Foxy’s owners found her on the road about a year ago. They ended up at the doggie dermatologist because of a growth on her ear. It turned out to be malignant, and Foxy needed a total ear ablation. The young couple didn’t have the thousands of dollars it would take to do this, and at the time there was no one to help. Fast forward a year, and they came back to see Dr. Schwassman at Veterinary Dermatology Center. Because she now has Houndhaven Helps to help this┬ákind of patient, she arranged for Animal Cancer Care Clinic to do a CT scan of Foxy’s ear, and we paid half. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread so an ear ablation would no longer be curative. We stand ready to assist Foxy in any way we can, but surgery is off the table at this point. Thank you to those who made it possible for us to help get Foxy her CT scan, so that the doctors know what course of treatment to pursue. Good luck, sweet Foxy!