year.  It’s exciting to be able to report that Lisa (now Casie) has a home for Christmas.  And her kindhearted family didn’t forget the other dogs at this time of year.  They sent several beautiful hand-crocheted afghans (lovingly made by Casie’s mom) back to Houndhaven to help raise money for the dogs who haven’t been lucky enough to find homes yet.



Five months to the day from when she was picked up by animal control, sweet Crystal found a home!  And what a home she found!!  Crystal’s new mom and dad adopted Houndhaven’s chocolate lab Buddy a year ago, knowing that he was older and had some health problems.  Unfortunately, Buddy developed cancer and passed a few months later.  Mom and Dad were finally ready to adopt again and came to HH to meet and greet.  Crystal caught everyone’s eye, and a couple of days later Crystal had a new home!!!  Crystal has two dachshunds, Max and Cookie, as her new siblings, as well as four cats and a parrot.  Crystal took it all in stride, and mom and dad thought her sweet personality and easy going nature was just what there home needed.  We are so glad that Crystal found the wonderful forever family that she deserved, and we look forward to hearing about her exploits.  We also hope to see her occasionally, as she lives right here in Clermont!!



Last week alum Gypsy (now known as Lady) and her mom and dad came to Homecoming to support Houndhaven. While there a certain handsome black lab caught their attention. They thought General might be the perfect addition to complete their family. General, who will now be called Marley, seemed to think so too. He quickly made himself at home when we went to visit, selecting a bone and then taking it to the big, comfy dog bed to chew on it. Lady was excited to welcome him and was happy to share her toys. She’ll also have to share her spot in the golf cart since they often take that for rides. We’re always thrilled when our adopting families come back for more especially when they came back for General. We couldn’t have chosen a better family and wish them all a very Merry Christmas.



Huck is your typical goofy lab who thinks he’s a lap dog. Fortunately that’s exactly what his new family was looking for! They loved his happy disposition and his new human sister was thrilled when he jumped up on the couch and sat on her lap. Their cat wasn’t quite as happy about the addition to the family, but we’re sure they’ll become friends in no time. Huck will now have a huge yard to run in along with plans to go to two nearby dog parks. There are not many days when he’ll be home alone, but on those days, Grandpa will most likely be over as he lives just around the corner and is reported to be a huge dog lover. It looks like the perfect home for a lab who loves attention. Have fun, big guy!!



Our sweet, fluffy Snowflake found her furever home!  Dad got things ready and set out her bowls weeks in advance waiting for the big day to arrive.  When it did, Snowflake couldn’t believe her luck and ran all around her large backyard and up & down the hall inside squeaking her new toy as she ran.  She’ll have several canine visitors and in fact one of the regulars–Golden Retriever Lucy–was on hand to welcome Snowflake.  She also met the two very small dogs next door, although she was a bit startled to learn such a loud bark can come out of something so little.  On tap for later was Snowflake’s first boat ride around the lake.  As we left, mom was trying out names from a list she had prepared.  And while we don’t know what Snowflake’s new name is going to be just yet, we do know she’ll be pampered and loved for the rest of her life.



Tess’ new mom had been checking our website for awhile, but the time just wasn’t right. Luckily though, when she spotted Tess’ adorable face, the timing was perfect! Of course the final decision belonged to Toto, their Yorkie. But Tess had no problem whatsoever with Toto or even their granddog, Bailey, a one year old lab/Rottweiler mix. She and Bailey had a grand time playing in the house and on the patio. Tess almost took an accidental dip in the pool when she tried to walk on a lounger, but she quickly recovered and learned to walk carefully along the edge and only get close enough for a quick drink. We think Tess has found the perfect home and family and wish them all the best for many years to come.



Our handsome moose Rockey found his FOREVER home with a couple who previously adopted from Houndhaven.  Their beloved Tank passed recently and, although they tried to resist the temptation, they found themselves at one of our adoption fairs browsing.  Once handsome Rockey caught their eye, all resistance was futile.  Rockey’s dad is retired so the guys have a lot of lounging on the couch watching tv planned, with periodic walks around the dog-friendly neighborhood.  Rockey will have plenty of neighborhood canines to keep him entertained, and his new parents are hoping he will enjoy the pool.  They tried for eight years to get Tank interested in the pool to no avail!  One of Rockey’s human siblings (there are seven) is making a special trip to come meet him, and the grands are expected to LOVE him.  How could you not?  We all certainly did, and we will miss his sweet face and ways at Houndhaven.  Live long and prosper, Rocket Man!



Our sweet girl and superstar momma Wednesday found a wonderful home!  Her parents are retired and living in the Villages, so she will be learning to ride a golf cart and play golf. 🙂  Well, at least she will learn how to ride a golf cart!  Because Mom and Dad are home, Wednesday should get all the love and attention that she craves, and, now that she successfully raised Pugsly, can focus on her own needs.  She acted like a puppy at the home visit, pouncing on the toy they had for her and then tossing it in the air like it was the most fun thing EVER!  We think Wednesday will find a lot of fun things with her new family, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together!!



When we first saw our little buddy Houdini he was running loose and the look of panic and terror in his eyes was unforgettable.  Now that his mom–a long-time volunteer–has adopted him, he feels safe and secure.  She says he’s the best dog she’s ever had and has adjusted beautifully to his new home and brought a lot of happiness back into her life.  He has become a velcro dog, always by her side.  When these two do have to be apart, Noah (his new name) has three feline siblings to help him feel less lonely until mom comes back home to him. We’re so grateful Noah and his mom found each other.



Caleb had been at Houndhaven quite awhile waiting for his forever home, but the wait was worth it. He now has a home on the golf course, a mom and dad who work from home and two canine sisters! We did find out on the visit that Caleb must have come from a home at some point that had a pool. He walked right up to the pool at his new house and looked over the side. When he didn’t see what he was looking for, he walked around to the other side and looked in the water. There he found just what he wanted . . . the steps. He calmly walked down the steps and gracefully swam back and forth across the pool. Caleb’s mom was thrilled to have a dog that swims and the exercise will be perfect for his hips. We’ve already had reports from mom that they’ve gone shopping and for rides in the golf cart. As we said, the wait was worth it!! Congratulations Caleb and be happy!!



Once again a Houndhaven dog is helping to mend broken hearts and fill the void left by the death of a beloved pet. Maizie’s new mom recently lost her lab and found the house was just too quiet without a dog around. She came to the shelter hoping to find a connection with one and that’s just what happened. We introduced her to several dogs, but as soon as she saw Maizie, the search was basically over. She loved how Maizie snuggled up, gave kisses and was gentle with her mother. Now Maizie has a wonderful family where her mom and grandmother are home nearly all the time to shower her with love and attention. Mom even subscribes to a monthly “Bark box” so Maizie will get yummy organic treats and exciting new toys every month! Something tells us that Maizie will be very spoiled and we couldn’t be happier! Have fun Maizie!!



Cruise is basically a puppy in a big dog’s body and his new Mom thinks it’s hilarious :). On his home visit, he was given a ball to play with and somehow lost it under the patio table. He of course went under the table to retrieve it, but then wasn’t quite sure how to get out again. He solved the problem by simply squeezing under a chair. Unfortunately he didn’t quite fit under it and ended up coming out from under the table with the ball in his mouth and the chair on his back. When Mom just laughed at the situation, we knew she was perfect for Cruise. Cruise now has a beautiful fenced in yard, a feline brother and a Mom who is retired with lots of time to devote to him. We are so happy for Cruise and his new Mom and wish them a long life full of laughter! We love you Cruise!



Little Carly’s life has taken a 180 degree turn in the past two months. She has gone from sleeping and hiding in the woods or under bushes to relaxing on the leather couch and sleeping on the bed. Instead of scrounging for food, she’ll be dining on home cooked turkey, rice and vegetables. We’re not sure who was happier though, Carly or her new family. They just couldn’t believe what a wonderful personality she has. She was sweet as could be with their two pugs and gently put out her paw asking them to play with her. She now has 3 adults in her life so someone is almost always home and for those times when they’re gone, she’ll have her two canine sisters to keep her company. Her new home has a big fenced yard so she can run around, but even better, they plan to buy her big, soft doggy beds so she’ll never have to sleep on the hard ground again. We are certainly going to miss your adorable face at Houndhaven, Carly, but we’ll look forward to seeing you at Homecoming.



Now we know why Marley was with us so long–he was waiting for his new mom!  Marley Moose, as he is now called, needed a foster home because he wagged his tail so much that it hit his kennel walls and bled.  One of our volunteers compassionately offered her home as a foster so that Marley’s poor tail could heal.  Heal it did, and we think Marley also helped heal his foster mom’s heart after she had recently lost one of her beloved dogs to liver failure.  When it came time for Marley to leave his foster home, the bond between mom and Marley was too strong, and everyone agreed that Marley had to stay.  He now has two canine siblings and a bazillion toys.  We know he will receive the very best of care and are excited that we get to see him be spoiled.  The spoiling began with a Bark Avenue Bakery cake that said “Welcome Home, Marley!”  Our sentiments exactly. 🙂



Dealer’s new mom and six year old human brother decided it was time to add a new member to their family, so mom went online and found Dealer. Dad wasn’t so sure it was the right time, but the entire family came to Petsmart to meet him anyway.  Dealer worked his charm, and even Dad agreed that Dealer was a special dog who had to become part of their family!  Mom is a runner and a great trail is near their home, so Dealer will get plenty of exercise, and the entire family has lots of plans for him.  They have researched local dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, etc. and can hardly wait to take him out and show him off.  Dealer will be bunking with his brother, so we hope the two of them don’t stay up too late giggling!  Dealer has a new name–Wrigley–and a new blue collar and leash (his brother’s favorite color).  He also has a wonderful new family, and we are sure he will be well spoiled!!  xoxo



Almost three years ago we adopted a ball-crazy chocolate lab named Buster to a young couple. He has thrived with their love and care. Fortunately when they decided it was time to get an addition to their family, they came back to Houndhaven. Mom brought Buster to PetSmart where they met Shay and decided she was the one. Shay and Buster are the perfect compliment to one another. When Dad throws the ball, Buster races after it. When he brings it back, Shay takes it from him. :))) She’s already figured out a way to make that game work to her advantage! Shay is a typical lab and is very food motivated. Mom and Dad have plans to use that motivation for lots of training, so we’ll expect to see a very well-behaved dog at Homecoming!! Thanks so much to these wonderful people for becoming repeat adopters.



Even though they’re not related by blood, the two puppies we had at the shelter will soon become brother and sister. 🙂 Little Pugsly who we’ve had since he was just a couple of days old and Cupcake, a three month old yellow lab who was picked up as a stray, have both been adopted by the same family and we couldn’t be happier. Their new family includes Mom and Dad and a canine brother and sister, both labs around 7 years old. Although neither of their current labs came from Houndhaven, this couple has adopted from us previously and we happen to think they’re absolutely wonderful. We were thrilled that they wanted to adopt both puppies. Their home will be perfect for the youngsters as Dad is retired and plans to spend a lot of time with Pugsly and Cupcake. They’re also counting on their older labs to teach the young ones the proper way to behave and after watching Pugsly pull down their curtains during the home visit, they’re hoping the puppies learn some manners quickly!! Our thanks to these fantastic people for continuing in the Houndhaven tradition!!



