Juliet, who waited at Houndhaven 3 ½ months for a home—almost as long as Sugarcookie, is right now being pampered and spoiled and receiving lots of cuddles.  She has a mom, dad and a very cute kitty sister named Simon.  Juliet is now Josie as in Josie & the Pussycats.  There’s a big beautiful fenced backyard to explore.  Josie has turned out to be quite the chewer.  She destroyed 3 toys and a leash in an hour (mom said that’s ok because she still has a lot of puppy in her), so mom bought her an extreme chewer kong and an antler to chew on instead!  Josie has already gone to work with her momma which she’ll get to do regularly and also made friends with the neighbor’s two goldens.  Josie’s days of seeing dog after dog leave the shelter and go to their new home are over.  This time it’s Josie’s turn and it feels great.