This is a yorkiepoo named Sapper who we helped last Sept. Dr. Tano chose him for Houndhaven Helps when he somehow got a fractured femur. The surgery was a success, but when we checked with the owners to see how he was doing they asked us to try to find him a home. They now have five kids under the age of 5 (just had twins), and just didn’t have the funds to give him the care he needs. Polka Dogz graciously agreed to take him into their program, and Mama┬áLinda was to foster this five pound tidbit. Foster Failure!
His new name is Cesar Coletta and he is keeping the Colettas busy with potty training and getting him needed medical care. He had a followup surgery to take one of the pins out which was bothering him, and he will soon start 8 weeks of physical therapy. After that is completed, he has a date with his regular veterinarian to be neutered and have some baby teeth pulled. He is having a large time with k9 sister Chloe and enjoys his Sunday outings with the family, rides in the car and playing with his multitude of toys. Sleeping in the bed is also a favorite, albeit limited, activity!