We’re so thrilled for Peppermint & Candycane.  These two sisters have been adopted and get to stay together.  Their new parents were very loving and attentive to both girls at their home visit and Peppermint & Candycane walked well with them.  Once they were in the home, mom & dad had matching beds waiting for them but the girls preferred to snuggle up in the same bed together.  In fact, they didn’t want to leave it!  But they did have to come back to the shelter for just a short time and their parents will be picking them up soon.  They will get to participate in all aspects of mom & dad’s life—going out to dinner, running errands, going for walks and on vacations.  Their new community has a dedicated dog park plus they will sometimes go to doggie day care for socialization.  And don’t worry Peppermint & Candycane, that cozy bed is waiting for you and you’ll be back in it curled up together in no time.