Cocoapuff’s new parents couldn’t have chosen a better dog. She was an absolute angel on her home visit. She inspected her new home like every dog does, but each time she passed her new Mom or Dad, she stopped to cuddle and give them kisses. When Mom went upstairs, Cocoapuff politely followed her up and then right back down again, never pushing or trying to hurry her along. We were all impressed when she sat, laid down and even stayed on command all the while wagging her tail nonstop. This sweet girl went from a place where she was ignored and left outside to fend for herself to a home where she’ll get to spend her days with Dad and take long walks meeting all the neighbors. We wish for many years of love and happiness for Cocoapuff and her family!



Coco (fka Caroline) has found an amazing forever home. As so often happens, a couple came to the shelter to meet two dogs they saw on our website, but as they walked past the kennels, one dog seemed to call out to them . . . Caroline. They just fell in love with her looks and sweet personality. Now Coco has a Dad who is a firefighter which means he works 24 hours and is off 48. Mom works at a pet-friendly office where she can bring Coco to work and on the days when Coco has to be home, Grandma comes over for an afternoon visit. Of course with her eight year old black lab brother, Booger, Coco will never truly be alone. Booger was actually trained by Grandma who raises puppies to be Canine Companions, so we hope he will pass along all his knowledge to little Coco. What a perfect home for our puppy girl! Best wishes for years of love and laughter!!



After their dog passed away, Amanda’s new mom and 11 year old human brother were looking for another furry friend to join their family. Amanda’s cute, puppy face caught their attention and sweet, gentle personality won them over completely. Amanda, now named Roxy, was a perfect lady on her home visit. She walked nicely around the house, stopping frequently to look in the mirror like any lady would, and then she’d be back for hugs and kisses. Her new home has a big fenced yard where Roxy’s brother is determined to teach her how to play fetch. She’ll get to accompany Mom to work at her pet-friendly office and end-of-day walks are always the norm in this family. We see lots of love in Roxy’s future and couldn’t be happier about that!



Maggie May was turned into animal control because she supposedly wasn’t good with men. Try telling that to her new Dad. When he and Mom came to the shelter to meet Maggie, she immediately climbed into his lap and started giving him kisses. Just to be fair though she did the same to Mom which pretty much sealed the deal for this girl. Maggie May now has a new home complete with two new beds and a cupboard filled with treats and toys. Best of all though is the fact that Dad works from home, so she’ll hardly ever be alone. What could possibly be better for a lap dog? Way to go Miss Maggie!!



Sweet Sandie has found an equally sweet family.  Their neighbor, a longtime friend of HH, told them about us.  After memorizing all the dogs from the website, they came to one of our adoption fairs to meet the various candidates.  Sandie kept throwing herself at their feet (literally!) and insisting on a belly rub.  Several belly rubs into the day, they decided that she was the one for them.  At least mom and the three girls did.  Dad met Sandie for the first time at the home visit, but it was clear that he didn’t mind being outnumbered by one more female. 🙂  Sandie made herself right at home, and everyone seemed to think Sandie belonged there.  We are sure she will have a long and happy life with her new wonderful family, and we look forward to only good reports!



When this family decided to add another dog to their home, they immediately thought of Houndhaven. After all, both her parents and her sister are already members of the HH family, so it was only natural for them to carry on the tradition. They were looking for a dog who would be good with their two children and be a playmate for their current lab, Murphy. Out of all the dogs they met, Elwood seemed to be the perfect fit. Even though he still has a lot of puppy in him, they liked his friendly, gentle nature. Murphy seemed to like it too and was very excited to have a four-legged friend in the house. Elwood had a wonderful time giving his human sister and brother lots of puppy kisses and we’re sure he’ll have fun playing with them in the big fenced yard. Our best wishes to Elwood and his new family!!



Even though Emma Claire is about 20 pounds over weight, her new parents think she is perfect! They are anxious to get her on a diet/exercise program to get off the weight and return her to the beautiful dog she is supposed to be. Despite the fact that she left a “present” for them soon after arriving on the home visit, we kept hearing “she is awesome” over and over. Mom and Dad are retired, but very active and plan on taking Emma for long walks and exciting golf cart rides to meet their friends and neighbors who have all been anxiously awaiting her arrival. She was very busy checking out every inch of her new home, but as soon as someone called her name, she came running for love and attention. What could be better than that?! Congratulations to Emma Clair and her new family from all of us at HH!!




It took almost six months, but Clyde has finally found his forever home. His brother Bingo was adopted fairly quickly, but for some reason this sweet boy kept being overlooked. His new mom though was grateful that he waited for her. She went to PetSmart to meet all the dogs, but kept coming back to Clyde. She narrowed it down to two dogs of interest, but Clyde soon became her first choice. Lucky Clyde now has a home with a big, fenced back yard, a feline brother and a mom to give him all the love and attention he could want. She plans to train him to be a therapy dog which should be perfect given his gentle nature. While we’ll miss having this boy around the shelter, we’re so happy that he has found a home of his own. Congratulations Clyde!!

Maggie Moo after shots 002


Maggie Moo was turned into animal control with her sister and for the life of us we can’t understand why. Maggie Moo is the definition of sweetness. She loves being around her people and is a true Velcro dog. In fact about the only bad thing we can think of to say about her is that she stops to be petted frequently whenever she’s on a walk. All that sweetness didn’t go unnoticed by one of our volunteers who offered to foster her while she waited for her forever home. Fortunately for Maggie Moo, this was another foster failure when her foster family decided they needed to make her a permanent member of the family. Now Maggie Moo has everything she ever wanted, a family to call her own. This is exactly how we like our fosters to end. Congratulations to Maggie Moo and her family. We’re so happy we’ll get to see your beautiful face often!

Higgins 5.30.14 no 4


A plush orthopedic bed was on the floor at Higgins’ new home and he just knew it was meant for him.  He curled up in it, ate treats in it, stored toys in it, and stretched out on his back in it–one content boy.  Mom and dad sadly lost Houndhaven alum Presley to cancer earlier this year and were ready for a clever, smart guy like Higgins to join their family again.  And although both work away from home, they have alternating schedules so Higgins will have lots of company, attention and walks.  We love you, Higgins and know you will bring mom and dad lots of happiness.



Rosee is a very happy girl right now. Her favorite thing in the world is love and attention from her humans and in her new home, she’ll be getting plenty of that! Rosee’s family consists of Mom and Dad plus two human brothers ages 14 and 16. She happily went from one to the other trying to snuggle as close as possible giving plenty of wet kisses. Her second favorite thing is playing with other dogs, so we think she’s really going to enjoy her new canine brother, Murphy. Murphy is a three year old Labradoodle who was a little unsure whether he wanted Rosee to stay, but they were already starting to play shortly after taking a nice, long walk together. There’s a big pool in the yard in case Rosee wants to go for a dip and there are plans for 2 or 3 walks a day to help Rosee lose those last few pounds. Life is certainly looking “rosey” for this sweet girl!

Lou 001


Little Lou managed to do what many labs before him couldn’t–he got his foster family to become a foster failure!   His new mom said she knew within about 3 hours of him coming to their house as a foster that he would be staying. 🙂  The girls in the house were wanting a younger dog than the seniors that mom and dad tend to like.  They wanted one that would play with them, and the younger daughter wanted a little dog that she could carry around.  The family had been looking at beagles because they are typically hound fan-atics, but when Lou came, everyone decided he was the right fit.  Even Blu the beagle wasn’t offended by his presence!  Lou sits on the top of the couch like a cat–a habit that their beagle has had for years–and he will jump into any lap that happens to be open.  He is learning to jump through a hula hoop for treats, and the younger daughter will start training with him soon.  He has already been groomed and is now looking good!  We couldn’t have asked for a better family for this guy, and we wish him and his wonderful family many, many years full of fun and hula hoops together!



McKenna’s new mom drove all the way from Sanford to meet her, so while she was at HH, we introduced her to some of the other wonderful dogs.  She thought Ashley was awfully cute too, so we had her take both girls for a walk together.  When she saw how good they are together, she decided to adopt both!!  The girls were adorable on their home visit, and mom was ready to get rid of her coffee table so they would have more room to wrestle. 🙂  We think these two little girls are going to have a fun time meeting the neighborhood dogs and exploring their new dog-friendly neighborhood.  They also have other doggie relatives that they will get to play with, and one of the neighbors is going to let them out during the day when mom is at work.  If the home visit is any indication, we think mom is going to enjoy them, and they are going to enjoy mom.  Way to go, girlies!!

Buford 5.30.14 no 2


Buford’s new mom grew up with labs and had her heart set on a chocolate lab of her own. Once she saw Buford though, she decided that the lab/bloodhound mix was an even better option for her! His wrinkly face, floppy ears and droopy jowls just made her laugh and fall in love. Buford’s new home is surrounded by lots of beautiful, wooded walking trails with a nearby dog park and dog boutique!! Now this happy boy can play and get as dirty as he wants and all Mom will have to do is give him a quick bath at the doggy boutique. The stairs were quite scary at first and it took quite a bit of coaxing and cheese to get him to go up, but once he figured everything out, those big paws went right up without a problem. Buford has already chosen his chair in the living room and although it’s a tad small for his 85 pound frame, he managed to make it work. This goofy boy is going to provide Mom with years of laughter and entertainment. Happy adventures to you both!!!

Tahra and Rosee 006


One of our HH chocolate labs passed recently, and her mom wanted to get another dog to help their seven year old chocolate lab get through the grief.  Diesel came out and interviewed several candidates, but when Tahra came out he stopped interviewing!  Diesel found his new chocolate love, and Tahra seemed to feel likewise.  At the home visit, he showed off how he could retrieve balls from the pool for her.  She skidded into the pool once, so she got to demonstrate that she can swim and knows how to get in and out via steps.  She was more interested, however, in checking out all the smells in the yard and following her new dad around everywhere.  Tahra’s new name is Molly, and we think she will enjoy her new family, her new name and her new life very much!  Way to go, Molly!!



A great couple saw what a gem Sadie Roux is and opened their heart and home to her.  Once she arrived and surveyed the view from all the windows so she could keep an eye on things at her new home, she requested a few treats from mom and then went on a get-acquainted walk with dad.  When they returned, Sadie stretched out in the most secure spot in the house–right between mom and dad–and after a tummy rub, she settled in for a nap.  Sadie joins a growing number of Houndhaven dogs who live in The Villages and her mom would like to start an alumni club in the community to help promote Houndhaven and hopefully get more dogs adopted.  Her family reports they’ve had a fun first day with her and are loving her personality and her ability to “speak”.  Thank you to her foster family who took wonderful care of Sadie until she found her permanent home.  Enjoy those golf cart rides, Sadie!



