Big News For Roslyn and Jordan

If you’ve been considering adopting a Houndhaven dog, but just weren’t sure, now is a great time to consider 2 of our great dogs – Roslyn and Jordan!  An anonymous donor has stepped up and would like to help these 2 pups find a forever home.  Here’s the offer:


A person who has known these two wonderful girls since their arrival at HH cannot understand why they haven’t gone to their forever homes yet. So, as an incentive to those of you who might be considering adding a sweet cuddly friend to your home, the adoption fees for Roslyn and Jordan are being subsidized. Procrastinators will lose out on the best deal. Anyone who submits an application, and subsequently finalizes the adoption of one or both of these beautiful pups, from now until June 21st (Father’s Day) will pay $100.00 for the adoption fee of each dog. June 22nd through June 27th the fees will be $150.00 per pup. June 28th through July 4th the adoption fee will be $200.00 for each dog. We want them to be able to declare their independence from HH once and for all! Please consider giving them the wonderful home that these two girls deserve.  The application has to be submitted by those dates, it doesn’t have to be finalized by then.
Roslyn 3:15Jordan-JA138791
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

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