Kylo & Rey have left the building! They were with us since mid-October and we watched these two sweet pups grow up before our eyes without finding a home. Out of our current residents, they were with us the longest and saw many other dogs arrive and get adopted before them. Their human family (parents and 14 year old brother) knew for a while that the next time they adopted they would want to adopt two dogs together. They’re now Kane and Kya. They have a fenced backyard to run and play in—something they loved to do at the shelter. They will be able to swim in the pool if they enjoy it and also will be taking rides on their pontoon boat! They romped and frolicked all over the living room and furniture at the home visit. Their family enjoyed their antics and welcomed them to their home which was equipped with beds and LOTS of toys for them. Have a great life, Kane & Kya!