Nellie’s new family has changed her name to Lucky and we couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate name if we tried. They felt they were lucky to adopt her and we felt she was lucky to have been chosen. Mom recently had to have surgery and when we suggested postponing the home visit until she had recuperated more, she said she felt Lucky would be the best medicine for her. Lucky had a grand time investigating the house, but it was the pool that really got her attention. She found a left over tennis ball on the lanai, picked it up and circled the pool a couple of times occasionally stopping to look into the water. After surveying the whole thing, she walked right up to the stairs, tossed the ball into the pool, calmly walked down the steps into the water and retrieved her own ball. What a hoot! Fortunately Mom and Dad love the fact that she’s a water dog, so Lucky is going to get plenty of pool time, the perfect exercise for any dog. Looks like this was everyone’s lucky day!

Chase 002


Chase was turned in because his owner was a single mom working two jobs and had no time for him.  One of our former adopting parties worked with her and decided it was time to add another golden retriever to her family when she heard that Chase was at Houndhaven.  HH alum Goldy was not too sure about this gregarious young pup when we brought him over, so they fostered Chase for the weekend.  By Sunday, they were doing much better–Goldy had taught Chase some manners and Chase had taught Goldy to lighten up!  At that point the entire family was in agreement that this should be a permanent arrangement, and Chase found his forever family.  Congratulations, Chase!




Sweet Gabriel became the spoiled, happy boy that he should always have been thanks to his wonderful foster family.  Without complaining, they helped him navigate when he was almost too weak to stand.  They covered their hardwood floors with mismatched rugs so that he could get traction, and they dutifully fed him four meals a day so that he wouldn’t shock his system by having too many nutrients at once.  Slowly but surely he gained weight, until 30 pounds later, he was ready for a home.  They brought him to adoption fairs and watched person after person reject him because he needed medicine as a result of his starvation.  Then one day they could stand it no more and decided to make this angel boy their own!  We suspect Gabriel had decided on this outcome long before they did, but in his typical humble way, he kept it to himself.  We couldn’t be happier about the result and are thrilled that we will get to stay in touch with this sweet and gentle guy.  Way to go, Gabriel!!



Dazey’s Big Adventure began when one of our volunteers showed Dazey’s picture to her mom who now lives in Alabama and had recently lost her HH dog to old age.  Mom and daughter both agreed that this was the girl to mend Mom’s broken heart, so off to Alabama Dazey went!  Dazey sent us a picture from her hotel room where she was sleeping on the bed, and our volunteer reported that by the time they got to Alabama, she didn’t want to give Dazey up!  Her mom insisted, however, so the two retired gals are now embarking on their adventures together, and our volunteer has to satisfy herself with daily reports. 🙂  We are so glad that this sweetheart found just the right mom, and we wish them many happy years together!



Darling Dolly came a long way in the six months she was with us.  From the verge of death to a happy, playful pup who was used to eating whipped cream cheese with her medicine and having her dinner handfed by devoted volunteers!  We thought that might be the best life had to offer sweet Dolly until an amazing couple came along and, like us, saw her inner beauty.  Mom works in the veterinary industry and gets a nice discount, so they felt they could handle whatever medical needs Dolly might have.  They certainly have spared no expense with their chocolate lab Carolina.  Dolly acted like she had lived with them forever, and she and Carolina were trading toys like sisters should.  Carolina liked Dolly’s octopus, and Dolly liked Carolina’s hambone, so all was good!  We are excited to hear about how Dolly thrives in her new home and to see pictures as she continues to recuperate.  May God bless you and your family richly, sweet Dolly!  We miss you but are so thrilled for this wonderful home for you.  xoxo



Bentley was adopted to a family who have been looking for a yellow lab for a while.  Mom, Dad and the kids were thrilled with Bentley, but chocolate lab mix Hershey wasn’t so sure.  She seemed like she wanted to be friends but just didn’t know quite how to accomplish it.  Goofy Bentley was, of course, oblivious to her struggle, and continued apace playing ball with the kids, investigating the house and pool, trying out all the toys and bones in the toybox, etc.  This household of Cubs fans decided that Bentley would become Wrigley and report that he and Hershey are settling in well together.  Best wishes to all for a long and wonderful life together!



Newman finally found a home where he can have all the rubber chickens he wants!  He is the only dog, and the cats couldn’t care less about sharing his toys!  Mom said he may need to put squeaky toys away before bedtime so that she and the cats can get some sleep, but other than that he will get to enjoy them to his heart’s content.  Newman will also get to go for walks around the community with his new mom and get to go to the woodshop where she makes projects.  Apparently there are a lot of dog loving guys at the woodshop who will get a kick out of Newman, and Newman will get to hang out with the guys.  All in all, it sounds like Newman has finally found the perfect home!  Better late than never, Newmie!!

Chestnut 009


After receiving what seemed like a million applications, Chestnut (now Gracie) chose a family right here in Clermont.  She thought the ten year old boy and twelve year old girl were especially fun, and she liked that dad was going to help the kids train her to be a good dog.  Dad’s a nurse, and mom is a sales rep, so they arrange their schedules so that someone is almost always home.  Plus, this summer Aunt Judy is visiting, so Chestnut will have five people doting on her!!  Chestnut’s decision was met with tears of joy from the kids who have been waiting many years for a puppy, and Chestnut and her new bffs are looking forward to starting their new relationship with a weekend at the beach!  Live long and prosper, Gracie!!



Gavin’s mom couldn’t resist his adorable face on our website and when she met him, his terrier swagger and curiosity kept her laughing.  She’ll need that sense of humor while Gavin gets to know each of his five feline brothers and sisters!   But she’s up for the task having years of experience teaching second graders.   Gavin was also totally mesmerized by the aquarium full of tropical fish in the living room and fascinated by the lizards in the backyard.   Neighbors, both human and canine, came by to meet him and more are yet to come, including the four dogs next door.   So much to see and do for one little guy!  Two things are certain–Gavin’s life will not be dull and he’ll never be too busy to stop to give mom a few kisses.   Happy exploring, Gavin!

Ada 006


Sweet, little Ada may be petite in size, but she’s big in personality! At only nine months old everything is still an adventure for her. She had a marvelous time exploring her new home and yard. She was very busy, but whenever Dad whistled for her, she came running. 🙂 We were all very impressed how quickly she found her toy basket and how good she was about playing with only those things. Mom has already purchased a kiddie pool which we think will be a huge hit with Ada (now named Maya). She also managed to find a no-spill water bowl after seeing how Ada enjoyed playing in her bowl at the shelter. Mom and Dad have already started training her to walk nicely on a leash and to sit and wait when going in and out the door. We think this is the perfect fur-ever home for Ada. Happy splashing, Maya!!

 Dixie Doodle 5.30.14 no 4


Adorable Dixie managed to kiss her way into the heart of her new mom. We had warned Mom that Dixie Doodle was young and energetic and was going to need lots of exercise. That description was exactly what she was looking for and one kiss from Dixie was all it took. Even though Dixie was very excited to explore her new house and fenced yard, she kept coming back to Mom for love and attention. She was such a good girl sitting down and leaning in for lots of petting. For some strange reason though, every time she sat she ended up rolling over on her back for a tummy rub. 🙂 Mom is just thrilled with Dixie and we’ve heard that she already made canine friends in the neighborhood and played very nicely with the little boy next door. Way to go, Dixie Doodle!! Another happy ending.:)



The last of the three sisters we took in when their owners lost their farm has found her forever home. Each home situation is very different, but perfect for that particular dog. Last, but not least, Daisy has gone to live with a family of four, Mom and Dad, a 15 year old human brother and a 9 year old human sister. All three of the girls are a little timid when encountering new things, so it’s perfect that almost the whole family will be home for the summer to make Daisy comfortable. Mom is a teacher, so she’ll be home as well as the kids. Plus Dad works from home, so there will be plenty of love to give her confidence as well as lots of watchful eyes to keep this inquisitive girl out of trouble. 🙂 Between walks to all the parks in the area and a big back yard just waiting to be explored, Daisy will have no problem keeping busy. Congratulations to Daisy and her family and best wishes for a summer of fun!



Young energetic Nigel now has a human sibling who is about his age (7 in human years, 1 in dog years) to keep him occupied.  His new dad also plans twice daily walks around the neighborhood and training for Nigel.  Friends have a pointer so play dates are also in Nigel’s future, and dad plans to take Nigel as his sidekick wherever he can.  Nigel was already following dad and brother around the house by the time we left, and we suspect they are already thick as thieves.  Live long and prosper, Nigel!



Cocker Spaniel/Golden mix Sammy brought his mom & dad to a recent adoption event to hopefully find a new family member.   It all depended on Sammy and it turned out he had a great connection with playful, snuggly Jaeger.  Their rapport picked right back up on the home visit.   They walked beautifully together  side by side as if they had been doing that for years and when they were back in the house, Sammy was thrilled to have a buddy to play with.  A basket of toys and a sign saying “Welcome Jaeger” sat on the table along with a plate of homemade biscuits baked especially for him by his mom who even made “ice cream” for the boys as a special treat for later.  With Jaeger, Sammy, mom & dad all in agreement that it was an easy, natural fit, Jaeger joined their family.  Congratulations to Jaeger!

Myles 010


Myles has joined several other Houndhaven dogs who have gone to find homes in The Villages. In fact we wouldn’t be surprised if he met one of those other dogs at the local dog park or passed them while riding in a golf cart! These are both things he can now look forward to with his new family. Myles seemed to be very pleased with his new back yard and he was having a grand time playing with his new toys. There are lots of dogs in the neighborhood including a black lab right next door, so Myles will soon be making many new friends. Way to go, Myles! Have a great time in that golf cart!!


Lily is a beautiful black lab with a beautiful personality to match and we’re so happy that we’ve found such a wonderful home for her. Lily’s new parents are a young couple who are a perfect match for her. Mom runs several days a week and plans to include Lily in the activity. They also belong to an exercise group who often meet at the dog park, so Lily will get lots of opportunities to make both human and canine friends. She also has a feline sister named Maui. Maui was not too pleased to have a big dog invade her territory. She expressed her displeasure by hissing and popping Lily on the nose, glaring down at her from the center of Mom and Dad’s bed. Lily remained calm throughout it all though, resting her head on the bed and just watching. We’re sure that as soon as Lily realizes that Maui is queen of the house, everything will be fine and peace will reign.:) Best wishes from all of us at HH to Lily and her new family!



It took four long months for Axel to find the perfect home, but find it he did.  Axel gets to be the only dog so he won’t have to share human attention, and he should have plenty of that with two human brothers and a mom and dad!  He lives right near the Winter Garden Petsmart, so we hope we will get to see him on occasion and hear how he likes swimming in the pool, playing with the boys, running with mom, etc.  We suspect that he will love all of it and quickly forget his four months of homelessness!  Way to go, Axel!!

Mandy 005


Mandy no sooner arrived at Houndhaven than we had volunteers calling to adopt her!  This couple had recently lost our beloved Lady and had decided they wanted to add another yellow female lab to their Houndhaven pack.  The hard part was waiting for her to go through her quarantine period and then be spayed!  Finally that was over and she got to go join HH alums Hondo and Gibson in her new home.   Now she gets to learn to swim in the pool, sleep on the bed and order mom and dad around like her brothers. 🙂  Congratulations, Mandy–you won the jackpot!



