Orson’s family adopted Appaloosa (now Bale) from Houndhaven last year, and after learning about Orson they felt he would be a great companion for Bale and the right fit for their family.  The two dogs got along wonderfully at the home visit.  Orson’s human family is made up of mom, dad, a 9 year old brother and 7 year old sister.  They’re an active family which is perfect for a young dog like Orson.  Bale walks his siblings to school almost every morning and Orson can now join them.  He was also very interested in the pool during the home visit and couldn’t stop staring at it, so he’s very likely going to be joining his family when they’re swimming.  His new name to start this new chapter in his life is Carson.  His wish to have a home of his own again has come true making him one very happy boy.