In our 22 years of rescuing dogs from euthanasia at kill shelters, we learned that rescue doesn’t end when the dog is placed.  Good owners often find themselves faced with extraordinary vet expenses due to no fault of their own.  Houndhaven has always helped its adopted dogs get the care they needed, and starting in 2023, we are now working with five specialty vets to ensure that other dogs get the care they need regardless of their owner’s inability to pay. 


We will rescue these dogs from suffering, surrender, and/or euthanasia through the following program. The specialty vets will verify that the owner has provided good basic care for the dog and that the dog will have a good prognosis if it receives the vet care.  If that’s the case, the vet will provide a discount, and Houndhaven will pay up to 50% of the discounted price, leaving the owner to pay only the remainder.  We will post pictures and stories of the dogs we are helping.  As we begin helping dogs in this new way, we hope you will continue to support our efforts to help dogs in need.

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Dolly's Fund will help dogs get dermatology care

Dr. Marcia Schwassman,
Veterinary Dermatology Center, Maitland, FL

Dolly came to Houndhaven with hardly any fur after being abandoned tied to a trailer in the blazing sun.  She had also had mange for so many years that the hair follicles were damaged, and Dolly was never able to get her fur back.  This is an “after picture” of Dolly.

Cleo's Fund will help dogs get orthopedic care

Dr. Cheryl Tano, Blue Pearl,
Maitland, FL

Cleo was found on the side of the road with a broken leg and pelvis after being hit by a car.  Although she was only a puppy, she needed extensive surgery and physical therapy.  Dr. Tano managed to save her severely broken leg.

Tanner's Fund will help dogs get orthopedic & General Surgery Care

Dr. Jeff Peck, Veterinary Care & Specialty Group, Chattanooga, TN

Tanner came from animal control with a very bad case of hip dysplasia.  Although he was just a puppy, he would not have been able to live very long without the hip replacement surgery Dr. Peck was able to offer.
This is a close up picture of the face of a yellow lab mix named Abby Dabby. Her eyes are very dark brown and she has floppy ears. She is wearing a red collar with white bone print. You can also see the top portion of a red harness. There is a blurry background of green grass.

Abby's Fund will help dogs get ophthalmology care

Dr. Daniel Priehs, Animal Eye Associates, Maitland, FL

Abby came to us extremely obese and her resultant diabetes had caused her to go blind.  Dr. Priehs was able to restore her eyesight by performing cataract surgery.


Dr. Evan Sones, Animal Cancer Care Clinic, Orlando, FL

Edward was diagnosed with lymphoma and given 30 days to live without treatment or 9 months with treatment.  Thanks to Dr. Sones, Edward had almost 2 years of quality life before succumbing to his cancer.

Tampa Fund For Neuro, Ortho and Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. Callum Hay, Veterinary Surgical Specialists, Tampa, FL

Dr. Hay’s passion is finding the most consistent ways to attain best practices with surgery in dogs and cats. With nearly 30 years of experience, he has performed numerous orthopedic, neurological, and soft tissue surgeries. His primary focus is knee, hip, and fracture repair.

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