Petunia is the second of the three border collie/lab sisters to be adopted.  With her calm, gentle, affectionate manner, she’s just the right match for her mom.  Going from an outside dog on a farm to an inside dog in a home is a big transition for any dog, especially for one who is a bit shy like Petunia, but mom made her feel comfortable and welcome in her new home. Neighbors brought her gifts and Petunia handled all the excitement well.   She also did great during her first golf cart ride and meeting a poodle who came by to say hello.  Along with all these changes in her life comes a change in her name.  Congratulations, sweet McKenna!

Bitsy 024


One of these things is not like the others!  At less than 15 lbs., Bitsy isn’t even 1/4 of the size of  an average Houndhaven resident.  With her loving, funny, bright terrier spirit, she won over everyone who met her.  A few of our volunteers had friends who they felt were a perfect match for her and in no time–without even being featured on our website– Bitsy had her forever family.  Bitsy’s 16 year old human sister couldn’t wait to introduce her to friends and neighbors and to start making wonderful memories together.  Bitsy’s family recently told us that she is now Athena!  This spunky little girl will always have a special place in our hearts.



The first of the three sisters that came to Houndhaven when their owner could no longer keep them has found her forever home . . . and what a home it is! Betty Lou has been adopted by a member of the Houndhaven family. Their HH dog, Andy, passed away recently and after a brief grieving period, they knew the best way to honor Andy’s memory was to rescue another dog in need. Dad was pretty sure he wanted another male and preferably not black, but Betty had other ideas. As they were walking past her kennel, Betty began to work her magic and suddenly the fact that she is female and all black didn’t seem to make a difference. Mom and Dad knew that Betty was the one for them. Betty’s new home is perfect for her as it’s in a beautiful wooded area with lots of squirrels and wildlife to make this farm girl feel right at home. Combine that with a big comfy bed and a whole basket of toys and we all agree that she is one lucky girl. Best wishes to Betty and her new family for many years of love and kisses. 🙂



Desiree’s family was drawn to her back in February after seeing her on our website but they weren’t completely over the loss of their beloved dog Molly.  Months passed and when they were finally ready to adopt again, they considered several dogs, but Desiree knew if she was patient they would realize she’s been the one for them all this time.  Desiree will be joining in all the activities her family enjoys–whether it’s walking, running, swimming or even a trip to get ice cream.  At last this sweet girl who has so much love to give has a great family and home.

Sonny 2 008


At a whopping 31 pounds Sonny is small compared to most of the Houndhaven dogs, but he is the perfect size for his new family which includes two Chihuahuas named Rocky and Roxie. The Chihuahuas are Mom’s dogs and Dad was looking for one a little bigger, but not too big. Along came Sonny, the perfect fit! His little face that always seems to be smiling combined with a sweet personality and a lot of doggy kisses sealed the deal. 🙂 Sonny can now look forward to long walks in the neighborhood and hopefully becoming a running partner for Mom. Life is looking “sunny” for this boy!!



Scout has brought some spring to tired legs and smiles to sad faces in his new home. Mom and Dad had 3 senior dogs (two HH alums) and recently lost two of them. After going through that, even their vet suggested it was time for some younger blood. Since Mom had already adopted twice from us and had been a volunteer, she turned to Houndhaven to find the next member of the family. Happy, goofy Scout seemed like the perfect fit for them and Hurley, their remaining lab, thought so too. He had really been missing his four-legged friends and followed Scout everywhere around the house even trying to play with him. Mom and Dad were thrilled to see Hurley so happy and playful again. Scout’s new home is out in Cocoa Beach so we expect him to be a beach bum in no time! Congratulations to Scout and his new family. We’re so glad you’re continuing the Houndhaven tradition 🙂



Jackie O’s life has taken a complete turn around. No longer will she have a family who doesn’t have enough time for her. Instead she’ll get lots of attention!! Mom and Dad are home most of the day and her new 17 year old sister will soon be out of school, so she’ll have plenty of company throughout the day. Her new house has a screened lanai with a big pool and best of all, lizards!! Yep, she was so good at catching the little creatures that Dad immediately knew her name had to be Lizzie :). Although she wasn’t at Houndhaven for very long, her petite size and curiosity made her a volunteer favorite. We’re so happy for this little girl and hopes she has many years of chasing lizards.


Ivy’s new parents had been looking to adopt two dogs and were considering both Ivy and Desiree. There was a surprising twist though just before the adoptions were completed when their neighbor asked if they would be able to take their 2 year old Great Pyrenees. Mom and Dad said yes, but then were only able to adopt one dog from Houndhaven. Lucky Ivy was their choice. Now we just had to make sure that Ivy and their new dog, Miss Ellie, would get along. There were no worries though when Ivy found the basket of toys and the two girls quickly started a fun game of tug of war. Fortunately Ivy’s new house has a beautiful fenced yard and a swimming pool, so these two big girls can take their playtime outside. They’ll get lots of attention too as Mom is a teacher so she’ll be home for the summer in just a few weeks and Dad will be around in the afternoons. Some things just seem to work out for a reason and we’re so glad they worked out for Ivy.



Ten months to the day from when Harper came to live at Houndhaven, he finally found his forever home!  None of us could understand why it was taking so long, but now we do.  He was waiting for his new daddys to get done grieving for their deceased dogs.  They started looking for a dog last fall and met Harper then, but they just weren’t ready to adopt.  When they finally became ready, they were delighted to discover that funny Harper was still available and snatched him up.  Reports are that they are delighted they did because he has kept them entertained with his puppy antics.  Check out Harper’s video at if you haven’t seen him becoming acquainted with the new sprinklers in his yard!  We wish this goofy black dog and his new family a long and wonderful life together!!!

Gypsy-JA131462Gypsy 3.19.14 007


Sweet Gypsy is one of the most patient dogs we’ve ever had. Whether it was the daily hydrotherapy she had to undergo to treat the sore on her neck or simply waiting for her turn to go on a walk, Gypsy never made a sound or complained at all. She has been the perfect guest at Houndhaven, so we felt it only fair to find her the perfect home. Luckily we have been able to do just that. Gypsy’s mom and dad are retired and live in The Villages, so they have plenty of time to show her all the great places to walk in the area. There’s even a dog park they like to frequent so she can make some new canine friends. The baskets full of toys and bones are just icing on the cake! This wonderful girls’ patience has paid off and we couldn’t be happier for her and her family. Be happy sweet girl!

bOWSER 3.19.14 002Bowser-JA132096


Bowser is a big, beautiful boy whose greatest desire is to get as close to his humans as is physically possible. There’s nothing he loves more than cozying up to someone for his ears scratched. That’s why his new family is the perfect fit for this guy. Mom is a teacher, so she and Bowser’s new 17 year old human sister will be home all summer. His 21 year old brother is in and out all the time and best of all, Dad works from home! To make things even better, Mom plans to put him in the Caring Canines program like she did with their previous dog, so he’ll get a chance to brighten the lives of those in need of some extra hugs!! He even enjoyed the attention he got from the two cats in the family. Sweet Bowser’s dreams have come true and we couldn’t be happier for him and his family.



Kenya’s home visit was certainly different than most of the ones we’ve done in the past. Usually the dogs race around the house checking out every nook and cranny. Some sniff the furniture and carpet picking up the scent of past dogs in the home. Some quickly find the basket of toys pulling out one after the other in their excitement and some even decide to take a swim in the pool. Kenya however did none of those things. She went to sleep. Poor Kenya (now named Sadie) was afraid of her new surroundings, so in an attempt to make her feel more comfortable, her new Mom and Dad sat on the floor and talked to her. It was all just too overwhelming though and within a couple of minutes her eyelids started to flutter and she was soon fast asleep. She did wake up a while later though and her family reports that she is already starting to get used to things. Some yummy chicken pieces mixed in with her dog food even enticed her to eat all her dinner. Mom and Dad are retired so we’re sure she’ll get all the love and support she needs to feel right at home . . . in fact in BOTH her homes as she’ll be spending her summers up in New Jersey making friends with the rest of her new family. Our best wishes to Sadie and her family for many years of hugs and kisses.

Baylee 3.8.14 005


Baylee’s new home is absolutely perfect for her. She’s such a sweet girl who loves to run and play, but also wants her cuddle time. Her new dad is single and was looking for a four-legged friend to keep him company. He gets up early every day and plans to take her for a bright and early walk on the golf course behind his house. Then during the day, Baylee’s new grandpa who lives just down the street will be coming by to take her out again for some exercise and cuddle time. Evenings and weekends will be more father-daughter time :). We’ve already had reports on how well she’s adjusting and what a champion swimmer she is. We couldn’t be happier! Best wishes to this black beauty and her new dad!!



Kip was one of 14 puppies we had last April. All the puppies with the exception of Kip and his brother Harper were adopted fairly quickly, but for some reason these two handsome boys were overlooked and instead have been growing up at Houndhaven. But at just shy of a year old, Kip finally has found a home and family of his own. It’s not just any family either. No, they are already part of the Houndhaven family after adopting 2 yellow labs, Cody and Ranger (fka Niles and Frazier), from us about 6 years ago. Kip’s mom had read about him and had been thinking of him for quite some time and finally decided he needed to join their family. Kip was VERY excited on his home visit and actually managed to get himself into quite a bit of trouble, but his mom was able to see that he was just a puppy in need of love and training. His big brothers were more than happy to show him around their big fenced yard and to share their toys (several of which he managed to destroy in just a few minutes). He even took a surprise dip in the pool!! We are so very happy that Kip found his forever home just in time for his first birthday and wish him all the best for years to come!!



Ellen’s adoption is a first for Houndhaven. We received an inquiry from a couple who are long distance truck drivers asking if we would be willing to adopt to them. Their last dog had passed away and they missed having a four-legged companion. We told them we would consider it if we could meet them and see the setup they have in their truck. They first came out to meet the dogs and fell in love with Ellen. We then scheduled a time for them to bring their truck so we could see it and also get Ellen’s reaction to it. There was certainly no need to worry about Ellen. She immediately jumped in the truck, checked everything out in the living area and then settled herself down in the passenger seat ready to hit the road :). Ellen is a lucky girl. She’ll get to spend all of her time with her family and life will be just one adventure after another. Mom and Dad like to camp whenever possible and enjoy being outside and hiking. That sounds like a dream life for any dog! Happy travels to you, little girl!!



Bingo is a very handsome dog with an equally sweet disposition. His calm nature and good looks caught the attention of his new family and they felt he would be the perfect addition to the family and friend to their dog, Willow. Willow is a ten year old lab who thought Bingo looked like he would be a lot of fun. She was very excited to have him in her yard and house! The two dogs will have a great time running around in the HUGE fenced area and playing with all the toys. Rory, the cat, is not quite as excited as Willow to have Bingo around as Bingo would like to chase Rory whenever possible, but Mom and Dad are committed to having everyone live in harmony. Hopefully it won’t be long for all the animals to become fast friends. Congratulations Bingo!!




