Maggie Mae



Type:  Pyredoodle

Age:  6 Months Old

Sex: Female

Size:  45.6 lbs.

Color:  White

If you’re looking for a happy pupster with a heart full of love, Maggie Mae is it.  She’s a “pyredoodle”—a unique blend of great pyrenees and poodle—and is 6 months old.  Maggie is super sweet, fun and energetic.

She was surrendered to a central Florida animal control after she unintentionally knocked someone over due to her pupster enthusiasm.  So she would do better in a home with no small children.  Maggie weighs 45.6 lbs. and is growing.  We will have Maggie Mae spayed soon.  If you can commit long term to Maggie and can give this baby the love, care and training a puppy needs, complete an application to adopt stunning Maggie Mae.

Arrived:  April 20 2022

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