Kelsi will be starting the new year in a new home. She has been adopted by a couple who has previously adopted three HH dogs. All three have passed, and they were ready for a new lab to love. They fell in love with Kelsi, and even when she was diagnosed with a malignant mast cell tumor, they still wanted to adopt her. Poor Kelsi has been spayed, had a dental cleaning and had a surgery to remove the mast cell in the month that we have had her, but she got to go home to start the new year in her forever home. She will come back to her foster home for a couple of days in January to have entropion surgery to keep her eyelids from curling in and scratching her corneas further, but then she will be home for good. Mom is a certified vet technologist, so we know Kelsi will get the best of care, and Dad is retired, so she will get lots of companionship. We couldn’t be happier for Kelsi, who will now be known as Bunny. Live long and prosper, sweet girl!