Kimmie’s family met her at an adoption event and then again when they came to Houndhaven.  Both times they were drawn to her personality and playfulness.  Mom loves to go for long walks and dad loves to run and Kimmie will be accompanying them — perfect for a young dog with lots of energy like Kimmie.  She can’t wait to meet more of her family soon which includes two other canines who are anxious to meet her, too.  Until then, there are two nearby dog parks to find new friends.   Despite Kimmie leaving a “surprise” on their kitchen floor at the start of the home visit, Kimmie was still their girl!  Her name is now Molly and we wish her the best that life has to offer.



The third time is charm! Poor Shaka and Jaden have not had the best of luck in the past after being turned in twice when their owners were no longer able to keep them. Their luck has turned around now though and we expect they will be spending many happy years in their new home. The girls’ new mom has had at least one dog and usually more in her home since she was 6 years old and when her last dog passed away a couple of weeks ago, she knew she couldn’t go very long without getting another. One of her daughter’s found Shaka and Jaden on Petfinder and she drove from Melbourne to meet them without even seeing their pictures. Of course once she saw them, she was ready to take them home that day! The girls now have a great fenced yard and a king-sized bed so both of them can snuggle up with Mom. They also have a whole bunch of nieces and nephews (both human and canine) to play with. Shaka and Jaden deserve the best and we’re so glad they’ve found it!



Suzy’s family and their 14 month old golden retriever, Lindsey, came to PetSmart initially to meet Ivy. They decided to let Lindsey choose who her companion should be and lo and behold she chose Suzy! Mom and Dad were quick to agree as were Suzy’s two new human sisters. We are thrilled that Suzy, now named Sally, has found such a wonderful home after spending so much time at Houndhaven. She deserved a wonderful home and she has certainly found it. Her new backyard is a dog’s heaven with lots of trees, a pool and plenty of space to explore. We will certainly miss this sweet girl, but it was time for her to find a family of her own. Congratulations Sally!!





Dozer’s last home ended in divorce and somehow this wonderful boy found himself at animal control, abandoned and heartworm positive.  But when Houndhaven got the call asking us to take him, his luck started to change.  His heartworm treatment was successful and he started making lots of friends, both canine and human.  It was time though for him to find a family to call his own.  That happened last weekend when his new mom and dad met him at PetSmart and fell in love.  Now his days will be filled with all the fun things a dog deserves like a fenced yard, a pool, a canine brother and two human boys who visit often.  Lucky Dozer will never find himself  abandoned at animal control again and that the best news a guy could ask for.  Way to go, Dozer!!!



Ladybird’s energetic nature may have been too much for the small dogs in her previous home, but it was just right for her new dad. We had some wonderful applicants for this little girl, but this particular man’s lifestyle was just what she needed. Her dad was looking for a running and biking partner and we knew from her previous owners that she loves to run beside a bike. Dad also has a great, fenced back yard just perfect for games of fetch. Ladybird, now named Lola, showed off how smart she was by quickly picking up the ball and dropping it at Dad’s feet. He already has plans to take her to the dog park and dog beach which we’re sure she’ll enjoy. We think this is the perfect match and partnership! Congratulations Lola and have fun!!!



Duke’s life has just taken a complete 180 degree turn. He went from a home with a dad who worked too many hours to give him much attention and where he spent his days locked in a crate to a home filled with love and attention. This happy, fun-loving boy has a new family which includes a dad, stay-at-home mom and three human brothers and sisters who were VERY excited to have him join their household. They had toys and treats just waiting for him and his days will now be filled with long walks, swim time in the pool and playing with the kids. Duke will never be lonely again and we couldn’t be happier for him! Have fun Duke!!!



Patton’s story could have ended badly, but instead it has a fairy tale ending.  He has gone to live with one of HH’s first dogs, a black lab named Stormy, and his wonderful family.  Patton and Stormy had a wonderful time together on the home visit, and Patton’s two human brothers thought he was great.  Mom and Dad are hoping that Patton will like to swim like Stormy does, but regardless, we are sure they will find lots of family activities to enjoy together.  Congratulations, Patton–you couldn’t have chosen a nicer family!!



Flash is a young, energetic boy who has found the perfect family to call his own. His new mom and dad love to be outside and are very active which is exactly what Flash needs. He was very excited to explore his new home stopping often to give Mom and Dad a hug. The stairs caused a bit of anxiety at first, however a few pieces of cheese were just the encouragement he needed to tackle coming down. Soon he was taking the steps four at a time with no hesitation! We’re so happy that his family had no problem adopting a black dog and were able to see what a great boy he is. Congratulations Flash and have fun!!



The third try is hopefully the charm for Hunter!  He went to one home but didn’t like the cats.  He went to a second home but the other dog didn’t like him.  Now he has become a permanent member of his foster family because he fits in there just right!  Hunter won the right to be there permanently by following his foster dad everywhere he went.  The other dog is more of a momma’s girl, so daddy kind of liked being the center of Hunter’s universe. 🙂  The boys like to hang out and watch sports together, and we have a mental image of Hunter with a baseball cap on backwards…Hunter now has a big fenced yard and a beautiful house to enjoy.  Although mom and dad both work, they make the dogs a priority when they are off.  Congratulations, Hunter on breaking down their resistance!!  Another happy foster failure. 🙂

Finigan 003


It certainly didn’t take long for Finigan to find his forever home. As soon as his picture appeared on our website, the applications started rolling in. Fortunately one of those applications came from a previous Houndhaven adopter and long time volunteer. One of her dogs passed away recently and she thought that Finigan would be the perfect addition to their family. Finigan must have thought so too as he had a wonderful time on his home visit playing with his new canine sister, Lexi (HH alum), and inspecting his new house. He will now have a big pool for swimming, lots of balls for playing fetch and a big yard on the lake. Best of all, he and Lexi will get to go to work with Dad every day. What could be better for a “Velcro” dog?! We’re so happy for Finigan and his new family and thrilled that we’ll get to see his beautiful face often. What a perfect beginning for the new year!

Buddy 5/13-2


Buddy’s foster family had gotten used to having Buddy as part of their pack, so they were surprised when we got a wonderful application for him from a couple right here in Clermont.  This special couple has a heart for seniors and special needs dogs, and they were touched by Buddy’s story.  They weren’t sure if their two elderly dachshunds would be as excited about him as they were, but it turned out that Buddy was able to win them over too!  Buddy’s needs will be catered to.  They already had their mattress on the floor for their other dogs, with a crib mattress at the foot to help them get in and out, so Buddy must think everyone does that because his foster family had that setup too!  Either mom or dad is usually home, so he will get all the attention he craves, and he has a beautiful home with a nice fenced yard to enjoy.  It took 8 months to find the right fit for Buddy, but find it we did!  Praise God for always providing for our dogs!!



Gauge’s new family was already a part of the Houndhaven family after adopting Quinn (now named Harper), one of the 14 puppies we had earlier this year. They brought her to Homecoming a couple of weeks ago at the request of their son, Will. It was his 7th birthday and he chose to spend his big day with all of the Houndhaven dogs. While they were there, they saw Gauge and loved his big old chocolate head, his huge paws and stubby tail. 🙂 Gauge thought they were pretty great too, especially Will who he followed all around. In addition to Harper, they also have a yellow lab, Carter, and 2 cats. Friendly Gauge got along fine with everyone and had a great time chasing Harper in their fenced yard. We are so excited that they decided to add another HH dog to their “pack” and know that Gauge has finally found his forever home.

Cecily and Logan 008


Logan and Oaklee’s mom and dad came to an adoption event to meet Logan.  When they heard how well the two got along and played together in the yard at Houndhaven and saw for themselves how much confidence each gave the other in new situations, there was no question of Logan being adopted without Oaklee.  On the home visit, Logan followed big sis Oaklee everywhere.  And although it was overwhelming when they saw the huge basket of toys and the number of comfy doggy beds, they couldn’t believe their luck and shared it all with no aggression or growling.  They already had personalized Christmas stockings hung and waiting for them!  Mom, dad, Oaklee and Logan are all thrilled to be a family.  Oaklee & Logan, your new family will always have time for you and will always love you.



Oaklee & Logan’s mom and dad came to an adoption event to meet Logan.  When they heard how well the two got along and played together in the yard at Houndhaven and saw for themselves how much confidence each gave the other in new situations, there was no question of Logan being adopted without Oaklee.  On the home visit, Logan followed big sis Oaklee everywhere.  And although it was overwhelming when they saw the huge basket of toys and the number of comfy doggy beds, they couldn’t believe their luck and shared it all with no aggression or growling.  They already had personalized Christmas stockings hung and waiting for them!  Mom, dad, Oaklee and Logan are all thrilled to be a family.  Oaklee & Logan, your new family will always have time for you and will always love you.


Aspen and Gauge were purchased from a breeder two years ago and managed to find their way to Houndhaven when their owners decided they didn’t have enough time to spend with their dogs. We were more than happy to take in these two beautiful dogs and it wasn’t long before the applications started coming in. Aspen caught the attention of her new mom and dad who were looking for a second dog and playmate for their chocolate lab mix Rufus. Dad found Rufus hanging out by the library door one day and brought him home. They found his owner, but were told that the man’s wife didn’t want the dog and would purposely leave the gate open hoping he would run away. So Mom and Dad are familiar with dogs that were no longer wanted and are more than happy to give them a forever home this time. Now Aspen will get all the attention she could want as Mom and Dad work opposite schedules and will have plenty of time to love this girl. Don’t worry, Aspen, you’re in this home to stay!!



Amelia was a resident of Houndhaven for 6 months before she found her very own family.  She has a mom & dad who are retired so she’ll have their companionship and attention which Amelia thinks is just great.  And since she loves kids so much, it worked out perfectly for her because their granddaughter is a regular visitor to their home.  So Amelia will be able to play and run in the yard with her.  (Amelia already gave her lots of kisses on the home visit.)  After getting their home ready for her, they came to the shelter to pick her up and the last thing we saw was a happy Amelia sitting in the back seat of the car with her mom by her side. We’re so glad Amelia has a home in time for the holidays.  We love you, Amelia.


Cecily and Logan 002

Cecily’s new dad stopped by PetSmart to buy dog food and out of curiosity asked an employee if any organizations brought rescue dogs there for adoption. She told him that Houndhaven would be there in a little while, so he decided to run some errands and then come back to see the dogs. Before the afternoon was over he had met and fallen in love with little Cecily. He liked her cute face and petite size and thought she would be a good addition to his family. Lucky Cecily now has a home for the holidays with Mom and Dad and two human brothers to help burn off all her energy. If that wasn’t enough, she also has a canine sister, Coco, who is a 12 year old golden retriever and a feline brother, Uno, who is almost as big as she is! Cecily certainly has a lot to be thankful for and so do we! Have fun little one!!

Penelope Hope

Penelope Hope

Penelope Hope has gone to the best home ever–heaven.  The horrible cancer that invaded her body possibly before birth took its toll, and she died peacefully at her foster home on October 27.  She had eaten breakfast then gone out to play with her canine bff as always, but when she laid down to rest she never got back up.  We knew that the tumor had returned and were in the process of scheduling surgery, chemo, etc., but God spared her from that ordeal by taking her on His terms.  We are grateful for that and will always be grateful that she spent the last six months of her life in the home of one of our veterinarians, being spoiled.  She may have only lived 9 or 10 months, but most of that time was of the highest quality and she knew what it was like to be loved.  Sometimes that is the best we can do.



