Gunther hit the jackpot. Plain and simple. A couple who have had several labs found themselves labless after their last beloved boy passed. They saw Gunther’s picture and then drove all the way from Jacksonville to meet him. It was love all ’round as his new mama gave him a massage and facetimed with her daughters so they could meet him too. We knew he would miss his foster family, especially foster dad, with whom he had become very close, but in typical Gunther fashion, he took it all in stride. His first day in his new home he was out on the beach (about a block away) enjoying all the new sights and smells. And he is reported to be settling in well and starting to realize that he is finally home. Forever. His new name is Chief which we think is appropriate since he will be running that household soon, if he isn’t already! You went through a lot, big boy, but I think you got your happy ending. Well done!