Help Houndhaven Save Lives by Volunteering

Volunteer opportunities exist at our shelter daily for folks who can handle large dogs and have no medical conditions that would make that inadvisable (ie, pregnancy, serious back problems).

Volunteer duties at our shelter include walking, feeding and medicating the dogs as well as cleaning kennels, picking up play yards, doing dishes and laundry and other things necessary to provide our dogs with excellent care. Our morning shift is 7-10:30, and our evening shift is 5-7:30.  A midday shift from 12-2 is also available for experienced volunteers.  Houndhaven is not a typical shelter, and our volunteers often comment about it being a happy place.  We house no more than 20 dogs at a time so that we can treat them like our own pets. Most of our dogs find homes within 5 months, and we are strictly no kill so there are no worries about falling in love with a dog who will be euthanized for lack of space.

Volunteer opportunities also exist at adoption events most weekends.  We take our dogs to Petsmart from 11:30-2:00 on most Saturdays so that they can meet prospective adopters.  Volunteers are responsible for walking the dogs, making sure they show well and answering questions about Houndhaven and our adoption process.

Group volunteer opportunities exist at our annual Homecoming event where our alums come back to Houndhaven for a huge party.

To volunteer at the shelter or for group volunteering, contact   houndhaveninc@aol.com

To volunteer at adoption events, contact volunteerhh@gmail.com