Missy is an ex-police dog who also was just diagnosed with lymphoma. Her owners recently got her when she was retired from working


Bentley, a French Bulldog, who although young, has been diagnosed with lymphoma


Look at this gorgeous and precious boy! Sweet Loki definitely has looks going for him, but he also has chronic anal fistulas. They have really been giving him and his mama fits, so Dr. Schwassman decided it was time to bring in HH Helps and try to get to the bottom of...


And our Houndhaven Helps family keeps growing! Here is sweet Miss Bella, the latest addition. She is a shih tzu mix who developed an eye ulcer (from a scratch most likely). Her dad was faithfully taking her to their regular vet, but the ulcer kept getting worse so she...


Foxy’s owners found her on the road about a year ago. They ended up at the doggie dermatologist because of a growth on her ear. It turned out to be malignant, and Foxy needed a total ear ablation. The young couple didn’t have the thousands of dollars it...