Garner was a volunteer favorite because he walked pretty well on the leash and had nice manners. He loved everyone and everything and didn’t hesitate to tell you so while at HH. Two of our volunteers who were looking to add to their already considerable pack thought he was the guy to blend in with the rest of their crew. They were absolutely right! Garner, now Henry, has a retired dad whose “job” now is exercising and taking care of the dogs, as well as doing some work for another rescue as well as helping at HH when needed. Henry will join in with the group that goes to Lake Louise State Park most everyday for a nice long hike. He also has a beautiful fenced backyard (he seemed interested in the ball), and a swimming pool should he choose to partake. Mom works from home, so he can hang with her if he prefers, but we think he will be where the action is. This boy deserves the best, and he absolutely got it. We will look forward to seeing him from time to time and hearing about all the fun he is having with his new wonderful family.