Calendar Contest

Welcome to the Houndhaven
annual calendar contest!

The entry fee to submit a photo for the calendar is $10.00 and each vote is $1.00.  Every entry will appear somewhere in the calendar.  The top 12 entries get a month and the overall winner with the most votes will be on the cover.


To enter your dog, please click the button that says “Pay Entry Fee” and submit your $10.00 calendar submission payment.  After you submit the fee, please click “Enter Your Dog Now” button on the receipt page and submit the form (you will upload your photo there).

** Please note: your photo will not appear in the contest until both steps are complete.  This process is done manually, so it can take up to 12 hours to see your submission.** 

If you don’t see your submission within that time period, please email me at

Final day for voting is 10/31/2022

Please click on each image to enlarge. To minimize, click anywhere off of the picture.