Nutmeg quickly became one of the volunteer’s favorite dogs when she arrived at HH. How anyone could decide they no longer wanted this amazing girl is beyond our belief. Nutmeg is basically blind in one eye and has a small cataract in the other eye which causes her to walk slightly crooked so she can keep you in her line of sight. Other than that, everything about this girl is perfect. She walks like a dream on a leash and is always quiet and polite. She likes to sneak up next to you to give surprise kisses on your chin and when you talk to her, her tail shows just how much she craves some love and attention. Nutmeg’s new mom saw what a gem this girl is and quickly decided she was the one. Mom adopted Becca from HH several years ago and after the death of her previous dog, decided Becca needed a new playmate. Becca is a rough and tumble girl who thought Nutmeg needed some fun in her life and tried very hard to get her to play. Given Nutmeg’s cautious manner, she took a little while to get used to Becca and her new human brother, but before we left she was beginning to respond to Becca’s invitations to play and had snuck in a couple of kisses on her brother. This angel deserves only the best and we think she has found it with her new family. Fortunately Mom has promised to bring the whole family to Homecoming, so it won’t be long before we get to see her again. Love and kisses Nutmeg!!!!



Sandie is just as sweet as a lab can be. She has never met a person or dog that she doesn’t like. It must be this friendly temperament that made her so popular and in such demand. After sorting through many very good applications, we finally found the home for Miss Sandie. Mom and Dad are major dog lovers and adopted their current black lab, Buddha, about 10 months ago. They felt he needed a playmate and friend, so they began their search for another dog to adopt. Sandie’s adorable face in the website picture caught the whole family’s attention and they knew they had found the one. Even though Sandie is sweet as can be, she does have a bit of a naughty side which she showed on the home visit by managing to pull Buddha’s left over bowl of dog food off the counter and scrambling to eat as much as she could before anyone could pick it up. Her new family, which also includes two college-age brothers, are committed though to teaching her manners and loving her to pieces! We’re so happy for Sandie and her new family and wish them years of fun and doggy kisses!

Drake and Quincy



Drake and Quincy were adopted by a couple who are long time friends of HH.  Twelve years ago to the weekend they adopted Mack and Max from HH.  Both dogs lived long and wonderful lives but have now graduated to Heaven so mom and dad needed a couple more dogs to love.  Drake and Quincy happily volunteered, and it had all the volunteers at Petsmart crying!  The boys now sleep in the bed and have a lovely fenced yard and pool to enjoy.  We know that they will be endlessly spoiled, and we couldn’t be happier about it.  Way to go, boys!


Jada at Petco

Jada waited patiently for her home until after one of our volunteers recovered a bit from grieving the loss of her dog.  Then she made her move!  Right into her heart and then her home. 🙂  Jada couldn’t believe all the toys and treats waiting for her at her home visit, and she got so excited about her new queen-sized crate that she went into it and promptly peed on the nice new crate liner pad!  Mom and Dad took it in stride though and were very patient as Jada explored the tops of the counters, the couch, the swimming pool etc.  The only thing Jada didn’t want to explore was the cat!  Dodger is well used to dogs so he greeted her at the door, they went nose to nose, Dodger decided she could be intimidated and the game was on.  He followed her around, hissing when appropriate, and generally asserting the fact that HE was in charge of the household. 🙂  Jada got more comfortable as the visit went on, so I imagine that Dodger’s days of intimidation are numbered and that he and Jada will be pals before all is said and done.  But one thing is certain–Jada is a very blessed little girl and she will be spoiled rotten.  It’s about time.



Luna finally got a break.  Her life didn’t start out so well, being a stray and contracting the deadly parvovirus.  When some good samaritans picked her up and took her to a vet office where one of the employees paid to have her treated, it looked like her life had taken a turn for the better.  But then no home could be found for her, so she came to Houndhaven and had to start over again with strange people.  It was pretty scary at first but the other dogs taught her how to be confident, and Luna actually ended up having a lot of fun.  It was that fun loving spirit that caught the eye of one of our volunteers who was looking for a playmate for his energetic two year old lab mix.  Initial introductions went well so Luna was invited for a home visit.  She and her new sister, Hannah, had a grand time running around the huge yard and playing in the house together.  Hannah was very sweet about sharing her toys, water, parents, etc., and Luna had a blast.  We doubt that life will be quiet and calm at their household, but it definitely will be fun!  We are thrilled that we will still get to see this sweet girl from time to time and to hear about all her exploits.  Congratulations, Luna–you deserve it!



Perry is happily living with his new mom and dad right next door to one of our volunteers.  His parents had recently lost their dog after 14 years, so Jean encouraged them to come to HH and meet a few of our sweeties.  They fell in love with Perry and couldn’t wait to get back from vacation so they could adopt him!  Perry graciously waited for them, and all of them seemed very pleased to be reunited at the home visit.  Perry kept rolling over for belly rubs (which dad happily obliged), and was sitting right by his new mom’s side before the home visit was over.  Perry has a fenced yard and pool to enjoy, and mom takes walks at least twice a day.  Mom and Dad are retired, so Perry will have company most of the time.  And, of course, with Aunt Jean right next door, he will have her as backup.  We suspect that he and Jean’s dog, HH alum Cisco, will be pals as well, so we expect that Perry has found a very happy home.  We know his parents will be tolerant, as they told me at the home visit that their prior dog bit them several times and kept all the neighbors at bay.  If they can put up with that, we know that they will think Perry is an angel sent directly from heaven!!!  Way to go, Perry–the third time is the charm.



Liam found his forever home with a couple who recently lost their 14 year old golden retriever.  Liam was happy to dive into the huge basket of toys that they had prepared for him, and, after ripping a few apart immediately, engaged in the most hilarious game of fetch with himself that we have ever seen.  Liam would toss the toy, not a foot or two, but with gusto clear across the room, usually with it landing behind or on top of some piece of furniture!  Mom and Dad would dutifully get up and fetch it for him when he couldn’t dig it out himself, although he climbed on most of the furniture (even the antiques) to retrieve his toys from atop the lamps, etc.  No one seemed alarmed about that behavior, however, so we knew Liam had found the right home.  He also enjoyed sniffing (and marking) most of the one-acre fenced yard and then came in and happily plopped down on the cool marble tile.  Although the plan is for Liam to be an only dog for a while, mom and dad have had multiple dogs in the past and said that they would be back to see Houndhaven if Liam seemed lonely. 🙂  He has a neighborhood full of potential canine buddies, so we aren’t holding our breath, but we certainly wouldn’t object to giving this nice family a second dog!!



Miles, our boy from Texas, has found his forever home right here in good old Florida.  He has been quite the popular boy recently, but we think he has found the perfect family.  They didn’t even care when he promptly ripped up his new toys and quickly pulled the stuffing out!  Mom and Dad live in The Villages and are retired, so we’re pretty sure with all the attention he’ll be receiving that he’s bound to be spoiled 🙂  In fact Dad says the new bed they ordered for him is so big it looks like a life boat! They have one of the best lots in the area with a large back yard for the big guy and Mom and Dad have promised him lots of daily walks  The neighbors can’t wait to meet him, so it looks like he’ll soon have lots of new friends too.  It sounds like the perfect home to us!  Congratulations to Miles and his new family 🙂



Here’s another example of a picture being worth a thousand words.  Boo’s picture on the website immediately caught his new family’s attention and they were excited to meet this handsome boy.  When they met him at the shelter, they were even happier to realize that his personality matched his good looks.  It had been several years since their last lab had passed away and they were ready to add another dog to their home.  Boo was welcomed by his new mom and dad, two human brothers and grandparents all anxious for his arrival.  Boo had a grand time playing ball with his brothers and checking out all the new sights and sounds of his very big fenced back yard.  There’s also an inviting pool which we think he’ll enjoy on these hot summer days.  We’re so happy for Boo and his family and we know they’ll enjoy watching their “three” boys grow up together.  Welcome home, Boo!!!

Bailey 2


There are some special people in this world and two of them are Bailey’s new mom and dad.  They specifically wanted to give an older dog a forever home and we’re so happy that it was Bailey they chose.  She’s a sweet girl with lots of life and energy still in her.  In fact she was so excited with the new “baby” her mom and dad had gotten for her that she ran around the house with it, tossing it in the air and trying to shake the stuffing out of it 🙂  Then she came to all of us trying to convince someone to throw the toy so she could run and retrieve it.  Bailey and Buddy were in their foster home together, so we think she may miss her friend, but there’s a great dog park just down the street from her new home where she’ll be sure to make new friends.  Between playing fetch, going to the dog park and daily walks with Mom and Dad, Bailey’s golden years will definitely be good ones.  Our best wishes to Bailey and her family for many years of happiness.


Nugget 8.22.13 004

As expected, Nugget found a home in record time.  One of our volunteers snatched him up right away to be a playmate for her other HH golden, Ollie.  He did very well at his home visit and got along with Ollie and his other golden pals, Lucy and Buddy (also from HH), very well.   Nugget has to be neutered and finish heartworm treatment before getting to go to his new home, but we expect him to be ready to join the gang in early October.  I’m sure the cats in the household are in no hurry, but we don’t really expect Nugget, now known as Rhett or Retro, to be a problem for them as he was more interested in their food than in them!  It’s always great to place a sweetie like this one with a volunteer so that we can see them at Homecoming–good job Nugget/Rhett in winning her over!!



Pretty Shyanne had completely fooled her new dad.  He came to PetSmart to meet her, but while he was there Shyanne really didn’t do much.  She got up when her handler asked her to and sat nicely for a treat, but then was content to just lay down and relax.  He was disappointed that she wasn’t more active as his senior dog had recently passed away and he was looking for an active dog who was ready to play.  We tried to convince him that Shyanne was normally very energetic, but we could see the doubt in his eyes.  He did agree to let us bring her on a home visit where he got to see a whole new Shyanne!  She ran all around the beautiful fenced back yard, inspecting every square inch.  In fact she got so hot, she tried to drink out of the pool and promptly fell in 🙂  We don’t think she had ever been in a pool before, so Dad will have to show her how much easier it is to get out using the stairs!!  The wonderful thing about Shyanne is that although she can be very playful, she also knows when to calm down and act like a lady (if you call rolling on her back for belly rubs being a lady).  She’s actually the best mix of calm and energy and we’re so glad she’s found the perfect home.  Congratulations to Shyanne and her new family!!


Tate is 12 weeks old and ready for a home! Check out his biography.

Tate’s mom & dad waited until their children were old enough to appreciate and care for a dog before they adopted one.  This summer while on vacation, they saw their son bond with a friend’s dog and they knew the time was right.  They visited a Houndhaven adoption event and loved how Tate interacted with the whole family.  In addition to a brother, Tate also has a human sister now, and with these three bundles of energy joining forces, there won’t be a dull moment!  The family is happily puppy-proofing their home, choosing the perfect name for Tate, and is extremely excited to be starting their life together with this puppy.  Be safe, healthy and happy, Tate.



