A longtime HH friend was looking for a companion for her dog after she lost her other dog. She and Kalua (the dog) interviewed at least five HH dogs before they chose Fitz. Fitz thought their mini ranch and huge yard were great, and he was particularly interested (in a cautious way) in the horses in the adjacent pasture. Both of his parents are veterinarians and experienced lab owners, so we know he will get the best of care! Mom works part time, so she can devote time to helping Fitz get settled in and Fitz and Kalua bond. We don’t think that will take long, and mom reports their first night went well and Fitz enjoyed playing frisbee with Dad. We will miss Fitz because he was such a sweet and snuggly boy, but we are glad he lives nearby so that we will be able to see him again. Way to go, Fitz!!