Less than a week into the inception of our new mission to help dogs get needed medical care (which we are calling “Houndhaven Helps”), we have helped our first dog.
This sweet boy was adopted from Houndhaven almost 8 years ago. His mama has treated him for a variety of ailments through the years including ACL surgery on both legs, Horner’s Syndrome, allergies, neurological disease and now chemotherapy for bladder cancer at Animal Cancer Care Center. She has made sure her boy has had the best vet care available, at considerable personal sacrifice. She even buys his dog food from Rick’s Dog Deli to reduce his carb intake because carbs feed cancer.
When she asked if we could help with his most recent chemotherapy treatment, how could we possibly say no??? He still loves to eat, walk and sunbathe, and we suspect that he mostly loves his mama.
We were so grateful to be able to help this sweet boy and his mama get the care he needed, thanks to our generous donors. Because of you, that nasty cancer will be at bay a while longer, and mom and “son” will have more wonderful and much cherished days together.