Meet Bubba. Bubba, being a lab, found himself what he considered a tasty treat. Unfortunately, it was a corn cob. What Bubba didn’t know (or maybe forgot in the heat of passion) was that corn cobs don’t come out as easily as they went in. We at Houndhaven learned that lesson from a yellow lab named Lex many years ago. Suffice it to say that Bubba’s owners were faced with an expensive surgery to remove the delicious cob.

All was well until Bubba decided to test their love and loyalty further by developing a pretty serious surgical site infection. He was brought to one of our favorite surgeons, Dr. Jeff Peck, because a second surgery was necessary to save Bubba’s life. His owners were able to scrape up another $1,200 to save Bubba from his disastrous corn cob adventure, but the extensive surgery needed cost more than twice that amount.

Enter Houndhaven Helps! Because of our generous donors, we were able to step in and make it possible for Dr. Peck to save Bubba’s life!!! Bubba is doing well after surgery and was able to go home yesterday, after Dr. Peck gave him a serious lecture about the evils of corn cobs and other tasty tidbits he might encounter in the future. It remains to be seen whether Bubba was listening.