Lab Mix

Type:  Lab Mix

Age:  2 Years Old

Sex:  Female

Size:  35 lbs.

Color:  Black

This is Kiara, a sweet sweet baby, who had the worst thing happen to her—she was cruelly dumped from a car.  One of our volunteers witnessed this and was able to rescue a scared, shaken-up Kiara. 

Our vet found wounds on her in different stages of healing so we think it’s possible she was used as a bait dog.  Despite all this, Kiara is brave and forgiving and remarkably still trusts people. 

A female lab mix, she is estimated to be about 2 years old and is a compact, solid 35 lbs.  She tested positive for heartworms and will be done with treatment around mid-January. 

This precious, special girl needs to be spoiled and loved.  If you can give her that and turn her life around, review our policies and submit an application.

Arrived:  November 24 2021

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