Scooby and Bermuda are happy to announce that they have been adopted together! Their new mom and dad have previously had two Houndhaven dogs, and when the second one passed, they came back to see our dogs. They fell in love with Scooby, but when they heard about his attachment to Bermuda (and vice versa), they decided to foster Bermuda for a week. At the end of that week they said they couldn’t separate them, and Bermuda was officially adopted too! They share toys and treats well and love to wrestle. Scooby (nka Marley) has discovered the joys of the couch, but Bermuda (nka Minnie) is sticking to the dog beds. They both keep an eye on the golfers who come close to their house, and they don’t hesitate to tell them if they think they are getting too close! We couldn’t be happier about this turn of events, and we wish these two many, many years of fun together.