Mooshi may look tough, but he is a big moosh. Hence the name. He was minding his own business when he was violently attacked by another dog. Mooshi was left with a broken leg, a punctured abdomen and numerous bites and scratches, some requiring stitches.
The good news for Mooshi is that a former HH volunteer witnessed the attack and took him to get the veterinary care he urgently needed. And, after Mooshi underwent surgery for the broken leg, she took him home to give him the tender loving care he also desperately needed. A few weeks later, Mooshi had to have a second surgery for a hernia caused by the puncture wound, so she put the bills from her vet, the emergency vet and Blue Pearl for both surgeries on her personal credit card. She was planning to do her best to pay them off over time, but the total approached $10,000, and that is a lot of money to pay off. When we heard about this, we wanted to help, and so, thanks to our generous donors, we paid $3,000 toward Mooshi’s bills.
Mooshi has now been given the “all clear” by Blue Pearl, and he is now studying basic obedience training at Diversity K-9. He has promised to study hard so that he will be able to get a permanent home where no dogs attack him and he can live happily ever after. In the meantime, he will stay with his rescuer, getting lots of love, cuddles and treats until the perfect family can be found.
Update on Mooshi.  His rescuer decided she could not give up such a love bug mooshball and has decided to keep him.  We are happy to announce he completed his Canine Good Citzenship training and passed the test with flying colors.  Good job Mooshi!