CoCo was at Orange Co. Animal Services with a carpal (wrist) injury. That is not a position in which you would want to find yourself. But the heavens were smiling on CoCo that day because a lovely couple came in and fell in love with CoCo’s sweet nature. Although they are on a fixed income and they knew about the injury, they decided to rescue CoCo anyway and figure out how to get her wrist fixed once they got her home. They took her to see Dr. Tano, and the good doctor decided CoCo should be a Houndhaven Helps dog. Only at that point did she realize that the couple’s daughter had volunteered for HH previously! It is a small world, and we are delighted to help CoCo and his new family. CoCo has now had his surgery and is doing well. �� Thanks to our donors who made this possible–it indeed takes a village!!