Blossom and her new big brother, 7 yr. old lab Tamas, did so well together when their family brought him to the shelter to meet her and then at the home visit as well.  They have a great backyard to run and play together.  Blossom will be spending half her time in North Carolina with her family.   Blossom’s new name is Josie because she reminds them a lot of one of their adored previous labs who was named Joe.  Their personalities and even looks are quite similar and the name Josie just struck a chord with her parents and she’s responding to it already.   Josie sleeps through the night and sweetly wakes everyone up with kisses in the morning once she sees they’re awake.  She and Tamas continue to play well together and are very cute to watch.  Her parents said Josie will increase their laughter and joy a whole lot with her being a part of the family.