Shaw’s new Dad was checking out the Houndhaven website when Shaw’s picture caught his eye.  He’d been looking for an adult lab to be his buddy and he thought Shaw might be just the one.   He came out to the shelter and met several dogs, all of whom he liked, but there was something about Shaw that kept drawing him back.  We think Shaw may have suffered some abuse from men before he came to Houndhaven and is rather timid around them until he gets used to them.  He was the same way with his new Dad, but after they went on a walk together, Shaw started to relax and even enjoyed some ear scratching.  He was a little nervous again on the home visit, but Dad says things are already starting to improve.  Dad’s brother, who just happens to be a vet, lives only a short walk away, so Shaw will get excellent care.  We’re so excited for these two “guys” and wish them many years of love and companionship.:)



Kendra’s new mom and dad found that their “nest” was just too empty.  Sadly their lab recently passed away and all three kids left this week to go back to college.  They still had their two small dogs, Coco and Maggie, but the house was just too quiet.  They decided it was time to bring another lab into the mix to liven things up and Kendra was happy to do just that.  This 70 pound year old girl was on stimulation overload during the home visit.  Mom brought out a whole basket of toys and poor Kendra didn’t know which one to play with first.  She took turns trying to rip the squeakers out of each toy while bouncing back and forth from the couch to the love seat to the chair.  Coco, who is 14 years old, wasn’t so sure she wanted this big crazy girl in the house, but we’re sure she’ll calm down once she gets used to Kendra and realizes she’s just a big, friendly playmate.  Maggie on the other hand seemed to take it all in stride and was more than happy to share her toys.  Mom and Dad have promised to give her plenty of exercise along with toys, treats and love.  Kendra will be one happy lab!



We were right, Janie didn’t last long at Houndhaven!  This sweet girl quickly caught the eye of her new Mom and Dad when they came to PetSmart and it was love at first sight.  Fortunately their current dog, Marley, also seemed to be quite fond of Janie and tried very hard to get her to play on the home visit.  Janie, now named Grace (the perfect name!), was a little nervous and not quite ready to play yet, but we know it won’t take long before these two girls are tearing around the house!  Grace just loves lots of attention and belly rubs .  Her new parents are retired, so they’ll have plenty of time to give her both these things.  Hopefully she likes to swim because there’s a beautiful pool just waiting for her too!  We’re so happy for this girl and wish her and her new family many years of love and belly rubs. 🙂



Higgins (now known as Oliver) is the last of the yellow lab puppies to find a home, but his new family believes that the best was saved for last. This little guy has managed to find himself a wonderful home with Mom, Dad and canine sister Annabel who is a beautiful yellow lab almost the same color he is. Oliver has a gorgeous fenced yard where he and Annabel can run and play or just lounge around and soak up the sun. Mom and Dad work opposite schedules so there will almost always be someone home to keep him company. Mom has promised to send us pictures and updates, so we can see this little guy grow up. Way to go, Oliver!!!



Jeter’s new mom is one of the wonderful volunteers we have at Houndhaven.  She originally fell in love with one of our other dogs at the shelter, Amelia who is a beautiful two year old yellow lab.  While waiting for Amelia to finish her treatment for heartworms, a couple of our black puppies also managed to worm their way into her heart.  (That’s not surprising as they’re very good at worming their way into everything!!!)  So when it came time to do a home visit, off we went with three dogs:  Amelia, Tate and Jeter.  We needed to see how each dog would get along with Lucy the 2 year old Yorkie, Bailey the cat, Tinker Bell the cockatiel and of course their daughter Emma and Dad. The good news was that all three dogs did great and got along with everyone.  The bad news was that now a difficult decision had to be made.  In the end it was Jeter’s sweet, calm personality that won them over.  It didn’t hurt that he’s a real cuddle bug either.  While we had to bring two dogs back to Houndhaven, we’re  happy for Jeter and his new family and we know it won’t be long before Amelia and Tate find their forever homes too.  Take care little guy!!



Kiefer, one of the smallest of the Houndhaven pups, is the latest puppy to be adopted.  Although when his puggle brother Max first barked during the home visit, it was a bit scary, luckily dad was nearby to reassure Kiefer.   But once Max generously shared his huge box full of toys, Kiefer knew Max just wanted to play.  Kiefer proudly pranced through the house carrying toy after toy.  Unable to decide on a favorite, Kiefer decided it would be best to just climb into the box and sit in the middle of all of them.  Of course, mom was ready to capture the many adorable-puppy photo opportunities Kiefer provided.  A few years ago mom & dad rescued Max and raised him from 10 weeks old.–Now all three members of this young family have welcomed Kiefer and are ready to help him grow into a happy, well-adjusted adult dog.



Buffett’s family came to meet another pup, but once Buffett started to snuggle, they fell in love.  His new family is made up of 3 adults, 2 children, and Zoey, a 7 yr. old shih tzu/poodle who Buffett already outweighs by 6 pounds at 3 mos. old.  So although he had to say goodbye to all his brothers at HH, he won’t have much time to feel lonely for long.  Zoey & Buffett got along great at the home visit where Buffett also met his new dad.  With the whole family’s enthusiastic approval, they brought him home from HH a few days later and renamed him Bo.  Love & kisses to Bo from all the Houndhaven volunteers.



Sweet, funny Daisy has found the perfect home and family!  She loves to play with other dogs and with her new canine sister, Sasha, she has met her match!  Sasha is a 90 pound, 4 year old German Shepherd who is twice Daisy’s size and weight.  Do you think Daisy was the least bit intimidated by Sasha?  Not for a minute!!!  The two girls took to each other immediately, playing together, sitting next to each other for treats and drinking from the same water bowl.   Daisy was also welcomed by her new Mom and Dad and a human sister, so there will be plenty of attention to go around.  Plans to fence in the back yard are in place, so it won’t be long before the girls will be able to run around and burn off lots of energy.  Congratulations Daisy!  We’ll miss your lively personality. 🙂

Titus 1


We don’t think we could have found a more perfect home for Titus!  This handsome boy’s picture on the website caught the eye of his new dad who recently came back from active duty in the Army.  After a lot of soul searching, he decided that he wanted his next career to involve working with therapy dogs.  He will be taking Titus with him for six weeks of intense training in obedience, therapy work, search and rescue as well as scent work.  He’s hoping that he and Titus will be able to work with people suffering from PTSD once they’re certified at the end of the training.  It was easy to see the instant bond between these two as they played ball in the huge yard.  Titus showed his intelligence by quickly learning to bring the ball back, drop it, sit and wait for it to be thrown again.  He even showed us all how neat he could be with his new toys by putting one toy back in the box  before taking out another!  Titus’ new dad loves to exercise and run, so Titus will get to burn off all that puppy lab energy.   His dad has promised to keep us updated on their progress and we can’t wait to see him when they return.  Our best wishes to them both!!



Quinn, whose new name is Harper, is not going to have time to miss her brothers, Quincy and Tate, because she now has a whole new family to call her own.  This little orphan now has a Mom and Dad, a human sister and brother, a canine sister and brother and 2 feline family members!  Whew, that’s a whole lot of fun and excitement.  Add in a nice house, a fenced yard and pool and you have one lucky puppy!  Harper had a wonderful time on the home visit inspecting the house and yard and playing with all her new siblings.  She even seemed to know that she had to be a bit more careful with her canine sister, Emily, who is 14 and a little unsteady on her feet.  We have reports already from Mom that her first day has been “accident” free!  Way to go Harper!  Hopefully we’ll get to see how much you’ve grown at Homecoming this year!

Bodhi 3


For the second week in a row, we’ve adopted two dogs to a single family!  This time it was two lucky boys, Bodhi and Lennon!  The boys are very close in age and after going out in the same yard to play at the shelter, they became best buddies.  Their new Mom and Dad originally went to PetSmart on Saturday, even though Dad was in a wedding that day, to meet Bodhi.  His friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude won them over, but once they saw how well he and Lennon got along (Lennon sat on his head and he didn’t mind a bit.), they quickly decided they needed both dogs.  Mom and Dad have agreed to keep Bodhi on his diet and were already starting by giving them carrots as treats.  Being able to play with Lennon whenever he wants should get him slim and trim in no time.  We can’t think of a better ending to this story and are looking forward to seeing them both at Homecoming!



Lennon is the second half of today’s adoption.  This lucky boy has found not only a wonderful family to call his own, but he got to bring along his bff, Bodhi!  Lennon was so excited on their home visit that he didn’t know what to do first.  There was the house to explore, a big fenced yard to smell and so many new toys, he could barely take it all in.  The boys shared the toys nicely and were so cute playing tug of war together.  Bodhi wore himself out and laid down on the cool tile to rest, but not Lennon.  He was still full of energy and ready to play.  These two boys will keep Mom and Dad busy, but they’re definitely going to have a lot of fun with them.  Congratulations to all!!



Double the trouble and double the fun!  Our newest members of the Houndhaven family adopted not one, but two puppies!  We are so happy to report that both Annee and Buffy have found a wonderful forever home.  Mom and Dad lost both their dogs within a couple of months of each other about a year ago.  They finally decided that they just couldn’t stand a house without the pitter patter of little feet any longer.  Annee quickly won their hearts when they saw her at PetSmart and her puppy antics on the home visit kept everyone entertained.  These lucky girls were welcomed with a bag full of toys, new collars and a feeding dish that can be raised as they grow.  There’s even a brand new pool which is being fenced to keep curious puppies safe. Mom and Dad may not get a moment’s rest for a little while, but they’re just happy to have a full house once again.



Buffy’s Mom and Dad were sure they wanted to get two dogs to be playmates and friends.  When they met Annee at PetSmart, they knew she was meant to be a part of their family.  Which puppy would join her though was another question.  They thought maybe it would be best to get a yellow puppy to make it easier to tell them apart.  Buffy knew just what to do to make sure that she was the chosen one.  She immediately snuggled up to Dad hiding her little head under his chin and the rest is history.  The two girls were cute as can be on the home visit playing tug of war with one of their new toys and growling fiercely at each other.  They will certainly keep Mom and Dad busy, but snuggling with a bundle of puppies will make it all worth while.



Elise had a very rough life prior to coming to HH.  She was trying to feed a litter of six with virtually no food for her or them.  She did what she had to do to stay alive and take care of her puppies, and now it is time for momma to be pampered.  A couple of long time friends of HH read her story and decided they had to adopt this special girl.  She met their two golden retrievers and couldn’t seem to get over the fact that they were all allowed on the furniture and that there was plenty of love for everyone!  If a dog can smile, Elise (now named Harley) was smiling ear to ear!!!  Elise has a little more rough stuff to get through before she can join her new family–she has to be spayed and go through heartworm treatment.  But we are sure that she has the determination to get past that just fine, and we anticipate she will be in her new home by the end of August. 🙂

Lacey 2


One look at this face and Lacey’s new Mom and Dad were in love.  Who could resist a smile like that?  When they met her and found out what a good girl Lacey is, they knew she was meant to be a part of their family.  All we had to do was convince their current dog, 8 year old Lily, of that.  Fortunately the two girls hit it right off with no problem at all.  Even better, Mom and Dad couldn’t resist another HH resident, 11 week old Tatum.  Now both girls have found a forever home and we couldn’t be happier.  They’ll all get to enjoy daily walks with Dad, playing in the fenced yard and lazy days on the lanai.  What a perfect life for any dog.  Congratulations to two beautiful girls and their new family!



