Tegan’s new family were initially drawn to her name because it is the name of a dear friend of theirs. Then they saw her face and thought she might be the dog they were looking for. When they met her, they knew she was the one. Tegan now lives in a high rise apartment building. She did great in the elevator and seemed to adapt well to being a city dog. Her mom and dad, who are both professors, anticipate a move into more spacious county at some point. We expect that Tegan will be happy wherever mom and dad are! And wherever their bellyrubs are, as she made clear during the home visit that they are a MUST. Mom and Dad seemed happy to comply, and we expect Tegan to have a wonderful and spoiled existence from now on! Mom works from home a majority of the time, so Tegan will have companionship and plenty of walks.

Congratulations, Tegan, you seem to have chosen well!