We’re happy to report that the second puppy of a litter Houndhaven took in has found her family. Little Tatum won the hearts of her new Mom and Dad when they first saw her picture on the website. Meeting her only confirmed what they already suspected, that she needed to join their family. But not only did they want Tatum, they also wanted to add another HH dog, three year old Lacey. Their only worry was whether their current dog, 8 year old Lily, would accept two new sisters. We introduced Lacey first. In no time it was clear that the two dogs were going to get along just fine, so it was just a matter of how they would respond to a little puppy. Once again it was easy to see that little Tatum would fit right in and that their family of three was going to increase by two. 🙂 Mom and Dad are going to be busy with the new additions, but luckily Dad is home all day to make sure everyone stays out of trouble. We’re so happy for these girls and wish them all the best.



The first of our 14 puppies has found his forever home!  Little Oakley is going to miss his brothers and sisters, but we think having a family of his own will soon make up for it.  Mom, Dad and feline brother, Jameson, will have their hands full, but they are prepared with a basket full of chew toys, a new crate and lots of love and patience.  Oakley was having a great time exploring his new house.  He particularly enjoyed chewing on the carpet, pulling the bathroom rug around and getting into the cat litter. 🙂  Mom and Dad will definitely stay busy keeping this little guy out of trouble, but those cute puppy eyes and kisses will make it all worthwhile.  Mom has promised to send us pictures so we can watch Oakley grow up to be a big, beautiful lab!  Congratulations to all!!!

Harmony 5/13-1


Snuggles, cuddles & kisses!–That’s what the home visit consisted of because for Harmony and her human sisters it was love at first sight.  Big sis couldn’t stop smiling from the moment she met Harmony and younger sister, after being concerned Harmony was hungry and thirsty, wanted to model her favorite princess dress for her.  Something tells me Harmony will be playing dress-up soon, too.  Mom will come home from work at lunch everyday to give Harmony a mid-day break.  And there will be frequent weekends at grandma’s house where there’s a swimming pool, space to run and three dogs to play with.  We wish these precious girls and precious puppy many years of cuddling and kisses.

Chiquita 5/13-2


Beautiful Chiquita grew up at Houndhaven and was searching and searching for her home.  Turned out it was right under her nose!  One of our volunteers recently lost her beloved lab mix and decided Chiquita (now Pippa) was the perfect dog to fill that void in their family.  Pippa has a canine brother named Jack, a human sister named Julia and a mom and dad who think she can do no wrong.  She loves all of them and is learning what it means to be a member of a family (like laying on Jack on the sofa!).  She sleeps in between mom and dad in bed at night and loves to play with Julia and Jack during the day, so Pippa has the loving home for which she was searching.  Way to go, Pippa!



Scully wasn’t with us long before one of our volunteers fell in love.  He has now joined a family consisting of  HH alum Maggie, also a golden retriever, a chihuahua mix named Lily, a cat and a new mom and dad.  Scully apparently didn’t like the accommodations at Houndhaven because he was on a hunger strike while with us.  All of our tasty treats were declined or eaten sparingly.  His first night at his new home ended the hunger strike, and he ate dinner with gusto!  He wants to play with Maggie in the worst way, but she is still sizing him up.  He would also be happy to be friends with Lily and the cat, but they are having no part of it, so Scully wisely is keeping his distance.  Scully’s new name is Doug, after the golden retriever in the movie “Up”.  He has a large fenced yard and pool to enjoy, and we think he is going to be a very spoiled dog.  Way to go, Scully!



Buckshot had a bit of a rough start to life, but all of that is in the past for this sweet boy.  His new home is absolutely perfect and we’re positive that his life has taken a turn for the better.  His family consists of mom and dad and two human brothers ages 10 and 12.  Everyone was very excited to welcome Bucky and show him around his new home.  The pool seemed to be of special interest and although he never tried to get in, we’re pretty sure it won’t be long before he’s made himself right at home in it.  He’s going to start off sleeping in Mom and Dad’s room, but both boys are anxious to share their rooms with him as soon as he feels comfortable.  Dad works from home, so Buckshot (now known as Bucky) will have someone to hang out with during the day until the boys get home and then the fun will begin!  We are so very happy for Bucky and his new family and wish them all years of fun and happiness.






It was such a joy to see Carson flipping toys in the air, prancing & bounding throughout his new home. Meeting his family’s two cats was a breeze for him. Their previous Lab had a similar level of energy, so when Carson arrived they felt like everything is the way it’s supposed to be again. Mom, dad & his human sister all have great throwing arms and are looking forward to many days of playing fetch with Carson in their backyard. Happy boy/happy family! Congratulations, Carson.

Lulu was adopted!


Lulu was adopted by a family who recently lost their yellow lab, HH alum Dixie.  Lulu has been renamed Trixie because it is less confusing for her when they forget and call her Dixie.  Lulu doesn’t seem to care what they call her as long as she can lounge on the sectional sofa with her stuffed monkey and sleep in daddy’s lap in the recliner!  It is wonderful to see her happy–she was definitely tired of HH!  Lulu’s mom and dad are retired so she gets plenty of attention, and she will get to live her life on the red velvet pillow that’s she’s always wanted. 🙂  Way to go, Lulu/Trixie!!



Guinness is another Houndhaven dog that has found his way to the beach.  This time it’s the west coast of Florida near Palm Harbor.  Our lucky boy’s new home is just one house away from the water with a wonderful fenced yard full of fun things to explore.  His new family consists of Mom and Dad and 2 cats who Guinness just seemed to take in stride.  Always the gentleman, Guinness wandered through his new house checking out each room, but never trying to jump on the furniture or get into anything he shouldn’t.  Who wouldn’t want a dog like that?!  His new family certainly did!  They have been grieving over the loss of their previous black lab and were thrilled to have this sweet fellow join their lives.  It was time for Guinness to have some of the good things in life and we believe he has found them in his new home.  Our best to you all!!

Pooh 001


Little Pooh, the smallest resident of Houndhaven, has recovered completely from his bout with Parvo and has found his forever home.  He was full of puppy energy on the home visit and entertained everyone as he wrestled on the back lawn with a very dangerous stuffed toy.  The little guy has a wonderful fenced yard with a path into the yard behind his which just happens to belong to his new aunt and uncle.  Their 14 year old golden retriever came over to meet and play with Pooh who found the retriever’s tail to be a wonderful tug toy.  Dad works from home, so he’ll be able to give Pooh the training he needs to become the perfect dog.  We’re so happy for Pooh and his new family and wish them a long, happy life!



Little Chipper is another puppy who has gone to help heal the broken hearts of a family who lost their beloved pet.  This adorable little guy and his antics certainly made them smile and brought joy to their hearts.  He bounded through the yard and the house with puppy abandon and then relaxed on the recliner with a wonderful new toy.  He’s going to need some training, but luckily someone is home most of the time to help him learn the right place to go potty and the correct things to chew :).  We understand that he’s not going to be the only dog for long either.  His family is planning to add another puppy soon, so Chipper will be a big brother!  Congratulations little Chipper!  We can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown at Homecoming.

Chance 2 Feb. 18 2013


Our sweet yellow boy won the hearts of a couple from Bradenton and has gone to live with them and his new bff Camilla.  He thought the entire adventure was very stimulating–so much to see, and bark at!  First, it was the American flag flying on the property.  He really gave it a good talking to…then it was Lulu the kitty cat.  She was in a carrier, but he didn’t seem to know what a kitty cat was so she got barked at for a while.  Eventually he seemed to forget about her, especially since Camilla didn’t seem at all interested in her, so we think that he will make friends with Lulu eventually.  He liked getting up on the couch with mom and dad and looking out the big windows at the river, and he liked running around with Camilla in the big fenced yard.  We also think he is going to like having mom home all day and sleeping wherever he wants (including with mom and dad!).  We think that Chance finally got the break he deserved, and he will be a cherished member of the family.   We will love hearing updates about this volunteer favorite!



Our sweet Milla has found her furever home with HH’s own yellow lab Chance and a wonderful mom and dad.  She rode like a trooper all the way to Bradenton and was so happy running around the yard with Chance that she was leaping into the air!  Not bad for a girl who recently had two malignant tumors removed and is currently going through radiation!  Camilla’s new mom and dad were very familiar with her oncologist in Tampa in that Blue Pearl also treated their former chocolate lab Mojo.  They had no problem taking Camilla back and forth for her final two weeks of radiation, which should tell you what special people they are!  Camilla will love having Mom home all day and will love having a brother to cavort with when she is in the mood.  She also liked the big box of toys she found waiting for her in her new home!  Camilla had a rough stay at HH, but it was worth all the surgeries because she ended up hitting the jackpot when it comes to finding wonderful new parents.  We are so glad this special girl has a special family.  Even though we miss her terribly, we know she finally has the home she deserves.  God bless, Milla!



Over the past several months, Houndhaven has taken Winter on many vet visits, including trips to a specialist in Gainesville for laser surgery, working toward the goal of getting her healthy.  And while Winter was patient with us throughout the process, it wasn’t easy for her and our shelter volunteers fell in love with this stoic girl.  In fact, one of those volunteers loved her gentle, sweet spirit so much that she has adopted her.  Winter (now named Casey) is thriving!  She loves to play ball, swim in the pool, and join in on everything her 3 fur siblings (all Houndhaven graduates) may be doing.  We know her family will see that she receives the best ongoing care for her health.  Our congratulations & love to Casey and her family.



While Cadbury’s parents waited for him to finish his heartworm treatment at Houndhaven and be ready to join their family, they couldn’t forget handsome Blane.  Both boys are around the same age and have the same bounding energy.  We soon heard from mom & dad–they loved Blane and wanted him to join their family, too.  When they arrived at their home, the boys wrestled all over their backyard (which has a gorgeous water view) and checked out their private dock.  There’s a pool, too, but with so many new things to experience, there was no time to try it out.  Mom & dad bike and take long walks and are so excited that now they’ll be accompanied by Blane and Cadbury.  Congratulations to these two buddies.






While Cadbury’s parents waited for him to finish his heartworm treatment at Houndhaven and be ready to join their family, they couldn’t forget handsome Blane.  Both boys are around the same age and have the same bounding energy.  We soon heard from mom & dad–they loved Blane and wanted him to join their family, too.  When they arrived at their home, the boys wrestled all over their backyard (which has a gorgeous water view) and checked out their private dock.  There’s a pool, too, but with so many new things to experience, there was no time to try it out.  Mom & dad bike and take long walks and are so excited that now they’ll be accompanied by Blane and Cadbury.  Congratulations to these two buddies.